Measuring Social Media ROI

The Measuring Social Media ROI course covers the strategies and the measurement structure to make one expert in the field to know what to do for what type of business.

Measuring Social Media ROI is defined as the measurement of the revenue that you got from the social media outlets, for your business. The ROI stands for the Return Of Investment. There are several criteria or factors to measure the income, qualitative and quantitative. You need to find the right kind of data to measure the revenue return for the different businesses and endeavors.

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The Measuring Social Media ROI course covers the strategies and the measurement structure to make one expert in the field to know what to do for what type of business.

Benefits of Measuring Social Media ROI course

  • The course helps in understanding the link between the social media with that of the company strategy
  • Know about the impact of social media on the company’s results
  • One would know how to measure, calculate and define the ROI of social media
  • The person will be able to develop better strategies and have a balanced scorecard
  • Know about the social media marketing
  • Would understand the Business Vale proposition
  • Understand social media planning, cost, social media and its connection with Human Resource technology, find the medial equivalent value, brand equity and social media along with some experience with the real-life case studies as part of the projects.

The need of Measuring Social Media ROI

We know that social media is the biggest platform for the exposure of anything. We say something is popular mostly by its reach in the social media. More the reach, more could be the returned revenue of the product, in most cases. How do we calculate this reach? That needs special formulas and strategies to find out the final product.

  • The Measuring of Social Media ROI and the knowledge in this area allow you to adjust the tactics and do the needful to boost the business and get maximum results.
  • It is needed to identify the areas that are weak and what you need to do to strengthen the campaign.
  • It allows you to have a better relation with the customer by adjusting certain factors.
  • There are several social media ROI tools available. You need to know how to use them and what to use from them for your benefit.
  • Measuring Social Media ROI is important for content marketing and several of the small scale or medium sized businesses.
  • Finally, you need to learn Measuring Social Media ROI in order to report the results and further to present the same to the higher authorities. Instead of relying on another person, you can learn it yourself and get the full credits for your complete efforts.

Who can do the Measuring Social Media ROI course

Measuring Social Media ROI certification has become part of the Social Media professionals. It is needed for the social media marketers, PR personals, communication managers, owners of the small businesses and for entrepreneurs.

The only pre-requisite for this course is to know the basics of social media and have some experience with these social media platform at work level, with respect to the popular sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Top 3 Measuring Social Media ROI courses

Here are the top 3 courses that can make you well versed in the Measuring Social Media ROI. The courses are either direct or contain the relevant topic as part of their curriculum. All of these courses are done online which can be completed at your suitability.

Edureka Measuring Social Media ROI course

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This course is conducted as online self-paced learning. You can do the training yourselves with the materials provided for you. There are videos, PPTs, assignments; training sessions that are structured for easy self-learning. You can learn everything at your own convenience at a time that YOU choose. You don’t have to accommodate yourself with the online classes and start it whenever you feel like.

There is another variety offered for the corporate to companies for their employees. Request for the group sessions needs to be requested separately.


  • The course type is self-paced. There would be several assignments to complete at the end of each section. This will help you know where you stand and how far you have understood the concept.
  • You will be tech support 24 x 7 to clear any doubts regarding the course or materials. You need to request for the clarification and will receive a time slot as well.
  • As part of the project, there would be real-life cases for you to have real experience.
  • You will have lifetime access to the videos PPTs and any other study materials for future reference. There is also an online forum that has other people training for the course so you can interact with them.


The curriculum has only 2 modules, Basics of Social Media ROI and Social Media ROI into practice.
Basics or Social Media ROI is to understand the basic concepts of this topic. It explains how the social media power can be converted into marketing to improve the business and how to create strategies and boost the sales pipeline.

Social Media ROI into practice explains how to plan the strategy, what to measure and how to calculate. It also has cost, marketing, benefits and to have it in practice.

Udemy Basics of Social Media ROI

Udemy course is more about the Basics of the Social Media ROI. The measuring part comes as part of the curriculum. This way you get a better knowledge of this area in a broader light. This is also the perfect course for the beginners and aspirants.


  • It is a short course that has only about 43 minutes of the video lectures.
  • There would be 2 articles provided as support.
  • You can still have lifelong access to all the videos and study materials once you have enrolled for.
  • The best part is that you can access the videos on computer, TV as well as from mobile. This makes the course see as closer to you. You will be able to access it anytime, no matter where you are.
  • To top it all, the course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


As mentioned above, the course is very short that has got only 9 lectures in total.

  • The first lecture lasts for about 5 minutes that is regarding the introduction to the ROI of social media. This is more like a preview.
  • The second module is the Basics for understanding ROI in social media. You have a total of 5 and a maximum number of lectures in this section. This deals with the strategy, marketing mix, conversion, creating strategies etc.
  • The last part is Social Media into Practice that shows what to measure, using the calculator and using the Fisher Exact test for success. There are 3 lectures for this section.
  • At the end, you need to attend 10 questions about what you know about the social media ROI.

DigitalVidya Social Media Marketing Course- Social Media Certification

The 3rd best course on Measuring Social Media ROI training. As in the case of the other course, here also the course is about the social media marketing having the measuring ROI part coming inside the curriculum.


  • This is a course that has the self-paced option and an instructor-led course prolonging for a month.
  • It gives you lifetime access to all the study materials.
  • You will also get to d a research based internship at the end of the course.
  • You will get firsthand experience on projects and assignments.
  • Do you need help for getting placements? You have it with this course as there is assistance for freshers and Digital Marketing Experts.
  • There is also the round-the-clock assistance from the trainers.
  • You will also get to attend a free orientation session, depending o the availability of the seats. The upcoming orientation is on 12th of August.
  • There is also a money back guarantee after the 1st live class in case you don’t like it.
  • When you register for 3 or more people at a time, you will be getting discounts on the price.


The sessions are 12 hours long, altogether. Depending on the days that you choose, there could be 8 sessions or 4 sessions. The weekend classes would be 4 sessions. Each session deals with different parts.

  • The first one is all about the Social Media and how to create the strategy for the marketing. There is also the Live community building and Facebook advertising.
  • In session 2 it is about Twitter.
  • Session 3 is related to LinkedIn and will be discussing the Social Media channels.
  • Session 4 is the relevant part here that deals with the Measuring Social Media ROI. It is the first part of this session that explains the guidelines, importance, framework and creating metrics for the Social Media ROI. There is also the Tools to Measure ROI. The next section in this session 4 will be about Planning and Creating Multi Channel Social Media strategy.

The comparison

When you compare these courses, you can see that they are not the one and the same but are diverse. Each of these training courses exposes you to different aspects of Social Media marketing. The only thing common is the measuring Social Media ROI. Since the measuring alone may not be relevant when you are aspiring to climb the success ladder, you got to have wider knowledge in this field. Still, having more knowledge of the single section will get you a better chance.

Since the ROI is mentioned only as part of the other courses, they still have the similar coverage of the said topic here. It is really hard to pick the best of the lot.

Each training course has its own merits. Edureka offers real life projects as part of the curriculum, and then there is the Digitalvidya course that lets you attend an orientation that helps you make up your mind. The Udemy course is short termed and precise. You personally need to go through them to decide which one is that you want.


Having the Measuring Social Media ROI certification will give you a better chance of using the tools and metrics for your company. this will allow timely improvements to ensure better success and can continue to improve the social media ROI over the time.

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