MapReduce Design Patterns

MapReduce is a powerful computing paradigm for processing data that resides on hundreds of computers. It has been recently popularized by Google, Hadoop, and others. The challenge of MapReduce is to create a solution into a constrained framework than a tool. Learn how to tackle such issues with these Top 3 MapReduce Design Patterns Certification Training Institutions that will guide you through tips and tricks on handling real-life MapReduce situations.

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But before that, know what exactly MapReduce Design Patterns are here.

What is MapReduce Design Patterns?

In plain words, it is a template for solving big data with MapReduce. The pattern is not specific to a domain such as text processing or graph analysis. However, it is the general approach to solving a problem. Using design patterns for mapreduce is basically about using tried and true design principles to create a better software.

MapReduce Design Patterns course helps the developers to write MapReduce Code just like experts using well-structured and establishes design patterns. It includes concepts like Shuffling Pattern, Description, Applicability, Structure (how mappers, combiners & reducers are used in this pattern). You will also use cases, analogies to Pig & SLQ, Performance Analysis, and how to apply MapReduce to real-world cases.

After completion, you will be able to

  • Get to know the commonly used design patterns in MapReduce
  • Learn to apply the patterns in real life case studies
  • Write mature code using mapreduce
  • Understand the best practices for using mapreduce

Who should go for this course?

This course is for people who want to gain experience in understanding Mapreduce paradigm.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

A hands-on experience in Hadoop framework and a basic understanding of Mapreduce is considered best.

Why should you learn MapReduce Design Patterns?

Design patterns are problem specific templates that have been perfected by developers over the years for writing correct and efficient codes. It encodes proper practices for solving a given problem so that a developer need not re-invent the wheel. MapReduce program bugs can be difficult to debug. When you use well-structured and established design patterns, it can reduce the trouble.

Top 3 MapReduce Design Patterns Certification Training Institutions


myTectra is an online e-learning institution that helps many students derive knowledge without distance being a barrier. This institution offers both classroom training and instructor-led live online training. Apart from this, they also offer corporate training. Updated course materials, high-quality videos, affordable course fees, and experienced trainers are few of the prominent features of myTectra. The organization promises 24/7 customer support in case of any query or technical support.

Quick Overview

  • Introduction to design patterns vis-a-vis mapreduce, why are design patterns necessary for mapreduce, discussion of project work, types of Summarization Patterns, Description, Applicability, Structure, Analogies to Pig & SLQ, Performance Analysis and more
  • Learn about Filtering Patterns, create subsets of data, distinguish 4 types of Filtering Pattern, Bloom Filter Pattern, and more
  • Learn 5 Types of Data Organization Patterns, re-organizing ad transforming data, use life cases, Performance Analysis & more
  • Understand how Join Patterns work, 4 different types of Join Patterns such as Reduce Side Join Pattern, Replicated Join Pattern, Composite Join Pattern, Cartesian Product Join Pattern etc.
  • Discuss all Meta Patterns & Graph Patterns, types of Meta Patterns, chaining with driver, basic & parallel job chaining, Chain folding, Chain Reducer & so on
  • Learn Input Output Pattern, Types of Input-Output Patterns, Partition Pruning, Applicability, Performance Analysis, Example code walk-in through & reviewing the project work solution

myTectra Features

  • Live instructor-led online training with high-quality videos, PPT presentations created by hands-on experts
  • Flexible timings of your choice especially for professionals
  • Budget-friendly course fees that do not burn a hole in the wallet (without compromising on quality)
  • 24×7 support to learners in case of any technical troubleshooting or any query
  • Real life case studies that will help you to learn how MapReduce works
  • Certificate of successful completion of the course

myTectra Reviews

“myTectra is one of the best institutes in Bangalore. The faculties are excellent and they provide great insights on each and every subject. The support team is fantastic as well and clarify any doubts at any given time.”


Edureka is one of the biggest online marketplaces on the internet that has been ranked both nationally and internationally. A great platform for learners to gain experience, Edureka is committed to offering nothing but education to aspiring learners. This has made Edureka gain lots of recognition globally. The 24×7 support system, updated course materials, experienced faculties are few of the prominent features that make Edureka an edu-system that you can rely blind-foldedly on.

Quick Overview

  • MapReduce Design Patterns Tutorial that begins with Introduction and Summarization Patterns such as a general structure of the course, discussion on Summarization Patterns etc.
  • Filtering Patterns that explain and distinguish 4 different types of filtering patterns, Top Ten Pattern, example code walk-through & data flow
  • Discuss join patterns especially when big data lies scattered across multiple sources and how to use the sources together
  • Learn Meta Patterns & Graph Patterns i.e. pattern about patterns, introduction to graph patterns etc.
  • Understand the Input-Output Pattern, Input-Output Patterns and customizing input & output to increase the value of MapReduce, knowing how to use Hadoop MapReduce Design Patterns etc.

Edureka Features

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  • Online self-paced training with high-quality videos, PPTs, and assignments
  • Real life case studies that will prompt you to use designs with helpful tips and tricks
  • Practical assignments at the end of every module
  • Free lifetime access to LMS, completed course materials, videos, and class recordings
  • Community forum where you can join a discussion and gather more knowledge
  • Certification as an expert in MapReduce Design Patterns upon completing the course successfully

Edureka Reviews

  • Rob Murphy – “I think the course is doing a great job of giving a comprehensive understanding of each topic. They also emphasize on the important question as to how we choose a particular technique with Hadoop to solve a problem.”
  • Rupali Sharma – “I would definitely give more than 5 stars to Edureka. I have been associated with more than 2 years now and I never had any issues with the organization.”
  • Karthiraj Mani – “Pretty good module and the instructor. The mock tests were very useful for the final exam. I do feel that the tips on the LMS could have been nicer, but then overall worth your time and money. Thanks.”

My Learning Cube

My Learning Cube is an online educational portal that helps the trainers to connect with knowledge seekers worldwide. Prompt customer support, high-quality course materials, expert trainers are few of the positive streaks of My Learning Cube. The company’s motive is to encourage many learners to participate in online courses thus enabling them to gain wisdom from anywhere across the world.

Quick Overview

  • What is MapReduce Design Patterns with videos, examples and why is it so relevant, origins and implementations
  • Overview of Summarization Patterns i.e. summarizing and grouping data
  • Learn how to Filter patterns such as records generated from one user
  • Data organization patterns which means on how to reorganize data to work with other systems making MapReduce analysis much easier
  • Learn Join Patterns which means to analyze different data sets together to discover interesting relationships
  • Know what Meta Patterns are which means putting several patterns together to solve multi-stage problems or to perform several analytics in the same job
  • Get to know Input and Output patterns and how to customize the way you use Hadoop to load or save data

My Learning Cube Features

  • Web-based training program that offers you high-quality videos with MapReduce Design Patterns ppt slides
  • 24×7 customer support for any course queries or any technical troubleshooting
  • Real case studies that require you to implement these steps
  • Certification in MapReduce Design Patterns upon completing the course

My Learning Cube Reviews

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Where can I buy an ebook on “MapReduce Design Patterns Building Effective Algorithms and Analytics for Hadoop” in PDF?

You can buy MapReduce Design Patterns By Donald Miller And Adam Shook (O’Reilly Media) from Amazon at a best price. In this book, you will find MapReduce Design Patterns code examples, dataset, sample data etc. It is not available for free download.

What’s the best Python implementation for MapReduce Design Patterns?

Examples such as Octopy, Dumbo, Disco or Hadoopy are few of the pieces. However, none match Hadoop in terms of maturity, stability, scalability, and performance. However, for small offices, you can stick to Hadoop. You can write MapReduce programs in Hadoop with Python/Jython.

Are there any MapReduce Design Patterns reviews for the Donald Miner Book available?

The book – MapReduce Design Patterns: Building Effective Algorithms and Analytics for Hadoop and Other Systems has received good reviews from readers who say that the product gives a great introduction to use mapreduce on Hadoop. The patterns are well-presented and it comes with stack overflow dataset but then more tips, ticks, and possible implications might have been more useful as per few customers.

Where can I find MapReduce Design Patterns sample data?

There are many websites that offer you source codes of MapReduce Design Patterns online.


Using this course, you can learn more about MapReduce Design Patterns that will help you to analyze big data and handle it in a more resourceful manner saving you great time and energy. So stop thinking and start learning!!!

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