Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design

Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design

The Essentials of Professionals VLSI Digital Design certification course helps you master this technology with detailed analysis.

VLSI is the Very Large-Scale Integration, which is a process of making Integrated Circuit which we call as microchips or microprocessor. This has become the core of any computing device and an integral part of the telecommunications and electronic processing. While it started as an analog IC making, the digital design has sooner replaced it for its speed and accuracy.

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The Essentials of Professionals VLSI Digital Design certification course helps you master this technology with detailed analysis. It has become part of the Electronic engineering and the certification can provide the hands-on experience with some real-life projects as well.

Objective of the course

Simply knowing something is not enough anymore. You need to have deeper knowledge in any specific field to excel yourself. The Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design provides this needed knowledge with a better understanding of several key factors.

  • The timing, clock, and synchronization are a few of those key aspects that are studied in details. It helps you be aware of the fundamentals of Digital Design.
  • The design, performance, and the various protocols for the designing along with the way to make it industry standard are just a few among them.
  • It is a way of gaining assurance with different programming and domains.
  • The certification helps you be systematic in planning and implementation. It also simulates the smaller IP designs.
  • It can make you well versed with the operation of this technology with programming and automation.

Who needs this certification?

Electronics engineers who have some basic knowledge about digital design can enroll for this certification course. They just need to have the basics and be familiar with the Verilog coding as pre-requisite. This certification will help them build their career with VLSI products. The Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design helps them be self-sufficient with the coding of RTL with some quality lab material and EDA tools that are available free of cost.

Top 3 Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design

myTectra Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design

myTectra certification course is live online classes that are conducted at flexible hours. You may enroll for the most convenient time of yours.

Course timings

  • Once you have enrolled, the student must attend the first class within 30 days. The schedule request must be sent to myTectra to have each student attending their desired batches.
  • There will be several batches at different times.
  • Each online instructor-led class would be 2 hours duration. Each batch will have 5 students. The student should choose one of the allotted time slots.
  • The classes are conducted as the regular morning, regular evening, weekend, fast-track morning, fast-track evening, and the customized batch with customized timing.
  • The regular classes are 3 hours duration and the fast track classes are 2 hours.
  • The classes are 6.30-9.30 in the morning as well as in the evening, regardless of which day you choose for. All the timings are IST.


There will be 11 modules including 2 mini projects as part of the curriculum.

  • Introduction, Key RTK coding considerations, and environment/tool familiarization
  • Essentials of clocking, system Verilog Labs
  • Clock-gating and synchronization, System Verilog labs
  • Resets, Bus interfaces and side band signals, system Verilog labs
  • Finite state machines and power management techniques, system Verilog Labs
  • Power performance area (PPA) trade-offs, system Verilog Labs and Perl quick start
  • Design for test and manufacturability, system Verilog labs and Perl quick start
  • IP/SOC design flows and gate Netlist generation flows- Overview, Synthesis Labs
  • Physical Design flows and semiconductor manufacturing process- Overview, synthesis labs and mini-project1 start
  • AMBA APB and AXI4-Lite bus interfaces, Mini-project 1 follow-on and Mini-project 2 start
  • Pointers for further learning and online resources, review of the Mini-projects

Edureka Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design

Edureka is offering the online self-paced course for this Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design certification. The course is not timebound and could be completed at your convenience.

  • There will be real life case studies as part of the curriculum to prepare you for the industry.
  • There are assignments at the end of the classes to be familiar with the techniques.
  • You will have lifetime access to all the study material provided, that can be used for the certification as well as for future reference.
  • There are videos, PPTs, assignments, quizzes etc available from the Learning Management System.


There will be 11 modules for the course.

  • Introduction, key RTL coding considerations, and environment/tool familiarization
  • Essentials of clocking
  • Clock-gating and Synchronization
  • Resets, Bus interfaces and side-band signals
  • Finite state machines and power management techniques
  • Power-performance-area trade offs
  • Design for test and manufacturability
  • IP/SOC design flows and gate-Netlist generation flows
  • Physical design flows, semiconductor manufacturing process
  • AMBA APB and AXI4-Lite bus interfaces, mini project 1 and 2
  • Pointers for further learning and online resources and review of the projects

The labs and projects will need software installations. The details will be provided in the LMS so that you can easily set up them.

For the certification, you need to complete the project and submit it for review. The experts will review the project. Upon successful completion in the proper manner, you will have the certificate along with the grading system according to the performance. In case you fail to clear the project in the first attempt, you will get assistance and guidance for the same.

You will have access to the online forum where you can discuss and ask queries regarding the course with other fellow students.

Udemy VLSI- Essential Concepts and Detailed Interview Guide

Once again, this is a self-paced course that is conducted through micro-videos. This is a basic course that helps you understand the concept. The course is divided into several video lectures that are of short durations.

  • The Udemy certification course on VLSI offers 30-day money back guarantee for the unsatisfied students.
  • There will be almost 12 hours long videos that are split into smaller to accommodate the modules.
  • You will have complete and lifelong access to the provided study materials.
  • You can access the videos from your desktop, Smartphones or even on TV.


There is a total of 20 modules for the course. Each module lasts from 3-5 lectures and runs for about 30-40 minutes.

  • Physical design flow overview
  • Floor planning
  • Placemat
  • Timing analysis with ideal clocks
  • Clock tree synthesis-Introduction and quality check parameters
  • H-tree
  • Clock tree modeling and observation
  • Buffered H-tree
  • Clock tree optimization checklist
  • Static timing analysis with real clocks
  • Introduction to crosswalk-Why and how crosswalk occurs in a CHIP
  • Glitch examples and factors affecting glitch height
  • Tolerable glitch heights and introduction to AC noise margin
  • Crosswalk delta delay analysis
  • Noise protection technique
  • Routing and design rule check
  • Parasitic extraction
  • Generated clocks definition and creation
  • Basics of MOS transistor
  • Setup and Hold timing analysis

The comparison

Reviews show that the Udemy fares well among the users with well explained videos and easier illustrations, but this course is only the basics of visual design while the other 2 are advanced with the latest topics included.
Both myTectra, as well as, Edureka offers the same curriculum but the difference being that the former is instructor-led course while the latter is self-paced. Since the self-paced courses have its minute drawbacks, myTetra takes the top place among the certifications courses.

The bottom line

The first 2 courses offer project work to be completed to have a better experience with the course and the topic in question. You do need some experience to be called as industry ready and to boost your career. Choose wisely.

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