Apache Kafka Certification Training

This Apache Kafka Certification is creating a lot of buzzes these days. After all, it is a powerful distributed streaming platform for working with huge volumes of data. It is highly scalable and has high throughput making it ideal for the enterprises working on big data problems including message systems.

This Apache Kafka Certification Training is a superb online training course, needed for becoming an Apache Kafka professional. It helps you gain knowledge and skills to become a successful Kafka big data developer. This Kafka is a real time message broker, which allows you to publish and subscribe to message streams. Some of the topics added in this course involve learning Kafka API, creating Kafka clusters and integration of Kafka with Big Data Hadoop ecosystem (along with Storm, Spark, and Maven integration).

What are you going to learn in this Kafka training program?

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  • Firstly, characteristics and salient features of Kafka.
  • Secondly understanding the real-time Kafka streaming.
  • Introduction to the Kafka API.
  • Kafka cluster deployment and Hadoop and YARN.
  • Equally, solving big data problems in messaging systems.
  • Producing and consuming message from feeds like twitter.
  • Storing of records using Kafka in a fault-tolerant way.
  • Deploying Kafka in real world business scenarios.
  • Above all, Kafka high throughput, durability, scalability, and fault-tolerance.

Who should take this Apache Kafka Certification Training course?

  • Architects, big data Hadoop developers, and other professionals.
  • Besides, testing professionals, project managers, messaging and queuing system professionals.

Career benefits of taking this Apache Kafka Certification Training?

This Apache Kafka Certification is creating a lot of buzzes these days. After all, it is a powerful distributed streaming platform for working with huge volumes of data. It is highly scalable and has high throughput making it ideal for the enterprises working on big data problems including message systems. Besides, it helps professionals to add weight to their profile and typically earn more compared to their noncertified peers. Moreover, it can help you choose careers paths like Senior Software Professionals, IT Consultants, Big data professionals and Lead Software professionals. According to the Dataquest survey, Apache Kafka is considered as top, highest paying job with a salary of more than $134, 950.

Prerequisites needed for Apache Kafka Certification Training

  • First of all, knowledge of any messaging system.
  • Basic knowledge of Java and other programming languages.
  • Some knowledge of Linus or Unix based systems if required.

What could you perform after completing this Apache Kafka Certification Training

  • Initially, understand Kafka and its components.
  • Use Kafka to consume and produce messages from different sources including the real time streaming sources like twitter.
  • Equally, set up an end to end Kafka cluster along with Hadoop and Yarn cluster.
  • Share the basic and advanced features included in designing a high throughput messaging system.
  • Understand the insights of Kafka API.
  • Similarly, integrating Kafka with real time streaming systems like Spark and Storm.
  • You will be able to work on real life project, implementing Twitter streaming with Hadoop, Kafka, and Storm.

Apache Kafka Certification Training course content

  • What is Kafka – an introduction? – Involves understanding of Apache Kafka, the various components and different uses of Kafka.
  • Multi Broker Kafka Implementation – Learning about Kafka terminology, adding replication to Kafka, deploying single node Kafka with independent Zookeeper, understanding Kafka consumers, working with partitioning and brokers, different failure handling scenarios in Kafka.
  • Multi Node Cluster Setup – Introduction of multi node cluster setup in Kafka, graceful shutdown of Kafka brokers and tasks, leadership balancing and partition rebalancing, cluster expanding, working with the partition reassignment tool, assigning custom partition, removing broker to improve the replication factor of partitions.
  • Integrate Flume with Kafka – Understanding the need for Kafka integration, integrating it with Apache Flume, steps in the integration of Flume with Kafka.
  • Kafka API – Detailed understanding of Kafka and Flume Integration, introduction to PyKafka API and understanding of the PyKafka environment.
  • Producers and Consumers – Connecting Kafka using PyKafka, writing a random JSON producer, writing your own Kafka producers and consumers, writing a consumer to read the messages from a topic, writing a consumer to store the topics data into a file, writing and working with a file reader producer.
  • Kafka Project – This project includes learning about Apache Kafka and its platform for handling real-time data. Besides, you will work with Kafka brokers, Kafka consumers, understand partitioning, the terminology used for Kafka writers and failure handling in Kafka.

Top 3 online platform that offers Apache Kafka Certification Training


This Intellipaat is an e-learning and professional certification company. It is worth at offering an in-depth, comprehensive learning opportunity with hands on experience with real world projects and assignments. Equally, they offer lifetime access to videos, 24/7 support, course material and upgrading to the latest version at no extra fees.

Features of Apache Kafka Certification Training at Intellipaat

  • Course duration is 6 hrs: Intellipaat provides high-quality interactive e-learning sessions for self-paced courses. All the instructor led training and the total course is divided into various sessions.
  • Hands on Exercise and project work involves 12 hrs: Each unit is followed by practical assignments and lab exercises. Towards the end of this Apache course, you will be working on a project, where you are expected to complete a project based on your learning.
  • Lifetime access duration: Amazing! As you will get a lifetime access to high-quality interactive tutorials along with a life time access to all the course materials. Similarly, they offer 24/7 access to video tutorials with email support. So, if you get stuck in any unexpected trouble, immediately Intellipaat can provide online interactive sessions with the trainer for resolving issues.
  • 24 x 7 Support: Intellipaat offers 24 x 7 support by emails, mainly for issues or doubts clearance in a self paced training.
  • Get certified: At the end of the course, there will be a quiz and project assignments where you will be awarded Intellipaat Course Completion Certificate.
  • Job: Intellipat provides placement assistance as they have tie-ups with 80+ organizations including Cisco, Cognizant, TCS, Ericsson and other companies who are looking for skilled and qualified professionals.

Intellipaat reviews

The Intellipaat Kafka Certification Exam is specially designed for industry professionals. Equally, it helps you to get jobs in the top MNC companies. As a part of this Apache training, you will be working on real time projects and assignments that have mammoth implications in the real world industry scenario. Further, there are some positive reviews mentioned by few students who have undergone this Apache Kafka training sessions. Let’s have a look…

  • Lakhdar Adil says Very good training is given on Apache at Intellipaat.
  • Monika Kadel says I enrolled with this online learning center for Apache Kafka. The training given was excellent and well executed by the trainer. Overall, I am satisfied with the way they conducted courses so professionally.
  • Sarang Patel says I love their training sessions. Overall, their course content is so elaborate with hands-on exercises, project work, assignments, and quiz. Good work!
  • Anaya Mishra says “The course is really elaborate with all the technicals details on Apache. Thus, I would recommend this to anyone interested in big Kafka component studies.”
  • John Luther says “Overall the course is amazing, as it covers the main topics. Nothing more to express than this…”


MindMajix are leaders at delivering a wide range of IT software courses like Oracle, IBM, Tibco, SAPT, QlikView, Tableau and much more. Equally, worth at creating and shaping the brilliant minds that are efficient to scale greater heights in the present technological world. It utilizes software technologies to empower the mid sized and smaller businesses for enhancing productivity and progress in their business.

Features of Apache Kafka Certification Training at MindMajix

For individuals

  • Firstly, access to high-quality videos.
  • Self-paced learning content designed by experts.
  • 24 x 7 support and assistance.
  • Live interactive training.
  • You can start training at your convenient time.
  • They have certified and industry expert trainers.
  • Besides, on demand dedicated cloud lab access.

For business

  • MindMajix corporate training involves self-paced e learning and instructor led options.
  • Availability of enterprise-class learning management system.
  • 24 x 7 assistance and support.
  • Course, category, and all access pricing.
  • Besides, enhanced reporting for individuals and teams.

MindMajix reviews

Overall Apache Kafka Certification Training at MindMajix has received 4.1 stars out of 5. Here are some honest MindMajix reviews from the students who have taken their courses.

  • Savaram Ravindra says “Really, the training offered by MindMajix are really professional and equally, the services offered by them are mind blowing. I got Apache Kafka training from them and the trainer who used to teach was extremely talented. He used to clear all my doubts within a fraction of seconds. Thus, I acquired an in-depth understanding of each and every topic of Kafka. Overall, it was a great experience learning at MindMajix online tutorial.”
  • Nithin Kumar says “Had a great service here. Must say, their training was industry oriented. I got a top notch knowledge from the trainer.”
  • Mister Baanu says “I had a pretty good experience at this place. They can offer you best quality training as the trainers are top class. Thank You MindMajix for helping me in Apache Kafka.”
  • Vitta Bikshapathi says “This is the best hub of online trainers for different IT courses. I was supported by the team till I got a job.”
  • Christiana says “Learning Apache was interesting with recorded sessions and detailed course curriculum. My trainer has covered each and every topic with real time scenarios.”


This Edureka is committed to providing you an awesome learning experience through world class content and perfect in class instructors. In reality, it helps you convert opportunities into job offers by presenting your skills at the time of an interview. Besides, all the instructors here are practitioners from the industry with minimum (10 to 12) years of relevant IT experience.

Features of Apache Kafka Certification Training at Edureka

  • 15 hours of Online Live Instructor-Led training classes. Divided into 5 sessions of 3 hours each.
  • Real-life case studies.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Assignments.
  • 24 x 7 expert support.
  • Edureka will provide you a Kafka expert certification based on the project reviewed by their expert panel.
  • Forum section for peer to peer interaction and knowledge sharing a purpose.

Edureka reviews

Students who have taken this course at Edureka have rated it with 4 stars out of 5.

  • Madhusudan Rao S (Senior software consultant at PCS Technical Service) says “This is the best training company I have ever visited in my life. Prior visiting Edureka I have attended a couple of demo sessions with other training institutes. But I was not satisfied with their teaching. However, Edureka is different with good trainers and superb communication skills. Moreover, they have a good support team who are experts at clearing all your doubts whenever needed. Overall, they are extremely flexible and easy to understand.”
  • Baskar Raj says “The Apache Kafka classes were excellent by Gyanender Verma. He is a well-determined person, who covered all the concepts without any compromise.”
  • Suman Raja says “I like the way the sessions they have organized. One of my favorites is LMS. There’s plenty of information available on their forums. Besides, they also share the video recording of other instructors. This helped me a lot in understanding the few concepts in a better way. All I wish to rate it with 5 stars.”
  • Janardhan Singamaneni (Principal Data Engineer) says “I took Kafka and data science classes and it was a nice experience learning at this Edureka tuition center. The classes conducted were quite smooth. I never had any technical issues like audio and video disconnectivity. Great Job.”
  • Sara Bren says “They have a very good knowledge on Kafka theoretical and practical courses. Thanks for the learning experience at Edureka . Keep it up!”


Finally, taking this Apache Kafka Certification Training course could offer you a deep insight and skills to become a successful Kafka big data developer. You can understand Kafka and its components in a more detailed manner. However, it will make you fully confident to work in challenging roles in Apache Kafka domain for top salaries.

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