AI and Deep Learning

AI and Deep Learning

This AI, Deep Learning with Tensor flow will help you gain an in-depth knowledge on TensorFlow, its main functions, various operations and execution pipelines.

Welcome to AI and Deep Learning with Tensor Flow! Today this Machine learning has become one of the fastest growing and exciting fields for designing intelligent systems. Hence, taking this certification course could make you a professional in training and optimizing basic and convolutional neural networks. Mainly, through mastering the concepts like Autoencoder Neural Networks, SoftMax function and Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM). So, if you are new to this subject then consider reading or taking this course, by going through this article. Further, read on to know more about this training program. Check out its objectives, syllabus, online learning platforms, reviews and much more…

About AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow

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This AI, Deep Learning with Tensor flow will help you gain an in-depth knowledge on TensorFlow, its main functions, various operations and execution pipelines. Equally, throughout this course, you will be able to learn – how Tensor flow can be used for curve fitting, classification, regression and minimization of the error functions.

AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow certification training objectives

  • Firstly, this course helps you understand deep learning.
  • With this, you could express the motivation behind deep learning.
  • Helps at applying analytical mathematics on the data.
  • You would be able to choose between various deep networks.
  • The course makes you understand the term neural networks.
  • Discuss autoencoders and variational autoencoders.
  • Makes you understand the TensorFlow’s strengths for machine learning.
  • You will learn how to build a basic computation within TensorFlow using Phyton.
  • Another interesting feature – It helps you describe how TensorFlow could help you with AI problems like text processing to the chat apps.

Who should undertake this AI and Deep Learning with the Tensor flow?

The course is specially designed for individuals who wish to learn the deep learning methods. Equally, the following professionals can undertake this course:

  • Firstly, developers who wish to become a data scientist.
  • Business analysts, who are looking forward to understand the deep learning techniques.
  • Analytics managers who are leading a team of analysts.
  • Professionals who wish to learn the big data analysis.
  • Information architects looking to become a professional in predictive analytics.
  • Individuals wishing to understand the data science methodologies.

Pre-requisites needed for taking this AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow?

  • The person must have a better understanding of statistics and machine learning algorithms.
  • Similarly, he or she must possess knowledge in Python programming language.

System requirements needed for taking this course on AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow

The system requirements needed for taking this course includes a multicore processor, 8GB of RAM and 15 GB of free disk space. The operating system could be Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow curriculum

Introduction to deep learning

Objectives – In this unit, you will get an insight on deep learning and learn how deep learning could solve the problems which machine learning cannot.

Understanding the fundamentals of neural networks using Tensorflow

Objectives – Here, you will get an introduction to neural networks and understand the nature of its working.

Deep dive into neural networks using Tensorflow

Objectives – In this module, you will learn about backpropagation algorithm and different uses of neural networks.

Master deep networks

Objectives – In this unit, you will get started with the Tensorflow framework.

Convolutional neural networks

Objectives – Here, you would be learning about convolutional neural networks and its major applications.

Recurrent neural networks

Objectives -This module would make you aware of recurrent neural networks and its applications.

Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Autoencoders

Objectives – Here, you would be learning about Autoencoders along with its applications.


Objectives – In this unit, you will come across Keras API for implementing the neural networks.


Objectives – In this unit, you would be learning about Tflearn API for implementing the neural networks.

Hands-on project

Objectives – At the end of the course, you will be asked to submit a machine project based on the concepts of AI and deep learning.

Top 3 online platform that offers AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow certification training


Edureka is one of the popular e-learning platforms that helps your career through courses like Big data Hadoop, AI and deep learning with Tensor flow and much more.

Features of AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow at Eureka

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  • They offer 30 hrs of online live instructor-led classes to the students.
  • Similarly, you will get a lifetime access to their LMS, including class recordings and presentations.
  • Provides 24 x 7 professional support.
  • At the end of this certification training, you would be working on a real-life case study.
  • Each class is backed by practical assignments and quiz (where you have to apply the concepts taught during the class hours.
  • On course completion, they will grant you a certificate mentioning an expert in deep learning with Tensorflow (on the basis of the project undertaken).
  • Opportunities for peer to peer interaction and knowledge sharing.

Reviews on AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow at Edureka

  • Sudha Roa says “I took the AI learning course with Edureka and have passed the exam in the first try itself. Overall, I love their teaching methods and special notes granted for the study of this deep learning, tensor flow course.”
  • Praveena Reddy says “Our instructor is a marvelous person. He used to teach us everything in a specified manner, giving the clear enunciation of each and every concept.”
  • Rajat Fadnavis says “For me, it was a very good experience to learn AI and Deep Learning from Edureka. Mainly because all their faculty members are very cooperative and knowledgeable.”
  • Susanne Jack says “I would be rating this course with 5 out 5 stars.”


This is a perfect platform to master the skills of AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow. They have more than 55, 000 of online courses with a wide description of each and every concepts.

Features of AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow at Udemy

  • Udemy offers on-demand video classes and course materials for better insights on AI and deep learning.
  • You can have an access from all platforms like mobile or TV sets.
  • Facilities like 24 x 7 customer support.
  • Includes quiz and practical assignments that will give you a thorough understanding on AI and deep learning platform.
  • After learning this course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Reviews on AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow at Udemy

  • William Jones says “The course is really incredible and this is the best platform I have come across for learning tensor flow.
  • Milo Suvaar says “Well, they have a good choice of the topics. Everything is well prepared and clearly explained. It could provide me a useful link on all the tools and services. Thus, I would be definitely recommending this course to everyone.”
  • Shaival Raj says “Thanks to Udemy for bringing this course into practice. Honestly, it has helped me a lot in a learning the crucial concepts.
  • Pranitha Jain says “I have been with Udemy for more than 10 years. This course is really well-explained. It helps you at developing your skills and in the business sectors…”
  • David johnes says “This is a great course that explains a lot of things that hardly anyone is bothered to explain.”
  • Pankaj Sharma says “According to me, this is an awesome course. Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge with us. Now I am planning to join other courses at Udemy.”
  • Guan Mattews says “All the course contents are excellent. The teaching pattern is quite easy to follow and understand. I am able to learn the concepts by following the instructions and doing the exercise during the video playback. Overall, this is a great course offering a wonderful way of learning.”
  • Mehul Shah says “Happy to say that the course is really fantastic and awesome. It is simple and relatively complex. For me, it is worth on every spent amount.”
  • Cynthia woods says “The course is presented in a very beautiful manner. It has a perfect application between the theory, explanations, and practical coding data. This is a wonderful course. All thanks to my tutor for imparting me a quality education.”
  • Edwin Bob says “Seriously they are having a good approach, with an in-depth explanation and knowledge on each and every concept.”

Other major platforms offering AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow

They are few online platforms offering AI and deep learning certification training. Some of them include Simplilearn, Udacity, Courses Mojo Academy and much more. Both these Udacity and CMA are educational portal offering massive open online courses to the learners.

Frequently asked questions

What if I missed an AI and Deep Learning class at Edureka?

Nothing serious, if you missed a lecture at Edureka then:

  • You may go through the recorded session of the class available in your LMS system.
  • Also, can attend the missed session in other live batches.

Is the course available at MyTectra at Bangalore?

Yes, this AI and Deep Learning with Tensor flow certification course can be done at Bangalore. This is one of the best institutes where the teachers are very good. They will help you learn each and every topic in the course and provides hands-on lab experience.


In conclusion, with the help of this course, you can get an in sights on neural networks. It helps you implement deep learning algorithms and equally explore the layers of data abstraction techniques with the help of this Tensorflow certification. So, don’t wait anymore, join these classes at the earliest…

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