Digital Marketing Certification Training

Digital Marketing certification will expose you to the various types, stages, and secrets about this marketing world. These certification courses are many, starting from the foundation level to the master level.

Marketing is an essential part of all business. The products, no matter what it what type it is, needs to reach the customers in one way or the other. Marketing is the only way to boost them. Gone are the days of putting up ads in the newspaper, posters, even the messages or emails.

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The shortest way to catch the customer is the digital way. Digital marketing is a dynamic world and the most appealing media, these days. You need to know the right strategies and the key methods to reach out in the right way to push your claim.

Digital Marketing thus has emerged as a leader in making the strategies and to know the heart of the customers. There is this short term Digital Marketing certification course that makes you an expert in this field or can introduce you to this magical world of marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

The digital world is the closest to human kind with the introduction of Smartphones. When the whole world is right in the palms of people, marketers are also compelled to catch not just the eyes and ears of the customers, but also to their Smartphones.

Digital Marketing is promoting your ventures through the digital world of primarily, the social media, mobiles and of course, web world. It requires various tools, strategies, and analytics to know what method or stage that suits each product or business. One should also be able to deduce conclusions from the available data and analyze it better.

This is where the Digital Marketing certification training course comes into the picture. Digital Marketing is different from that of other types.

Digital Marketing certification

As mentioned, Digital Marketing certification will expose you to the various types, stages, and secrets about this marketing world. These certification courses are many, starting from the foundation level to the master level.

The course could be done online and the curriculum is mostly vast covering almost all areas related. You would also be dealing with various tools in this area and get the opportunity to experience the real time projects, as part of most courses.

Digital Marketing certification increases the scope of the employee for a better pay check and also improves their demand than those don’t have similar certifications. The certified Digital Marketers are believed to be competent in the planning, marketing and in the execution of the respective campaigns for the business that is most assured of success.

Importance of Digital Marketing certification training

Digital Marketing certification can make you an expert in the field. If not an expert, you will be well aware of all that is required and how to handle them in the most appropriate manner. The knowledge that you gained with the certification course could be implemented for the various marketing types like paid marketing, inbound marketing, web analytics, social media marketing etc.

People who are already in the marketing field, managers, Digital marketing specialists, marketing and sales personnel, business and communication field, business owners and entrepreneurs etc are the best candidates for this course. This certification will help them be a better strategist and execute their plans in a more fruitful manner.

You can find various online courses for this certification. Enumerating here the top 3 sorted after courses for the Digital Marketing certification training. You may assess them and choose the right one that is most convenient to you.

Top 3 Digital Marketing Certification training

Linux Basic Course or Linux Foundation Course Online? Your search can be end with a very happy note on The Linux Foundation Site that offers various Linux Programming and Development Training Programs. Look for ‘Introduction to Linux, Ooen Source Development, and GIT.

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Market Motive Digital Marketing Certified Associate- Foundation program

Market Motive Digital Marketing certification is a foundation program that improves the basic skills of the person and makes him or her aware of the various marketing tools and aspects. The company is part of Simplilearn. This certification course will also help you prepare for the certification exams like Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics etc.

This course helps you qualify for the roles of Social media analyst, Digital marketing executive, PPC analyst, Digital marketing manager etc. It adds some real value to your resume.

Course features

  • The Digital marketing certified Associate course is self-paced online course. You will have 1-year complete access to all the content and study materials and for completing the course. The course is also offered as instructor-led online classroom Flexipass. Both the course is different from one another.
  • The self-paced course is 39 hours in total with videos, presentations and other study materials. There will be 5 certifications possible and 4 projects to do as well. You will be ready for the digital marketing industry within a span of 6 weeks in most cases. There will be 8 stimulation tests as well.
  • The instructor-led classroom online class will be 48 hours long. The access is in batches of 10 or more people for 90 days. The course is spread over into 180 days of e-learning content. The sessions will be 12 for the weekend classes and 16 for the weekday classes.
  • There will also be about 40 hours or more for the project to be completed. This is the same for both the types of courses.


You will be asked to do 4 real life projects that will clear you the certification and also assess you. The 4 projects will be based on Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, and YouTube.


The curriculum includes the introduction, various fields in the marketing, the different tools, and the strategy making. There is a total of 14 modules.

  • Introduction
  • Foundation to Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization, and Web Analytics.
  • Tools like Google Analytics: Specific Techniques and Reports, Facebook Marketing and Advertising, YouTube and Video Marketing, and Google Adwords Fundamentals
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Exam and certification

You need to successfully complete the first 5 rounds of the Mimic Pro and will get evaluated by the lead trainer. The next step is to appear for the certification exam where you will need to score 70% or more.

The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in 60 minutes. On successful completion of both these tasks, you will be awarded the Digital Marketing Certified Associate, certificate.

Digital Marketing Institute for Certified Digital Marketing Courses

Here you can find not just one, but many courses that are related to Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is a vast area that is not confined to just one or 2 courses or study areas. At the Digital Marketing Institute, you can choose many such online courses related to this field. These certified courses are all accredited and credible in the industry.

The courses

The courses vary from the diploma to the masters certification.

  • Professional Diploma is an entry level course with a duration of 30 hours
  • Postgraduate Diploma is the advanced level that can be completed in a year as part-time.
  • Masters is the expert level that can be done as part-time within 2 years
  • Digital & Social Selling is a professional diploma at the entry level
  • The specialist courses include the Social Media marketing, Digital strategy, and planning, Search marketing.

Digital and Social Selling Professional diploma

  • This is an online course that runs for 30 hours. This is an expensive course at $1965 that makes you a professional at the entry level in the Digital Marketing and make you ready for the industry.
  • There are 10 modules for the course ranging from Introduction, Digital Research, Sales Enablement, Engagement, Digital Sales messaging, Digital Sales Leadership, CRM, Social Content, Social Account Management, and Integration & Strategy.
  • The exam takes 3 hours to complete. The questions will be multiple choices.
  • The study materials include videos of lectures, practical exercises, and an online tutor.
  • The course can be done from almost all parts of the world.

This is just one of the many courses offered here. You may go through each course and see that the curriculum covers to decide which one you really need to be an expert in the area. Here, you can also go for the advanced levels or specializations as required. The courses are flexible to be done as part-time, so you don’t have to compromise on the work schedule. Most courses are 1-2 years long, so you can take your time.

Edureka Digital Marketing Certification Training

Edureka Digital Marketing Certification training is an instructor-led, live online course. You can attend the classes from anywhere on the globe. The classes are conducted only on the weekends- Saturdays and Sundays.
You just need to spend some 2 hours on weekends, for 6 weeks to complete the course. The 2 hours depends on where on the globe you reside. You can choose the most suitable time zone for you to attend the classes.


  • The classes are for individuals as well as for corporate for their employees.
  • There will be 30 hours of instructor-led classes. There will be 12 sessions in total each lasting for 2-2.5 hours.
  • The recorded videos of the classes and any presentations and other formats of study materials will be uploaded in the LMS for you to access. You will have lifetime access to all of these.
  • At the end of each class, you will be asked to complete an assignment that must be done before the next class. The assignment duration itself is 40 hours in addition to the lectures.
  • You will have 24 x 7 expert support from the technical team as well as the opportunity to do the real life case studies.


There is a total of 12 modules. It covers areas like Social media, email, search engine, SEO, Google Analytics etc.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • SEO- Keyword planning
  • Social Media marketing 1 and 2
  • SEO-On page
  • SEO-Off page
  • Search Engine marketing Google Adwords
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Mastering Google Analytics 1and 2


You will need some tools installed for the practical. They are Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, Google Adwords, Google Keywords planner, Soolve Keyword research, Moz tool bar, Open site explorer, SEO tools, Hubspot etc.


Digital Marketing certification trains you about the advantages, limitations, tools, strategies and even about the reporting and tracking of the technology. It will also help you understand the present and future of this marketing field and prepare yourself for the battle. As for the business, it helps move forward with more and more experts in the field to find better success.

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