Docker Training and Certification

Docker certification explains how the data is made into containers, single or multiples. It also explains the creation of Docker image and other tools involved with this applications.

Docker is the software that has made the running of applications easier for the developer. It runs the data in packages and can be used for faster momentum with the technology. These days, most of the technologies are running on Docker.

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The PDH or professional Development Hours required for license renewal varies slightly from state to state, but the normal requirement is between 12-15 hours if renewed annually or 24 to 30 hours if renewed biennially. has developed its courses to meet these requirements

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There are several advantages of using Docker. It is one of the biggest management helpers that can return the invested money and is also cost effective. To make it more effective, one needs to have skilled personnel to run the technology smoother and with good results. The Docker training and certification is what can make you an expert in this field and that improves the value of your resume.

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Benefits of Docker technology

  • As mentioned, it is a great asset that assures the return of the investment. It reduces the infrastructure resources and can replace many of the software and technologies. This technology also reduces the severe cost of running too much at the same time. It can also reduce the number of engineers working on it.
  • Docker can create a container within that does not work directly with the operating system.
  • It standardizes the work and reduces the number of defects and time spent to repair the damages.
  • You can use various containers for different applications.
  • It helps create a container image that can be used across in all the steps. It enables several steps to run parallel and also increases the speed of production.
  • The same container can be used for all stages of the development.
  • It is compatible with all servers, devices, and environments.
  • Docker is safest of all, as the containers are segregated and isolated from one another to have the complete control over what is happening within, without disturbing the other.

Docker certification

It explains how the data is made into containers, single or multiples. Docker Specification also explains the creation of Docker image and other tools involved with this applications. It enables you to be an expert in this field from the start to the end stage of deployment of these container based apps on the cloud. You will also have a better command over the networking, components and virtual machine. The Docker certification course is a way of making Docker accessible to the enterprise.

The pre-requisite for the course is NOTHING. You just need to be an aspirant for the roles like Project teams, IT admins, Web developer, application developer etc.

Top 3 Docker training and certification courses

Edureka Docker training

Edureka Docker course will teach you the basics, containerization, Docker File, Docker Hub, details of networking mechanisms, several tools involved in the application and the deployment.

Course features

  • The Edureka Docker training certification course is an instructor-led course. The classes are conducted in the weekend for everyone’s convenience. There are 4 sessions of 3 hours each.
  • You may choose the Friday-Saturday classes or Saturday-Sunday classes. Depending on the time zone that you live, the class time may vary from morning, noon or evening.
  • The instructor-led class duration is 12 hours in total.
  • There will be assignments to be done at the end of each class. It may take about 10 hours for these assignments.
  • Other than the assignments, there would also be real life case studies in the form of projects that enables you to have a real-time experience with the application.
  • You will have access to the class video recordings and any other study materials provided. You will have a lifetime access to all of these.


The curriculum of Edureka Docker training is precise and basic. There are just 5 modules.

  • Overview of Docker: It explains the introduction, architecture, images and containers Hello World, Container, container life cycle etc.
  • Image creation and sharing: This module deals with the Dockerfile, Docker Hub etc with the working of containers, optimization, and publishing of the created Image.
  • Docker Ecosystem contains the tools in the process and how to orchestrate the process of deployment.
  • Docker configuration, Developing and Networking: This is the module that contains the management of the Docker system and the security features. This will also explain the basic networking with Docker.
  • Docker Networking Implementation and deploying to Cloud: It will deal with the IP addresses and how to have the exposure of container to a host port.

There is also the DevOps Engineer Masters Program that provides expertise on DevOps as well as the Docker training as part of the curriculum. You could choose the basic course or the master’s course.

Moreover, Edureka offers a discount on the self-paced course of Linux Fundamentals for Docker when enrolling for the Docker training certification, as complimentary.

MindMajix Docker Training course

MindMajix offers the real-time application of Docker with the projects. It is a self-paced course that contains recorded videos and other materials.

Course features

  • The total time for the course is 30 hours for the videos and another 20 hours for the lab sessions.
  • The course is also offered as live online training. Certified experts do the live interactive training. You will have on-demand cloud lab access with the access to the study materials from the LMS.
  • The classes are conducted on weekends for the live training.
  • You will also have 24 hrs assistance and support with both courses.
  • You can book for a free demo class if planning to enroll in the live training.


  • There is a total of 12 modules.
  • The rise of the Virtual Machine
  • Installing and updating Docker
  • Major Docker components
  • Container management
  • Building from a Dockerfile
  • Working with registries
  • Diving deeper with Dockerfile
  • Docker Networking
  • Troubleshooting
  • How images get built
  • Docker commands
  • Hands on use cases

The certification

The MindMagix Docker training will enable you to appear for the Docker certification exam conducted by Red Hat. The exam will evaluate your ability in implementing and running the services with Docker containers. The exam title is Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Containerized Application Development.

Additional information

The course is flexible. In case you missed a live class, you can always get access to the recorded video. You will also get assistance to clear any doubts.

MindMagix presents a refund for the unsatisfied students who want to discontinue. You need to cancel the registration within 48 hours from the time of registration for the refund.

You may get a discount while registering as a group of more than 2 people.

CBTNuggets Docker training

The Docker training from CBTNUggets requires you to have some skill with the Linux. This is an intermediate course that has a duration of 2 hours with 13 videos. The videos are recorded and will be provided to you.

Course features

  • Over the period, you will have to do several practice exams that reviews your knowledge in the field and make it easier for the real exam.
  • The virtual lab environment will be provided for the hands on experience.
  • You can download the app on both Android and iOS devices and download the videos for anytime access, from anywhere.
  • This works offline for anytime training with various devices like Smartphones, , tablets and desktops.
  • You can have one-to-one coaching from the coaches.
  • You can control the speed of the videos so you can be thorough with the concept and understand it without hurry. There also are the closed captions that explain what the training is saying.


There are 13 videos that cover different modules.

  • Introduction
  • Containers Vs Virtual Machines
  • How Docker works
  • Docker Installer
  • Create a simple Dockerized App
  • Managing Containers and Images
  • Networking
  • Advanced networking
  • Shared and persistent Data
  • Modifying containers and Images
  • Creating Images from Scratch
  • Containers Working Together
  • GUI Tools for Docker


It is really difficult to compare these courses. Each of these courses is unique and different from each other. The main connection is that it explains the basics of Docker and what and how to deal with it. The Edureka is the most basic of all with the other 2 being seemingly advanced but shorter in duration.

It is not a difficult course to complete and is available at a reasonable cost as well. The Mind Magix even offering a refund, in case you don’t like what you have paid for.

I would say explore a little more and see which one is more convenient to you, the self-paced or the instructor led classes. Edureka and MindMagix do offer the instructor-led online classes.

The CBTNuggets offers the 7 free days of training with instant access to the training library that is free access for the first week of the course. It also offers the multi-device compatibility and app option which is lacking in the other 2 courses.


Docker training certification is something that is useful for you right now and sure to be there in the future as well. it will enhance your professional status at least in the working field, where you can feel the satisfaction of some quality work.

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