Linux Administration Certification

Linux Administration Certification Training

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The Linux Administrator course is an ideal platform to delve into the ocean of Linux. This will give you the right boost to start building a career in the truly prospective Linux space. But there are many institutions available online which makes it difficult to round in on one institution. We give you Top 3 Linux Administration Certification Training Institutions that offer high-quality education at an affordable rate.

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Linux Administration Certification

Linux is #1 operating system for web servers, cloud computing, smart phones and many consumer electronics. There are more than 50,000+ job listings that require Linux on Individuals who are skilled in Linux are recruited at an exceptional rate. This clearly shows the importance of Linux both on the professional and the personal front.

Show to your employers that you have the skill to handle any challenges regarding Red Hat System and Red Hat Manager (RPM) by learning Linux Administration for Red Hat. From installing to security administration, networking concept, system services, file management, you will be learning everything that you need to know for becoming a Linux Certified System Administrator.

Who Should Take Linux Administration Certification Course?

  • Linux Developers and Administrators
  • Software Engineers and IT professionals

Are There Any Pre-Requisites?

There are no essentials to learn Linux administration.

Course Description

There are no prerequisites to learn Linux administration.

Top 3 Linux Administration Certification Training Institutions


In a field where there are countless online education marketplaces, Edureka has carved a niche for itself as a reliable institution with the highest completion rate in the industry.

The company wants the students to think of nothing but only learn. Optimum customer satisfaction, up-to-date course materials, trustworthy instructors are few of the reasons why Edureka is considered one of the best online platforms to get certification by many learners worldwide.

Course Objectives

The main motto of this course is to help you learn

  • Installation and Initialisation
  • Package management & Process monitoring
  • Services, Utilities, Important Files and Directories
  • System Services
  • User Administration
  • File System Security and Management
  • Advanced File System Management
  • Server Configurations
  • Shell Scripting and Kerberos
  • Configuring SMB Service, SMTP Service, and Virtualization
  • Advanced Security and Networking Concepts
  • Database Configuration
  • Ipv6 configuration, Kickstart installation

Edureka Features include

  • Instructor-led online live classes and self-paced learning
  • Real-life case studies i.e. live project that involves implementation of many Linux Admin concepts
  • Practical assignments that will help you in understanding the concept
  • Free lifetimes access to the course even after you have completed the course
  • 24×7 expert support that will handle any of your queries
  • Community forum for all the students where you can interact with other trainees and improve your knowledge

Edureka Reviews

  • Kanishk – “I would like to congratulate the entire team of Edureka for compiling such an amazing content. I enrolled in the self-paced and live batch courses and my learning experience has been simply phenomenal. I tried learning Linux Administration on my own but hit a dead end. But then I learned from the very best trainer. The quality and the experience of the instructor says a lot. I am a permanent member of theirs and will continue to learn from Edureka.”
  • Rupali Sharma – “I would definitely like to give more than 5 stars to Edureka. I have been with Edureka for more than 2 years and I don’t have any complaints. The staff is very supportive and absolutely professional. Today, I registered for PMP training and Mr. Shyam was a really helpful to do the registration process. Keep up the good work. A very well-structured and organized company.”
  • Karthiraj Mani – “Pretty good modules and the instructor had hands on experience. The mock tests are so useful for the final exam. I just feel the tips on the LMS could have been nicer but then certainly worth the time.”

Linux Foundation

Started in 2000, the Linux Foundation is a non-profit institution that caters the growth of Linux. The Linux Foundation is known to host a variety of events, workgroups, web properties, job boards and much more that connects the members, learners and vendor communities to bind together.

For those who are planning to build their career in the Linux space, this institution provides you with high-quality technically advanced and customizable source to suit your needs. Excellent faculty support, qualified instructors with experience in the related field, affordable price etc. are few of the prominent features that make this organization a huge hit among learners.

Course objectives

  • How to administer, configure and upgrade Linux systems with one of the three major Linux distribution families – Red Hat, SUSE, Debian/Ubuntu
  • Master the tools and concepts you will need to efficiently build and manage an enterprise Linux infrastructure
  • Use state-of-the-art system administration techniques in real-life scenarios via practical labs

Linux Foundation Features include

  • Instructor-led courses at corporate offices, virtual (live, instructor-led sessions) or classroom courses available at your choice
  • Comes with state-of-the-art course materials to build your skills that take to be a Linux system administrator.
  • Full-year access to the course from the date of purchase (even if you complete the course within one year)
  • 100% online and self-paced whichever suits you best
  • Has more than 80 labs with solutions that are designed by experts
  • No hidden sales agenda or course fees

Linux Foundation Reviews

  • “I loved the attention to every detail provided in the course so much that I was never left wanting for any information nor did I have the need to look at any other courses.”
  • “The content was thorough and absolutely accurate. It covers everything I needed to successfully complete the exam.”
  • “I like the course. It is comprehensive and the people who have created it surely know what they are doing. They know Linux in and out.”


Intellipaat is one of the fastest growing online educational institutions worldwide. More than 80+ corporate clients and 801833+ learners base, Intellipaat is a strong contender in the field of education that offers much more than what meets the eye.

The company is known for its precise course materials, exceptional customer support, and experienced faculties who are passionate about teaching. This has created a huge fan following for Intellipaat pushing it slowly but steadily to the No.1 spot.

Course Objectives

    Check for Linux Kernel online course from The Linux Foundation. The course ‘Linux Kernel Internals and Development’ will teach you how to develop for the Linux kernel and also Linux kernel debugging and security.

    Visit Linux Foundation Website

  • Administering Open Source System (Unix systems), Open Source Licensing, Acquiring your Linux Distribution etc.
  • Installation process of Linux Red Hat System, Structuring the file system, selecting the software and performing the installation
  • Booting Linux – how to manage Boot Process, Boot Scripts Sequence, checking configuration etc.
  • Learning User Features such as PAM-Pluggable Authentication Modulet, How to change user features, Syntax, home directory of file users etc.
  • Linux PS Commands such as the Linux Groupmod Command, g password command, PS command, Procs, Memory, Pkill Linux command and more
  • Manipulating portable tar archives, installing software using red hat packet manager (RPM), know what is RPM
  • IP config – such as rebuilding a source RPM package, static IP configuration, checking Ethernet adapter, assigning IP address etc.
  • Creating Linux partitions, mounting a file system, configuring SAMBA server, Installing LVS, Testing and Debugging etc.
  • Linux Admin Project that asks you to connect and create backups with NFS Server

Intellipaat Features include

  • Total course Duration of 16 hours
  • Real-life hands-on exercise and project work that will help you in understanding the concept easily
  • Free Lifetime Access to the course materials even after completion of the course
  • Job placements provided for those who are seeking for a change in their career direction
  • Refund policy available

Intellipaat reviews

  • Vivek Rai – “For those who are looking to build a future in Linux Admin section, this course is a must. Intellipaat covers all the tasks of how to handle basic server, DNS, Apache, File management system etc. in a simplified manner.”
  • Abilasha Reddy – “Excellent course material. I appreciate the teaching in the online sessions. The instructors are patient and ever ready to answer any questions you throw at them. Content is good. I really enjoyed all my sessions.”
  • Fedrick W – “You will truly learn and remain engaged if you are studying from Intellipaat. The quizzes, mock tests, hands-on exercises are the way to train your mind to know more.”

The Final Verdict: Linux Administration Certification

A good teacher creates a good student. For those who want to be the best, learn from the best. While all these institutions are credible, Edureka is an obvious choice. The downside of Linux Foundation is you need to take three different courses which both Edureka and Intellipaat offer at a single course. This adds up to the course fees. Intellipaat is surely a sure shot in the educational field but Edureka offers you the same course at a slightly lower fee. Moreover, Edureka offers you flexible time slots that might be of great help if you are a working professional.

Bottomline, we recommend Edureka as an obvious choice. But then, we leave it for you to decide.

Have you learned from any of these institutions? Share us your experience.

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