Linux Fundamentals Certification

Linux Fundamentals Certification

Read on to learn more about Linux Fundamentals Certification. Check out its benefits and major features.

Become an expert Linux Administrator with these Top 3 Linux Fundamentals Certification Training Institutions that offer you the best education in the respective field. From self-paced learning to getting in-depth knowledge of various concepts, these institutions offer you much more features that will make learning an altogether different experience.

But before that get to know a brief about Linux Fundamentals and what can you expect with this course.

Are there any Grey Campus Complaints? Absolutely No! You will find only praises and appreciation from aspirants in Grey Campus Reviews. They say it provides very helpful training with very accommodating and flexible trainers.

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The courses at works out to just $15 to $19 per PDH. This is one of the best prices offered by any of the online companies which provide continuing education for professional engineers

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For those who want to build their career as a Linux Administrator, this is best recommended. It covers everything that one needs to operate a Linux operating system. You will also be able to apply this knowledge in a practical and useful manner.

The only “prerequisite” is the desire to learn.

Linux reigns 94% of the world’s computers, most of the servers that power the internet, a majority of financial trades worldwide and not to mention billion of Android devices. Bottomline is Linux is everywhere.

These institutions offer both classroom training as well instructor-led courses. Online training offers you the flexibility of learning right from your home or office. It also saves much of travel time and offers you virtual learning irrespective of your location.

Learn what is Linux and how exactly it works. You can also learn how to manage the files and directories, protect files and programs, work with the Linux shell to control the flow, and much more.

Why should you learn Linux Fundamentals?

Linux is a free OS (operating system) that comes under the GNU GPL license. You can use it on any products or applications which you develop for free of cost. If you are communicating with Linux servers (as all major internet sites such as Facebook and Google use Linux servers), then you need Linux. Even with a slight Linux knowledge and a cheap computer, you can create tiny gadgets at home. Another advantage of Linux is they are not easily susceptible to any malware.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who wants to learn Linux Administration can learn this course.

Top 3 Linux Fundamentals Certification Training Institutions


There is no doubt that Edureka is currently one of the world leaders that will help you grow successfully in your career. Learn from the best that makes you think about nothing but just learning. This institution offers you the expert faculties who have been in the IT field for more than a decade. You will also find up-to-date course materials, round the clock customer support, interaction forum and much more.

This course, however, is self-paced i.e. you can learn on your own.

Course objectives

After the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Set kernel parameters
  • Install and remove software
  • Manage system services
  • Add a new user account
  • Modify and delete user accounts
  • File system management and security management
  • Learn Linux networking
  • Create network setup and configuration
  • Configure BIND to function as a caching-only DNS server
  • Format and reload the DNS by using kill or NDC
  • Configure Apache server
  • Install and configure anti-viruses (clamAV and LMD)
  • Configure virtual machines

What Edureka offers

  • Online self-paced training which means you will be learning on your own
  • Real-life case studies where you will be working on a project to implement the techniques
  • Each and every module will contain practical assignments
  • 24×7 customer support irrespective of your location
  • Free lifetime access to the course even after you completion
  • High-quality videos, PPTs for optimum learning
  • Certification of Completion will be provided to you
  • Fees are affordable and there are many promotional deals and offers provided by Edureka

What do people say – Edureka reviews

Overall, Edureka has received positive reviews from learners. People say that the courses are exceptional and offer great training support. The videos and Powerpoint presentations are available in a simple language that makes it easier for everyone to understand the entire concept.

The trainers are well-qualified, patient and clarify any queries that arise in the session. Even the customer support is helpful. So even if you notice any technical fault (though chances are rare to none), the support team will promptly fix the issue irrespective of the timing and the region.

For those who are looking to start a career in the Linux arena, you won’t find a better support system than Edureka.


Having a good teacher can make a difference in your lives. If you are planning to build a career as Linux Administrator, then Udemy is the best place to start. You will understand the fundamentals of Linux operating system and will be able to apply it in a practical and useful manner. The company has been in the educational field for some time and has a good amount of fan following. Excellent customer support, expert faculties, and up-to-date course materials are few of the prominent features of Udemy.

Course objectives

What is Linux System Administration? How to become a Linux System Administrator? Are there any advanced linux administration tutorial online? Best Linux Server training online. There is only one answer for all this – The Linux Foundation website.

Visit Linux Foundation Website

  • Installing and Connecting to a Linux System
  • Learn Linux Fundamentals such as what is a Shell, Basic Linux commands, how to get Help at the Command Line, Finding, Viewing, and Editing Files etc.
  • Become an expert of Linux skills such as Wildcards, searching in files, using Pipes, Transferring and copying files over network, installing software and so on
  • How to boot Linux and the process involved such as System Logging
  • Disk Management that involves creating partitions with disk
  • User Management that is managing multiple users
  • TCP/IP networking for Linux System Administrators
  • Advanced Linux Permissions, Shell Scripting, Advanced Command Line Skills etc.
  • Extra training on how to connect to a Linux Virtual Machine Over the Network, Install Apache, MySQL, PHP and WordPress on Ubuntu

What Udemy offers

  • 7.5 hours of on-demand high-quality video
  • Easy access to mobile and TV
  • Discount Coupon Codes available
  • Full Lifetime access to the course materials even after completion of course
  • Promotional deals every day
  • Price is very much affordable

But that’s not all.

Udemy offers a complete 30-day money-back guarantee which means if you are not happy with the training, you can claim a refund.

What do people say – Udemy reviews

“The course walks through a lot of areas and indeed is extremely useful for first timers. Certain areas could be enhanced. For instance, instead of output snippets, a demo could be run or have a walk through tool built to practice as you learn and then proceed to the next parts.”

  • “Great pace and everything is perfectly explained. The lecturer’s voice and intonation are very good. It makes the course very pleasant and easy to listen to”.
  • “The course is absolutely precise and covers many concepts in 7.5 hours. I feel the only thing missing were the exercises which would have helped us to practice what we learned. Overall, it is a good course to cover both beginner and advanced fundamentals of Linux. I feel more confident while using Linux OS.”

Firebox Training

Having a good teacher can make a difference in your education. This is the motto behind Firebox Training. For those looking for a perfect “school” to learn Linux Fundamentals, Firebox Training is best recommended. The company has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado and offers high-quality instructor-led online training for those who are passionate about learning.

Course objectives

  • Learn the brief history of UNIX, File, Command etc.
  • Understand how to use commands, the file system, how to create directories
  • Generate file name, introduce special characters and its features
  • UNIX process, its structure, background commands
  • Shell programming concepts, variables, flow control, personal utilities, Korn shell etc.
  • Learn File System Security, File System Management Utilities etc.

What Firebox Training offers

  • Complete instructor-led online training course
  • Available for individuals and groups (especially corporate training)
  • Discounts available for multi-enrolment (i.e. if you are joining for more than one group)
  • Flexible timings offered under your choice especially for working professionals

What do people say – Firebox Training reviews

  • “The class exceeded my expectations. The product was so complicated than I realized but the knowledgeable instructor covered every aspect in a simple manner. The unique cloud account for each participant was very much helpful.”
  • “I liked the course very much. I loved the fact that the chapter exercises were not built upon previous chapter’s exercises. If at all a session was missed for any reason, it did not prevent one from performing subsequent exercises.”

Which one do we recommend?

If we have to recommend, we would go with Edureka.

Apart from excellent training, the institution offers excellent 24×7 customer support. The price discount is really good without compromising on the educational quality. We are very much impressed by the website of Edureka which is very informative and delivers a detailed description of each and every course. You will find tutorial preview as well which will help you get an idea of how online training will work, the presentation of lecturers etc.

There is no age bar when it comes to learning. For those who want to learn from the best, these top 3 Linux Fundamentals Certification will offer you best training at an affordable rate.

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