Apache Ambari Certification

Read on to learn more about Apache Ambari Certification. Check out its benefits and major features.

Become an expert in Big Data Administration with Apache Ambari that helps you to learn Hadoop cluster provisioning, managing, deploying, and monitoring. You will be able to design a whole cluster of 10-100s nodes within a few hours. The best part of learning from top institutions is they go an extra mile in “enlightening” more than what you pay for. If you are looking for the perfect place to learn Apache Ambari, then we give you Top 3 Mastering Apache Ambari Certification Training Institutions that will help you get the best training possible.

Apache Ambari Certification

Apache Ambari is a product made by Apache Software Foundation, an American non-profit corporation to enable system administrators to manage and monitor Hadoop cluster. The meaning of “Ambari” in Apache Ambari is derived from Indian folklore which means “saddle on an elephant” giving that Hadoop means “elephant”. This was explained by Mahadev Konar (Hortonworks Co-Founder).

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These institutions offer you an in-depth course on Apache Ambari that helps you to master, manage, and monitor Hadoop clusters efficiently. Learn how to deploy Ambari and handle various tools to customize Hadoop operations, work with pre-configured metrics, and ensure proper security and support of Hadoop ecosystem.

Course Objectives

Once you complete the course on Edureka, you will be able to

  • Understand and identify with different management tools
  • Installation & architecture of Ambari
  • Learn the advantages of Apache Ambari
  • Configure Ambari to specific Hadoop cluster needs
  • Use Ambari with Apache Hadoop i.e. utilizing Ambari tools to build cluster, add nodes, and remove nodes seamlessly
  • Work with various components to manage and monitor
  • Learn Ambari Install Wizard, work on Ambari Web app
  • Support Hadoop stacks and add new components
  • Understand Ambari support for Hadoop 2.0
  • Work on real life case studies for hands-on experience

Who Can Enroll?

The course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Apache Ambari. It is especially recommended for –

  • DevOps specialists or administrators who want to grow their career front and become Hadoop Administrators
  • DBAs who are experts or working in jobs that have large clusters
  • Testing specialists around Mainframe or Java

Why Learn Apache Ambari?

In today’s world, Big Data and Hadoop are used by many enterprises. Hadoop clusters are growing every day which needs many newer ways to manage and maintain Hadoop. Apache Ambari is the right framework that will equip you with the necessary skill required. This will deliver you with some best high-paying jobs in many reputed companies worldwide.

Are There Any Pre-Requisites For This Course?

The pre-requisites include knowledge on management tools architecture, general databases (Oracle), Hadoop, and Basic Unix.

Top 3 Mastering Apache Ambari Certification Training Institutions

NOTE: Few of the reviews in this section do not pertain to Apache Ambari but are general reviews received from learners.


Edureka is one of the most sought-after training institutions who takes that extra effort in offering quality education to the learners. Over the years, the institution has become so popular that it is considered as a brand in itself by many learners. If you are seeking a knowledge in respective field, then this is the best place to be. Optimum customer support, up-to-date course materials, and expert trainers are few of the prominent features that make Edureka one of the most top institutions to learn online.

Apache Ambari Course Details

  • Overview of Ambari, why to use, how to use, and the managing tools present in the market.
  • Learn the internals of Ambari and its architecture
  • Installation of Hadoop and various tasks on how to implement Hadoop ecosystem
  • Know about Ambari Web UI, take administration control of the cluster, how to create a Hadoop cluster and manage its Users, Groups etc.
  • Learn how to access the Ambari Web, managing services and hosts, and know more about Stacks and version management capabilities of Ambari, how to set up monitoring and alerting through Ambari.
  • Managing Hadoop installation and cluster performance, handling configurations such as Hadoop Security, database security, memory optimization and troubleshooting.

What Edureka Offers

  • 15 hours of course duration with total 5 hours of assignments (each module will have practical assignments) before moving to next module
  • 24×7 customer support for any query or technical difficulties
  • Self-paced learning which gives you the discretion to learn at your convenience
  • Real life projects which will be reviewed by the panel of experts which upon successful completion will certify you as an Apache Ambari expert.
  • FREE Lifetime access to the course even after completion
  • Many promo deals available by Edureka (no need for coupon codes)

To ensure proper placements, Edureka helps the users prepare their resumes and provide assistance before preparing for an interview.

Edureka Reviews

Michael Harkins – “The courses are top rate. The best part is live instruction with fantastic playback. The presentations and labs are included. The instructions are precise but my favorite part is viewing the previous class. They provide a set of videos from a previous session so that you will get an idea before you participate. This way you can get most out of the course. What I love is the commitment. They are always there to answer your questions and are equally prompt whenever you are having any trouble. The added bonus of lifetime access is a feather in the cap. I have taken so many courses and forgot what I took. But thanks to the lifetime access, I can go back and learn again.”

Madhusudan Rao S – “I had attended a couple of demo session with other training institutes before I joined Edureka. I can definitely say that Edureka is one of the best training company ever. The trainers have a great experience with excellent communication skills. The support team is always ready to help you (haven’t seen this support in other).

Suman Raja – “It is evident that instructors at Edureka are experienced in the IT industry. The support staff offers you great response tickets be it day or night. I like the way the sessions are organized with the prerequisites required for the next session and the assignments, quiz post session etc. I like the LMS a lot. You will also find much information in the forums. They even share video recordings of other instructors in the LMS. So if you didn’t understand the concept clearly, you can refer to other recordings of instructors in the LMS. This really helped me understand few concepts in a more better way.


Intellipaat offers you professional certification and quality e-learning from industry experts. The company is unmatched for its high-quality course materials, impeccable professionalism and best faculties who know what they are doing. For those who are planning to enter the IT industry, this is the best place to start your IT career.

Course details

  • Introduction to Apache Ambari, how to manage and monitor Hadoop clusters, advantages, pre-requisites etc.
  • How to install Apache Ambari, installation of various components of Hadoop and managing the services
  • Understanding the concept of Ambari Server & Agent, service configuration, how to work in clusters, manage and monitor it
  • Managing Hadoop Clusters with Ambari, get to know the Ambari Install Wizard, working with Ambari Web App, supporting Hadoop stacks, host control management etc.
  • Learn advanced concepts such as configuring to work with Hadoop 2.0 and YARN, deploying headless installation and cluster take over, delivering best security etc.

What Intellipaat offers

  • Interactive self-paced and instructor-led training with a course duration of 16 hours
  • Free Lifetime access to the course materials, videos even after completion of the course
  • 24×7 customer support for any technical or course-related queries
  • Real case studies and projects to enhance your knowledge in more practical ways
  • Become a certified expert upon successful completion of the course
  • Available at affordable price
  • Comes with various promo deals and offers
  • Discount coupon codes available

Intellipaat Reviews

  • Mohit Rana – “Very happy to learn Apache Ambari from Intellipaat. It is one of the most intuitive open source tools in the market that helps one to manage Hadoop. Intellipaat turned out to be one of the best training providers among many in the e-learning arena. It offers comprehensive course material at an affordable rate. I suggest everyone to this study material. The support is just amazing.”
  • Paschal Ositadima – “Thanks for making this platform available. I hope to bring more people from Nigeria to embrace Intellipaat thus paving a way to fill the gaps in their career needs.”
  • Do the Linux Embedded development course from The Linux Foundation and get enriched with the knowledge of developing an embedded Linux product. Know more about Linux Kernel architecture by enrolling for a course.

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  • Monika Kadel – “I enrolled with Intellipaat for Apache Kafka. Must say that the training was simply excellent and well executed by the trainer. I am satisfied with the way they conducted courses. It is very much professional and the course content is so elaborative with hands-on exercises, project work, assignments, and mock quiz.”


Zeolearn is an online educational institution that has its branches spread all around the globe. With its headquarters in Frisco, TX, the company has many branches in the UK, India, and Australia. The institution is committed to offering you great educational service without compromising on quality. Offering the best customer support, the company follows the words of Benjamin Franklin – “Tell me and I Forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” This has pushed the company to walk that extra mile and deliver professional faculties, best customer support, and top-notch course materials. For any queries, simply fill up the form or request a callback. The customer service will give you a call promptly to handle any queries. You can also email them for further details.

Course details

  • Introduction to Apache Ambari for Hadoop, its features, advantages etc.
  • Learn how to install Ambari Architecture & Installation Guide On Ubuntu & Windows
  • Understand the concepts of Ambari Server, Working, managing, and monitoring the Hadoop cluster setup
  • Managing Hadoop clusters using Ambari, Using the Install Wizard, Web App, Host control management etc.
  • Configuring to work with Hadoop 2.0 and YARN
  • Ensuring best security, maintaining excellent performance and memory utilization at all times

What Zeolearn offers

  • Instructor-led training sessions with a course duration of 16 hours
  • Hands-on sessions that will help you get a practical idea of how things work
  • Understand how Ambari supports Hadoop 2.0
  • Previous recording sessions available in case you missed a session
  • Flexible timings available as per your convenience
  • Certificate as an expert of Apache Ambari when you successfully complete the course

Zeolearn Reviews

  • Selena Coleman – “I attended Zeolearn’s virtual training on Django. I was provided with every reference material. The instructor was very much ready to clear the raised doubts among the learners. I was very much satisfied with the amount of time given by the trainer on coding.”
  • Killian Barnes – “Good course on Zeolearn. I am very much happy after doing this course. I would like to suggest that you make the content infographic. It should contain information and images as well to eliminate the stereotypic reading technique. Thank you.”
  • Kelli Cerny – “Great course. I like the unique way the faculties keep the class engaged. He also gave us many tools that allowed us to better understand the material. He added many images in the content that made me understand the concept easily.”

Which Is The Best?

All the three institutions are best in their own way. While Edureka is known for its excellent customer support they also offer course fees at a less price as compared to others. The institution also provides many deals such as “LEARN TWO COURSES, PAY FOR ONE”. This is a great support for aspiring learners who need more than one course. Intellipaat also offers job assistance (without charging any additional fees) upon completion of the course which is a great advantage for those who are looking for a job change. This is one feature where Edureka takes a back seat. While Zeolearn does not offer job placements, the company has a career page like Edureka where you can upload your resume to get a job at the best educational institutions.

Zeolearn is a simple institution that works in a straightforward manner. The company does not mention the course fees on the website. You need to complete the form and the company will get back to you with the entire details.


All the three institutions offer you great service with a top-notch education. These companies have created history when it comes to learning online. Learn from the best to be the best. If you are looking for the right institutions that are worth your money, time, and energy, then these three institutions offer you best learning platform that will shift your career towards achieving a new goal.

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