AWS Development Certification Training

Read on to learn more about AWS Development Certification Training. Check out its benefits and major features.

Welcome to AWS Development Certification Training program. This AWS development is a beautiful course that helps you interact with AWS using different codes. It helps you master the following concepts like cloud essentials, auto scaling, models, high availability, load balancing, redundant services and much more. Equally, learning this course will help you design, develop and deploy projects on the AWS Platform. Further, read on to learn more about AWS Development Certification Training. Check out its benefits and major features.

About AWS Development Certification Training

This AWS Development course will help the participants to explore and master the AWS concepts and services offered by them. Participants undertaking this courses would highly benefit with the real time examples on load balancing, data redundancy, high availability and day to day operations.

AWS Development Certification Training objectives

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By learning this AWS course, you would be able to:

  • Understand the cloud concepts very clearly.
  • Become aware of the AWS services and operations.
  • Analyze the day to day cloud operations and the maintenance of applications and services.
  • Know the concepts of Big data and Analytics.
  • Monitor AWS services, real time scenarios on high availability or auto scaling.
  • Perform automation’s using Java SDK/AWS CLI.

Who should go for this AWS Development Certification Training?

  • This AWS training is meant for professionals who wish to learn on Cloud computing or develop saas based products and applications.
  • Firstly, developers who wish to develop the cloud automation products.
  • Developers who want to analyze Big Data and associated eco-space products.
  • System or network administrators.
  • Solution architects who want to build the DR sites on the cloud.

Prerequisites needed for taking the AWS Development Certification Training

Individuals with a good understanding of the high-level programming language can join this course.

System requirements needed for taking this AWS Development Certification Training

The system requirements include 4 GB RAM, i3 processor or above,20 GB HDD.

AWS Development Certification Training contents

AWS Cloud Essentials: An overview

  • Topics include – Basic overview of the cloud, Different types of cloud models, Different types of cloud services, Different vendors of cloud implementation, Why to choose AWS?, Features of AWS and key offerings, Who is using AWS/customers, Real time Use-cases, Opportunities in Cloud / Market.
  • Learning objectives – This module would make you aware the concepts of cloud, cloud models, types of cloud services, features of cloud and much more.

AWS Fundamentals

  • Topics include – AWS service catalogue, AWS console, AWS Paradigm, Overview of below services along with usage, Compute Service, Storage Service, Database Service, Content Delivery Service, Network Service, Application Service, Deploy & Management Service.
  • Learning objectives – Here, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the AWS services, details of each service and its usage along with examples or use cases.

AWS Console and Usage

  • Topics include – AWS console, Explain each service visually over the console, Compute Service, Storage Service, Database Service, Content Delivery Service, Network Service, Application Service, Deploy & Management Service.
  • Learning objectives – In this unit, you will learn to use the AWS console, along with different options available for each and every service.

AWS Software development kit and command line tool kit

  • Topics include – AWS Java SDK Kit, Step by step Java SDK installation, Configuration, Develop sample java program and access AWS resources, AWS CLI tool kit, Step by step Java SDK installation, Configuration, Develop sample java program and access AWS resources.
  • Learning objectives – In this unit, you will learn more on installing and configuring the Java SDK Kit and the basic commands.

Monitoring and Metrics

  • Topics include – Demonstrate ability to monitor availability and performance, Creating Cloud Watch Alarms, Installing And Configuring Monitoring Scripts for Amazon EC2 Instances, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instance and System Status Checks, Monitoring EBS For Performance And Availability, Monitoring RDS For Performance And Availability, Monitoring The Elastic Load Balancer For Performance And Availability, Demonstrate ability to monitor and manage billing and cost optimization processes, AWS Billing And Linking AWS Accounts, AWS Billing Dimensions and Metrics For Cloud Watch.
  • Learning objectives – Here, you can monitor and configure the cloud watch metrics.

High Availability

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  • Topics include – Implement scalability and elasticity based on scenario, Scalability And Elasticity Essentials, Determining Reserved Instance Purchases Based Off Business Needs, Elastic Load Balancer, Autoscaling, What is autoscaling and where to use, how to configure autoscaling & autoscaling groups, Demo on scale up and scale down scenarios, Ensure level of fault tolerance based on business needs, High Availability by using Elastic IP Addresses, Understanding RDS Multi-AZ Failover
  • Learning objectives – Here, you will learn how to enable high availability and the other associated concepts.

Analysis and Data Management

  • Topics include – Different storage services, how to create and attach EBS volumes, EBS Root Devices On Terminated Instances – Ensuring Data Durability, What is Ephemeral storage? what is the usage? how create and attach s3 bucket,Demonstrate ability to create backups for different services ( EC2 & RD, how to create a customized AMI, How to take a snapshot and reuse the AMI, How to take a backup of the RDS instance, How to enable to auto snapshots for the RDS instance, Managing Backup And Disaster Recovery Processes, Quickly Recovering From Disasters , Read Replicas With MySQL RDS Across Regions, Storing Log Files And Backups from glacier service.
  • Learning objectives – This unit deals with data consistency and durability.

Security and Networking

  • Topics include – Implement and manage security policies, S3 Bucket Policies, Building IAM Policies, Network Access Control Lists (NACLs), Using IAM Roles With EC2, Ensure data integrity and access controls when using the AWS platform, What is MFA On Amazon Web Services (Multifactor Authentication), Demonstrate ability to implement networking features of AWS, Route53 and DNS Failover, VPC Essentials, Building A Non-Default VPC, VPC Networking, VPC Security, DB Subnet Groups, Elastic IP Addresses And Elastic Network Interfaces, Configuring A Web Application In VPC, Building A Virtual Private Cloud From Scratch – VPC, Troubleshooting Connectivity In Issues, Demonstrate ability to implement connectivity features of AWS, What is the AWS Direct Connect & On-premise To VPC Redundancy.
  • Learning objectives – In this unit, you would be learning how to enable the security levels.

Deployment and Provisioning

  • Topics include – Demonstrate the ability to provision cloud resources and manage implementation automation, Creating Our First Stack, Creating an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud with Cloud Formation And Launching An EC2 Instance.
  • Learning objectives – In this module, you will come across the cloud formation services.

Big Data and Analytics

  • Topics include – What is the usage the EMR and big data concepts, How to launch and configure the EMR service, Run a sample MapReduce program to view the job details to analyze the Big data
  • Learning objectives – Here you will be learning how to analyze the unstructured data using DynamoDB or AWS EMR.

Cloud Best Practices

  • Topics include – Cloud Security Best Practices at each layer, Compute Service, Storage Service, Database Service, Content Delivery Service, Network Service,) Application Service, Deploy & Management Service
  • Learning objectives – Here you will learn which are the best cloud practices at each layer.

Cost Optimization

  • Topics include – Cost Optimisation at each layer, Compute Service, Storage Service, Database Service, Content Delivery Service, Network Service, Application Service, Deploy & Management Service
  • Learning objectives – Here, you would be learning about the AWS services.

Top 3 online platform that offers AWS Development Certification Training


This Edureka is one of the best online, interactive platform offering instructor led professional courses to the working professionals and students who wish to enhance their career.

Features of AWS Development Certification Training at Edureka involves

  • Special instructor led sessions involving 36 hours of online live instructor led classes. Weekend batches include 12 sessions of 3 hours each.
  • You can have a lifetime access to all their class recordings and study materials.
  • Offers 24 x 7 expert support.
  • They provide hands on lab experience.
  • Each class is backed by practical assignments and quizzes.
  • At the end of this training period, you will be asked to work on real life case studies.
  • Includes facilities like forum sessions for knowledge sharing and peer to peer interaction.
  • On course completion, you will be awarded a certificate, mentioning an expert in AWS Development.

Reviews on AWS Development Certification Training at Edureka

Overall, this course has received many positive reviews from the users. Most of them are saying that it’s a major step in their career development.

  • Rahul Jadhav says “Edureka is one of the best training company for learning AWS Development as all their trainers are good with excellent communication skills. Thus, I would be rating it with 5 stars.
  • Preetha Jain says “The course provided was absolutely great and my instructor taught all the concepts very thoroughly. Really I enjoyed the training hours with a good hands on learning experience.
  • Dan Joseph says “So far I am extremely satisfied with the course concepts. There are no troubles in making the concepts clear as they explain everything with the help of suitable examples.”
  • Sekhar Vangara says “Must say, this course is a good mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge.”


Another online learning platform for students who wish to become an AWS certified developer associate.

Features of AWS Development Certification Training at Udemy involves

  • Includes 17 hours of instructor led video sessions.
  • You can have a full life time access to all their study materials.
  • It can be accessed from any platform like mobile or TV sets.
  • Offers 24 x 7 professional support.
  • At the end, you will receive a certificate on course completion.

Reviews on AWS Development Certification Training at Udemy

Overall, the course has received 4.5 stars out of 5 from more than 61,661 students who have enrolled in this course. Further, mentioned below are few honest reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look…

  • Swetha Pandyala says “According to me, this course covers all the concepts needed for AWS certification training.”
  • Susanne Jane says “Hi, I highly recommend this course, I took the course and passed the AWS exam in advance.”
  • Matthew Hellmer says “Pretty good module. Using this I passed the AWS Associate exam. However, looking for another few courses at Udemy.”
  • Bharat Mallpur says “The course is really excellent. They teach all the concepts in a bit sized chunks. Equally, being a total newcomer to this AWS course, I found their modules well explained and easy to follow. However, Udemy is doing a great job in making you fit for the certification examination.”
  • Bosun Sogeke “Quite happy to take this course at Udemy e learning. It was a great help to me. Equally, course material provided was well researched and delivered to me by Ryan and the Acloud team. Thanks a lot.”
  • Davo Paul says “I really enjoyed taking this course. Now I am looking forward to another course at this learning tutorial.”


Considered as one of the world’s leading certification providers, offering both short and long term courses for students who wish to get ahead in their career.

Features of AWS Development Certification Training at Simplilearn involves

  • They offer e-learning and instructor led options.
  • Includes enterprise class learning management system.
  • 24 x 7 teaching assistance and support.
  • Provides enhanced reporting for individuals and teams.
  • At the end, they will deliver you a course completion certificate.

Reviews on AWS Development Certification Training at Simplilearn

The course has been rated with 5 out of 5 stars from most of its learners at Simplilearn. Let’s have a look at some honest customer reviews…

  • Rajasekhar Sanikommu says “Very helpful course. It was a fun learning at this online tutorial. Thank you so much for putting your effort to help us clear the AWS exam.”
  • John McClendon says “According to me, Simplilearn is a great e learning center, whose courses are interesting, timely and informative. I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to learn about the AWS services.”
  • David Moreland says “The course is well presented with a great presentation style. Overall, I love taking this course as it is well explained with short examples.”
  • Ruben Gomez says “Well, this is a great course if you wish to learn more about AWS. Even I could clear my concepts on autoscaling groups. In short, I liked this course with lots of content.”
  • Raynald Jack says “The course provided has proven beneficial for my career development. I appreciate my tutor who could deliver all the contents in a clear, concise manner. Anyhow, I am preparing myself to take many other courses at Simplilearn.”
  • Viswa Reddy says “My trainer is really good. Really, he has a lot of passion to teach and equally engages a student to listen more…”


In conclusion, this AWS Development Certification is a great course that helps you develop the AWS skills, equally advances your cloud knowledge and validate your expertise. So take this course and bring a change to your career at the earliest…”

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