CRM Salesforce for Beginners

This Salesforce CRM tutorial for Beginners is a beneficial course that helps you manage the customer relationships and integrate with other systems to develop your own applications.

Welcome to CRM Salesforce for beginners! This CRM Salesforce is a cloud computing technology that helps you understand the basic concepts of the salesforce course. Equally, this course will provide you an introduction on by learning the service aspects of CRM. Further, read on to know more about this CRM Salesforce for Beginners (certification program). Also, check out its objectives, curriculum, reviews and other major details.

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About CRM Salesforce for Beginners

This Salesforce CRM tutorial for Beginners is a beneficial course that helps you manage the customer relationships and integrate with other systems to develop your own applications. While, CRM, on the other hand, is a model that is used to manage organization interactions like the phone calls, meetings, emails and social media with customers for generating sales, marketing, and support.

CRM Salesforce for Beginners objectives

  • This Salesforce CRM for beginners provides a better understanding on what customer relationship management is about. Equally, shares multiple examples of the applicability and uses of CRM.
  • Helps to learn the cloud computing concepts, how cloud computing is beneficial for CRM and what are the different CRM tools that are used in business.
  • Design business objects and equally define the business flow across the organizations CRM processes.
  • Similarly, helps to create the different types of fields and define the relationship between the objects. Mainly for achieving the business functionalities.
  • Use the various functionalities of for achieving the salesforce automation.
  • Finally, prepare reports and associated dashboards for enabling the business performance preview.

Why learn this CRM Salesforce for Beginners?

This certification training programme will help you understand the business processes and how to manage the customer expectations. Equally, it will help you grab a career in and will offer you a platform to gain knowledge with hands-on training experience.

Who should undertake this Salesforce CRM for Beginners?

This course is a solid foundation for individuals who wish to become a business analyst, techno functional analyst and a salesforce developer.

What are the pre-requisites needed to take this CRM Salesforce for Beginners

The pre-requisites needed for taking this course involves a basic knowledge of the CRM systems, Cloud Computing, a better understanding of customer relationship management and the basic idea of Saas.

CRM Salesforce for Beginners curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction to CRM and SFDC

Topics included – CRM Overview, Cloud Computing, Introduction to (SFDC), SFDC Modules.

Learning objectives – Here, you will learn the basic overview of CRM, how cloud computing can be used for CRM and you will be introduced to the concepts of

Module 2 – SFDC Overview

Topics included – SFDC Business objects & their application, Standard Business Objects, Custom Business Objects, Salesforce Data Model, Salesforce Relationships.

Learning objectives – In this unit, you would be learning something on the creation of the business objects and its application.

Module 3 – SFDC Security Model – 1

Topics included – Salesforce Data Fields, Salesforce Security Features, Organization Wide Default, Profiles, Roles.

Learning objectives – This unit will make you aware of the Salesforce data fields, security features in Salesforce and much more.

Module 4 – SFDC Security Model – 2

Topics included – Records Mass Transfer, Sharing Rules & Application, Application of Roles & Sharing Rules, Profiles & Permission Sets.

Learning objectives – Here, you will learn about the mass transfer, sharing rules and application of the roles.

Module 5 – SFDC Configuration – 1

Topics included – Profiles, Permission Sets, Page Layout, Record Type, Field Level Security.

Learning objectives – In this module, you will come across profiles, permission sets, page layout, record type and many other details.

Module 6 – SFDC Configuration – 2

Topics included – Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Products & Price Book, Quote Management, Service Cloud, Activities, Analytics, Reports, Dashboards, Translation Workbench.

Learning objectives – In this unit, you will understand how to prepare reports and associated dashboards for high business performance.

SFDC Advanced Configuration – 1

Topics included – Queue, Assignment Rules, Auto Response, Approval Processes, Workflow, Escalation Rules, Validation Rule.

Learning objectives – You will learn different concepts like auto response, approval processes, validation rule and much more.

SFDC Advanced configuration – 2

Topics included – Chatter, Content management, Data Loader, Deployment using Change Sets, Apex & Visual Force.

Learning objectives – This unit will help you develop the concepts of chatter, content management, visual force and much more.

Top 3 online platform that offers CRM Salesforce for Beginners


This Edureka is an online training platform offering 24 x 7 support to the students for learning different courses (inorder to develop a great career opportunity).

Features of CRM Salesforce for Beginners at Edureka

  • This Edureka offers self-paced online learning opportunities through Salesforce CRM training videos for beginners for getting an indepth knowledge on different concepts covered in this program.
  • You will have a lifetime access to all their learning materials, Salesforce for beginners pdf and Salesforce for beginners youtube for a better understanding of this subject.
  • Each and every class is backed by practical assignments that should be completed within a particular period of time before getting into another session.
  • At the end of the course, you will be asked to work on real-life case studies.
  • On course completion, you will be granted a CRM Salesforce expert certificate mentioning an expert in this field.
  • Special forum session for knowledge sharing and peer to peer interaction.

Reviews on CRM Salesforce for Beginners at Edureka

Overall, this course has received 5 stars out of 5 and there are more than 2 million learners who have undertaken this course at Edureka. Further, mentioned below are few honest user reviews for your reference. This could help you at making a right decision towards this Salesforce CRM course. Let’s have a look…

  • Jonathan Tribhuwan says “I especially liked the SFDC platform. Equally, all the instructors are having an in-depth knowledge on this subject, who are always finding simple ways to educate us on this subject.”
  • Madhusudhan Roa says “I have attended a couple of training sessions with other institutes. But none could offer me the better training results like those I had in Edureka. This is one of the best training companies with good trainers and excellent communication talents…”
  • Shashank Sinha says “I have attended the CRM Salesforce program conducted by Mr. Devanand. They have excellent faculty members, good content and speed of class.”
  • Riya Jonathan says “Had a very great learning experience by the instructors. Really, they are doing an excellent job.”
  • Karthirakaj Mani says “5 stars, pretty good module.”
  • Sudha Kargi says “I took the online classes with this learning platform and had a great learning experience so far.”


This is an online tutorial that helps you master the concepts of CRM, its business implications and the benefits of cloud computing technology.

Features of CRM Salesforce for Beginners at BetterU

  • Offers 30 hours of online instructor led classes, including a weekend class of 10 sessions and 3 hours each, weekday class of 15 sessions and 2 hours each.
  • 24 x 7 expert support.
  • You will have an access to all their video classes and pdf notes on this topic.
  • Each class is backed by practical assignments based on the concepts taught in the classroom hours.
  • They will advise you to perform a real life case study, involving the implementation of different salesforce tool.
  • At, the end you will be granted a course completion certificate.
  • Community forum sessions for knowledge sharing.

Reviews on CRM Salesforce for Beginners at BetterU

The course has received 5 stars out of 5. Listed below are few honest reviews from the learners. Simply have a look…

  • Rob Murphy “According to me, the course is doing an excellent job of giving a comprehensive understanding of each and every concept of Salesforce. Our instructor was a very knowledgeable person who taught us all the concepts very clearly and also clarified our doubts.”
  • Jenny Christopher “Good rating! I simply loved taking this course at BetterU. Would be recommending you to learn the same for a better career option.”
  • Janakiraman Narasimham says “I took this training at BetterU and passed the exam in the first try itself, not more than 3 months.”
  • William Bell says “I am really satisfied with the course so far and my instructor is doing a marvelous job. He makes us learn everything through illustrations and examples.”
  • Nithin Kalyan says “Excellent! All is what I can say. Nothing much to express more…”


This is the world’s largest online learning platform for mastering new skills where more than 55, 000 courses are taught by the expert professionals.

Features of CRM Salesforce for Beginners at Udemy

  • They provide 6 hours of on-demand video demonstration classes.
  • Equally, you can have a full lifetime access to all their study materials.
  • It can be accessed from any devices like mobile or TV sets.
  • Offers 24 x 7 instructor support.
  • Each class is backed by quizzes and practical sessions to verify understanding and aid retention.
  • You will be awarded a certificate of completion at the end of this course.

Reviews on CRM Salesforce for Beginners at Udemy

More than 972 students have enrolled in this course at Udemy and they have rated it with 4.5 stars out of 5.

  • Debby Dyer says “This is a well-presented course, giving a precise explanation of each and every concept.”
  • Marc Schwartz says “Challenging course that has given me an excellent career opportunity in a well reputed company.”
  • Jeremy Bannon says “This is a well designed course, that’s quite easy to learn and follow. Equally, I am a visual learner and this mix has provided me a right platform to learn CRM with salesforce…”
  • Kishor Pamulapati says “The quality of the lessons is excellent. Equally, all the contents are neat and updated periodically.”
  • Ambrish Mishra says “Includes great organized topics. Our instructor covered almost all the lessons and this has helped a lot in the certification exams.”
  • Dona Edwin says “Good results for this salesforce CRM for dummies. Planning to take few more courses with Udemy.”

CRM Salesforce for Beginners – Frequently asked questions

Hi, what are the system requirements needed for taking this course?

The learners of this CRM Salesforce should have a PC with 2GB RAM, with the latest browser and internet connection. Windows or Mac and office tools along with Google docs is also recommended.

Which case studies are the part of this CRM Salesforce course?

With this, you would be asked to adopt a custom recruitment application on the

Involves defining a sales process automation for a B2B organization that is involved in selling high-value technology tools and services. Mainly an IT organization selling application services could be considered the best example here.

Which are the different CRM Softwares available?

Some of the different CRM Softwares include Salesforce CRM, Oracle CRM, SAP CRM, Sage CRM, NetSuite CRM, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and much more.

Which are the good institutes in Bangalore offering CRM Salesforce training?

CRS Info Solutions, Sai Soft learn and Besant Technologies are some of the best institutes offering training in the CRM Salesforce certification course.


Hope, this article could provide you a better insight on CRM Salesforce for Beginners. The average salary available for a CRM Salesforce administrator is around $89,720. So, why wait? Join this course today itself. You are not going to get disappointed at all…

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