Analytics for Retail Banks

This Analytics for Retail Banks is a special course designed to offer you a better understanding of predictive analytics and the financial organization.

Welcome to Top 3 analytics for retail banks! Today, we are living in the world of digital marketing, where analytics is playing a supreme role. With this, banks are turning into virtual engagement platforms from the transaction points. Making multiple online channels available for the customers to perform banking and other non-banking financial transactions. Thus, undertaking this analytics course could help you with digital transformation and understand predictive models for becoming a data driven marketer. Further, read on to know more about Top 3 analytics for retail banks. Also, check out its benefits, syllabus, online learning platforms and its reviews and much more…

About Analytics for Retail Banks

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This Analytics for Retail Banks is a special course designed to offer you a better understanding of predictive analytics and the financial organization. Undergoing this retail banking certification training will help you learn the event based marketing, analytics lifecycle, customer lifecycle and digital experiences, event based marketing, campaign analytics and omni channel marketing.

Analytics for Retail Banks objectives

  • Learning this course can give a better understanding of the banking industry. With this you would be able to:
  • Get a deep understanding of the applications of the data driven marketing across the customer life cycle.
  • Learn the data infrastructure and analytics set up needed to carry out the data driven marketing.
  • Equally, understand how to use analytics for improving the campaign performance.
  • Get an overview of the analytics best practices in the retail banks.
  • Have a knowledge on how incoming, outgoing and interactive channels helps the data driven programs.
  • Also, design event based marketing programs and contextual campaigns at the retail banks.
  • Similarly, have a better understanding of the practical issues that one would encounter while adopting the data driven marketing programs at the retail banks.
  • It makes you aware of how data driven marketing is practiced across the banks of different countries.

Why should you undertake these Analytics for Retail Banks certification training?

  • Firstly, these days the analytics professionals are in great demand in the retail banks. However, learning this course could help you meet the career goals.
  • Absolutely good for professionals wishing to enter the retail banking space (in analytics) at a senior level.
  • Helps the business heads and CXOs for understanding the applications of analytics.
  • Perfect for senior professionals at retail banks who want to improve their career prospects by getting into the world of analytics.

Who should go for this Analytics for Retail Banks certification programme?

The course is meant for individuals who want to learn the application of analytics in the retail banks. The following professionals could benefit from this course:

  • Business heads and CXOs who want to gain an in-depth knowledge on the applications of analytics.
  • Analytics managers, leading a team of analysts.
  • Senior professionals at the retail banks willing to heighten their career prospects by getting into the world of analytics.

Analytics for Retail Banks curriculum

Module 1 – Analytics scope at a retail bank

Topics included – Analytics objectives, Analytics data stack, Analytics lifecycle, Analytics algorithms stack, Analytics process cycles, Data visualization, Context awareness, Analytics best practices, CRISP-DM methodology.

Learning objectives – Learning this unit, will help you acquire knowledge on the scope of analytics applications at the retail banks and the underlying process involved with it. Besides, you could develop a strong base on the analytics frameworks.

Module 2 – Marketing challenges across the retail banking customer life cycle

Topics included – Retail banking objectives, Customer lifecycle, Analytics applications across the customer lifecycle, Analytics objectives and trade-offs, Levers, Segment marketing, Partner agencies, ROI models

Learning objectives – This unit, will make you aware of the different stages of the customer lifecycle, marketing challenges across numerous stages of the customer lifecycle and how to use the concepts of analytics to address these challenges.

Module 3 – Data related infrastructure at a retail bank

Topics included – Challenges of big data, Different types of data, Data life cycle Logical data models, Unstructured data processing, Data cleansing, Single view of the customer, Single row per customer, Platform components required to process data, Requisite processes.

Learning objectives – This unit will give you a good understanding of the various types of data required at a retail bank, infrastructure needed to manage the challenges in the managing data.

Module 4 – Channel implications on data driven marketing at the retail banks

Topics included – Channel purposes, Types of channels, Channel infrastructure, Channel throughput, Campaign execution challenges, Omni-channel perspective, Use of social media channels.

Learning objectives – In this unit, you can learn the different types of channels and its application to data driven marketing.

Module 5 – Data driven customer acquisition at retail banks

Topics included – Prospecting, Onboarding, Analytics capabilities for prospect analytics, Activation strategies, Response models, Digital activation best and worst practices.

Learning objectives – Here, you would be learning about the data driven acquisition programs, learn the differences between prospecting and onboarding.

Module 6 – Data driven usage management at the retail banks

Topics included – Analytics capabilities required, Sample usage increase programs, Offer glut, Offer fulfillment and tracking.

Learning objectives – In this unit, you will learn how to explore the best practices around analytics. Similarly, how to run the data driven usage management programs.

Module 7 – Data driven customer experience management at the retail banks

Topics included – Customer journey and analytics, Customer experience processes, Customer trust principles, Analytics capabilities required for customer experience, Analytics for the end customer, Analytics capabilities required for customer satisfaction, Personal financial management, Technology shifts, Design thinking, Testing options, Digital customer experience sensors and actuators.

Learning objectives – Here, you would be learning about the good customer experience. Equally, understand the benefits of having a good customer experience.

Module 8 – Data driven upselling and cross selling at the retail banks

Topics included – Upselling and cross selling processes, Tactics to increase customer penetration, Incoming call is your best bet, Next best offer analytics, Case study – Card upgrade program, Case study – Cross selling credit cards to savings accounts, Case study – Cross Selling mutual funds to savings account customers, Cross sell between corporate and individual accounts, Bancassurance approaches.

Learning objectives – This unit will make you aware of how to run the data driven upsell and also learn the best practices of analytics. Equally, methods to improve the customer penetration.

Module 9 – Data driven retention and loyalty management at the retail banks

Topics included – Retention and loyalty processes, Factors affecting, Customer loyalty, Attrition types and retention strategies, Analytics capability for loyalty analytics, Case Study – Attrition model, Advocacy analytics, Social Media Marketing.

Learning objectives – In this module, you be learning about data driven retention and loyalty management programs.

Module 10 – Practical Implementation challenges for the data driven market

Topics included – Data privacy, McKinsey core beliefs on big data, IT principles for digital banking, Architecture blocks for digital banking, Know your business, Data preparation groundwork, Analytics is more art than science, Common improvement areas at banks.

Learning objectives – Here, you will learn the practical challenges in adopting the data driven programs.

Top 3 online platform that offers Analytics for Retail Banks certification training


This is an interactive online e-learning destination offering instructor-led classes for the professionals who want to improve their skills.

Features of Analytics for Retail Banks certification training at Edureka

  • They offer self paced learning through video classes and Analytics in retail banking pdf.
  • You will have a life time access to the LMS management system, quizzes, presentations and installation guides.
  • Each class is backed by practical assignments giving the key concepts of banking analytics taught during the class hours.
  • 24 x 7 customer support.
  • At the end of the course, you will be asked to work on real life case studies and put into practice different techniques undertaken during this course.
  • There’s a special forum session for knowledge sharing and peer to peer interaction.

Reviews on Analytics for Retail Banks certification training

This course has been rated with many positive reviews from the individuals who have undertaken this certification program. They are saying that they have attained a couple of training sessions at other institutes. But, Edureka is a perfect learning platform that could clear all your doubts and queries. Further, given below are few honest reviews for your reference. Just have a look at them…

  • Siddharta Mishra says “Seriously, Edureka has provided me a uniquely fulfilling experience. Equally, their supporting staffs are excellent, who provided a quick response to all my queries.”
  • Micheal Harkins says “For me, all their courses are top rate. You will get all the presentations and lab classes in time and my favorite is the live instruction with a playback. Looks like they want us to think of nothing but learning.”
  • Rupali Sharma says “I would be definitely rating this course with 5/5 stars. My instructor taught all the concepts very clearly. Really, I enjoyed taking this course, provided very good hands on practical experience. It has offered me a good career in the well known company.”
  • Karthirakaj Mani says “They are having a pretty good module and mock tests are very useful in clearing the final exams. So far I am absolutely satisfied with this course.”
  • Revathi says “I have learned a lot from this training session. It has helped me to use all the concepts very clearly. Thanks a lot for bringing this course…”
  • Senthil Nagarajan says “Our course instructor was a very knowledgeable person who handled the course good in terms of both theory and practical hours, making it more interactive.”
  • Aman Chawla says “I had a very good experience learning this Analytics banking course with team Edureka. The great support and light atmosphere are some of their features that promote easy learning without any limitations on the timings.”


This is a global learning solution that offers instructor led online training, classroom training, and corporate training along with 24 x 7 on demand support.

Features of Analytics for Retail Banks certification training at MyTectra

  • This platform allows you to start training at any date of your choice.
  • All the course modules are explained by the industry experts. Thus, helping you to get a real world training and solutions customized for your business needs.
  • 24 x 7 customer support.
  • Guarantees on time course completion.
  • Every class is backed by quiz and practical assignments.
  • At the end, you would be working on a real life project.

Reviews on Analytics for Retail Banks certification training

  • Deepak Prakash says “I had enrolled for analytics course a MyTectra. Equally, our trainer was a brilliant person who explained the concepts very clearly. Seriously, I got an exposure more than what I had expected. All thanks goes to MyTectra…”
  • Pranam Bhanur says “This is a best learning platform for undertaking banking analytics course. Their infrastructure is good. Alternatively, the faculty members are excellent and very helpful.”
  • Jenson Madonna says “Would love to rate them with 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend you to have this course for grabbing a great career opportunity.”
  • Shoba Patnaik says “I have attended a couple of courses at different institutes. But they failed to impart my expectations. Finally, while browsing I came across this platform and decided to go for the retail banking analytics program. Overall, I am satisfied taking this certification training at MyTectra.”
  • Diana Paul says “Excellent! Nothing much to express more…”

Other platform offering analytics for retail banking

Besides the well known above mentioned e-learning platforms, there are few other online destinations offering data analytics course. Some of them include Kiran analytics, DecisionCraft online solutions, PEGA and much more.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get the phone number and email address of

Sure, the contact number of MyTectra is India – +91 9019191856, US – +1 (210)9771011. While their email address is

Hi, I want to know which real life case studies will be the part of this course?

Well, there are multiple case studies of banks, worldwide as a part of this course. Equally, each and every unit (added in this course) helps at understanding the applicability of analytics.

Which are the best training institutes in Bangalore offering analytics course for retail banking?

StudyAnalytics and Pro School online are two best institutes that offers training in the retail banking analytics course.

Could you give me the phone number of Edureka? I have some doubts and queries that needs to be answered.
Ya sure. The phone number of Edureka is +91 9066020867 (India) and 1844 230 6362 (US). You may contact them for getting all the information related to this course.


Finally, hope this article could provide you a better understanding of Analytics for Retail Banks. Learning this course could help you understand the services offered by banks to the consumers. It is perfectly designed for the business heads, senior professionals and analytics managers for enhancing their career opportunity. Still, it’s not late! Why not join this course today itself?

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