DevOps Certification Training

The DevOps certification training course will help you face the real time challenges and make you able to tackle such situations in the real life as well.

DevOps certification training is to make you a master in using the different DevOps tools to have configuration management and the continuous integration, deployment, delivery, and monitoring with these tools. The majority of the organizations are hiring people with this skill and it will also help you gain with the remuneration s well.

The DevOps certification training is a short term training course that is available as online courses for the convenience of the working population. At the end of the training and successful completion of the exam and passing out, you will become an expert certified practitioner of this field.

DevOps certification course objectives

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The training course is to help you clear the certification exam in the first go. The objective of the certification is to provide people with the synonymous skill, flexibility, and agility to make the projects smoother and easier. A project needs a faster worker who can develop, fix problems, and make the operation stable. DevOps tools help with this improvement and agility. It is also imperative that the managers know about the DevOps tools and technologies to solve the various issues they may have to face.

The DevOps certification training course will help you face the real time challenges and make you able to tackle such situations in the real life as well.

Such workers are beneficial to the projects and to the organizations. This certification training is offered for both individuals and organizations to empower their employees to be smarter and more efficient.

Benefits of DevOps certification

  • DevOps certification training explains all about the goals, vocabulary, and objective of DevOps
  • It is beneficial to the business on the whole with improved performance from the employees.
  • The students get real life experience with DevOps tools, values, and principles.
  • There are concepts explained and practices done at the end of each module in most of the training courses
  • There will be DevOps automation practices, adoption considerations, technology considerations etc
  • The certification training will introduce you to the challenges, critical success factors, and risks involved with this technology
  • Most courses have the expert instructors with continued support as well

About the certification training

In order to apply to attend the certification training course of DevOps, you need to be familiar with IT and IT frameworks. The course can be completed online. The exam fee is mostly added in the admission fees.
The certification exam is of 60 minutes duration. There will be 40 multiple choice questions. You need to answer at least 26 marks out of 40. For those, whose native tongue is not English could take 75 minutes for the exam.

Who can attend the training?

  • Every IT professional who wants to know about the fundamentals of DevOps can start the DevOps certification training
  • Managers, stakeholders, employees, suppliers etc can do the certification
  • Consultants of DevOps programs
  • Infrastructure providers who work with DevOps tool

Top 3 DevOps Certification Training courses

Edureka DevOps certification training

Edureka DevOps certification training is instructor-led live online classes. The classes will be conducted on Saturday-Sundays, Friday-Saturday, Sunday-Thursday as well as Monday-Friday. You may choose the comfortable timings.

The classes are for individuals and also for companies for their employees as a group session. The training for employees will have weekly progress report about the employees sent to the employer to see how they are doing with the training.

At Edureka, you can have the DevOps certification training as the individual course or as part of the Cloud Architect Masters Program and DevOps Engineer Masters Program.


  • All classes are instructor-led live classes. The classes are available 24 hours and in case you miss your class, you may be able to attend the next available class. At the same time, you will also have access to the 2 self-paced videos with 12 hours content.
  • At the end of each class, you need to complete the given assignments before the next class.
  • You will have access to the recorded class videos immediately after the class. You can access them for life long. The presentations and all the study materials are all available from the Learning management system.
  • The expert technical support is available 24 x 7
  • The project that comes at the end of the course is live project based that involves the implementation of the various tools in DevOps.
  • You can access the online forum that has all the customers with whom you can interact with.
  • The duration of the classes will be 4 weeks for the weekend classes of Friday-Saturday and Saturday-Sunday. These classes are 3 hours long. For the Sunday-Thursday and Monday-Friday classes will be done in 12 days that are 2 hours duration. The timing will be according to the time zone you are in.


There are 8 modules in total.

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  • DevOps Essentials
  • Build tools- GIT and Jenkins
  • Build and Test automation
  • Containerization using Docker
  • Docker commands and Use-cases
  • Puppet-1
  • Puppet-2
  • Continuous monitoring using Nagios

The projects

In order to do the projects, you need to have Windows/Mac/Linux PC with a minimum of 4GB RAM or 20 GB HDD storage that is i3 or above. The installation steps will be provided to you to set up the Virtual box Ubuntu in the system. You will have to do exercises and assignments. The asking project would be,

  • Integrate Jenkins with GitHub
  • Create Jenkins freestyle project to perform code reviews
  • Unit test
  • Create Pipeline view
  • Generate Cobertura Code coverage report
  • Create package and archive artifacts
  • Deploy the project by copying the artifacts from package
  • Configure Jenkins to connect to Docker container port
  • Run the Pipeline

On the successful review of your project, you will be awarded the DevOps certificate.

Knowledgehut DevOps Foundation certification training course

Knowledgehut offers classroom training, live virtual classroom, as well as group training. The classroom batches will be completed in 2 days and the classes will be from morning till evening. You can check the next available dates at the site.

The virtual classes will be done in 4 days with each class at a duration of 4 hours. There also, you can check the next available classes and choose the convenient dates for enrollment.


  • Goals, objectives, and vocabulary of DevOps
  • Benefits to the business
  • Performance measures and real world results with DevOps
  • DevOps values and principles
  • Concepts and practices with DevOps relationships to Agile. Lean and ITSM and ITIL
  • Culture and organizational considerations
  • Communication and collaboration practices
  • DevOps Automation practices and technology considerations
  • DevOps Adoption considerations in an enterprise environment
  • Challenges, risks, and critical success factors
  • Real life case studies and results

The process

Knowledgehut offers the exam based certification course. You complete the classroom training session and do the project. Then, you can attend the online examination. The exam fee is included in the course fee so you don’t have to pay extra. You will also be sent a Exam voucher. This facility is available only for the classroom training.

The exam is 60 minutes long with 40 multiple choice questions. You need to correctly answer at least 26 to pass the exam. Each question carries one mark. The exam will be a closed book.

The certificates will be issued by The DevOps Institute. This is only the first level of the various DevOps certifications.

Moreover, all the registrations or enrollment can be cancelled within 48 hours to get a full refund. The refund may take up to 30 days to process.

Intellipaat DevOps Certification training online

Intellipaat offers self-paced as well as the online classroom for the DevOps certification training. The self-paced course will have 24 x 7 support.

The online classroom is instructor-led. All the classes are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. The classes are done at 8 pm IST.


  • The instructor-led classes are 32 hours in total. The sessions are all recorded and you can download them from the LMS within 24 hours. the study materials include the recorded video, presentation, exercise files, data sets etc that are used during the session.
  • The schedule for the classes is flexible. In case you couldn’t attend the scheduled class, you may get to attend the next available class at your convenience. Just contact the customer care for the rescheduling.
  • The self-paced videos are for just 16 hours in total. You can access these videos at any time in the future for lifelong.
  • You can upgrade from the self-paced enrollment to the instructor led classes, anytime. All you need to do is to pay the extra charge for those classes.
  • There will be about 30 hours of exercises, assignments, quiz and project work as part of the curriculum.
  • The up gradation of the course can be done regularly to keep up with the latest version.
  • The 24 x 7 support is available for both types of courses. For the instructor led classes, the instructor himself will answer the queries. All you need to do is to raise a ticket to get your time slot.


There are 10 modules to complete the training course

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Platform Engineering (infrastructure components)
  • Software Version Control % Build management
  • Build % Test Automation
  • Docket container Management
  • DevOps integration Support
  • Configuration Management Tools (Infra As Code)
  • Monitoring & Performance management Tools
  • Automating Backups
  • Data Storage practices


Each of these DevOps certification training course is unique. The curriculum is only similar but is different from each other in the elaborated version. Some of the courses are elaborate than others. It is up to you to decide which one would be comfortable for you. All of these courses are the basics of DevOps that will also help you know more about the technology and move forward to do other advanced courses in this field.

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