Advanced Predictive Modeling

This Advanced Predictive Modeling with R course will help you cover the advanced statistical and analytical techniques to become a data analyst.

Are you ready to undertake a certification program in Advanced Predictive Modeling using R? Then, of course! You have landed on the right page of Top 3 Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training. These days there are plenty of courses available to kick start your career in the stream of analytics. Equally, all these courses are available in the online and offline modes. But the only difficulty, students face is to choose the best of these courses.

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No worries! This applied predictive modeling package in R is one of the easiest ways to step your foot inside the door of analytics industry. It could provide you a better vision on statistical predictive modeling by making you understand the concepts of linear and logistic regression. Further, read on to know more about applied predictive modeling techniques in R. Also, check out its objectives, syllabus, applied predictive modeling review and other major details…

About Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training

This Advanced Predictive Modeling with R course will help you cover the advanced statistical and analytical techniques to become a data analyst. While learning this course, you may come across different concepts like linear regression, neural network, churn analysis and forecasting.

Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training objectives

On completion of this course you would be able to:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of statistical predictive modeling.
  • Work on the concepts of logistic and linear regression.
  • Equally, implement the ARIMA models.
  • Perform forecasting with time series data and decomposition.
  • Learn survival analysis and neural networks.

Why learn this Advanced Predictive Modeling R code? – Is it beneficial?

Yes, undergoing this applied predictive modeling with R is worth every penny spent and would never create any hurdle to the students. This certification training course will let you gain an edge over other data analysts present in the data. Equally, helps to create analysis and support decision-making skills in a more precise manner.

Who should go for this Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training?

The course is a must for individuals, who wish to get into the stream of data analytics and decision science. Equally, the following professional can also join this course

  • Firstly, analytics consultants.
  • Developers who wish to work as “Data Scientists”.
  • R/ SAS/ SPSS professionals.
  • Data Engineers and Information Architects.
  • Data Analysts.
  • Statisticians.

What are the pre-requisites needed for taking this course?

Pre-requisites required for learning this course is a knowledge in R and exposure to the basics of statistics.

Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training curriculum

Module 1 – Basic Statistics in R

Topics included – Basic Statistics, Hypothesis Analysis, Correlation, Covariance, Matrix, Basic Charts.

Learning objectives – This unit will provide you an introduction to statistics. Equally, will help you to conduct the best test and exploratory analysis.

Ordinary Least Square Regression 1

Topics included – Exporting Data and Connecting Sheets, Making Basic Visualization in Tableau, Making Sense out of the Visuals and Interpreting the same.

Learning objectives – Here, you will get an introduction to basic regression and multiple regression.

Ordinary Least Square Regression 2

Topics included – Residual Plots, AV plots, deletion diagnostics, partial correlation, subset selection, influential observations, transformations, Hetroscadasticity, VIFs, auto-correlations, Multi co-linearity, tests, dummy variables, seasonality, DW tests, Box-Cox transformation, interaction variables.

Learning objectives – In this unit, you will have an in-depth analysis of linear regression and make the model a better fit.

Logistic Regression

Topics included – Basic Logistic Regression, Uses, Drawbacks of OLS, Tests.

Learning objectives – This module will introduce you to the various uses of logistic regression and also its different industry usage.

Advanced Regression

Topics included – Poisson Regression, Multinomial, ordinal Regression: Business Case & Zero-inflated regression, Negative binomial, Panel data.

Learning objectives – Here, you would be learning about the varied usage of logistic regression on the different dataset.


Topics included – Imputations using various methods like mode/mean substitutions and regression.

Learning objectives – In this unit, you will gain an insight on addressing the missing values and how to impute it using different process.

Forecasting 1

Topics included – Techniques, Time series data, Decomposition, ARIMA/ ARMA, ACF and PACF plots, Seasonality and Smoothing (exponential).

Learning objectives – Here, you will get an introduction to time series data and forecasting.

Forecasting 2

Topics included – Holt_winter smoothing, Growth Models, binary data, Neural Networks, ARCH / GARCH, trend lines (exponential trend lines).

Learning objectives – In this module, you will learn about trend analysis, seasonality and decaying the factors over time.

Survival Analysis

Topics included – Survival analysis, plots, tests, CoxPH analysis.


Topics included – discussion

Learning objectives – In this unit, you will be asked to work on a dataset of your choice, after getting an approval from the trainer. Equally, the project should contain all the concepts discussed in the class. The aim of this project is to allow you perform various regressions, data analysis, and forecasting.

Top 3 online platform that offers Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training


This Edureka is an online training tutorial that offers live instructed training sessions for working professionals and students who wish to enhance their skills in data analytics.

Features of Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training at Edureka

  • Edureka offers self-paced learning, where you will have a deep understanding of applied predictive modeling in R.
  • Similarly, you will have a lifetime access to all their videos, applied predictive modeling in R, discussion forums and other learning contents inside the LMS.
  • Each and every module is backed by practical assignments and quizzes, which needs to be completed before stepping towards the next module.
  • At the end of this training session, you will be asked to work on a project where you are expected to implement different techniques learned during this course.
  • On course completion, you will be rewarded an expert certificate on the basis of the project judged by the expert
  • They have forum session for peer-to-peer interaction.

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Reviews on Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training at Edureka

Overall, this course has been rated with 5/5 stars from the students who have undertaken this predictive modeling training at Edureka. Further, mentioned below are few honest reviews for your reference. This could definitely help you at making a right decision towards this course…

  • Tejaswini Rajput says “The course was absolutely great. Our instructor taught all the concepts thoroughly and he is a very knowledgeable person, who used to clarify our doubts within a fraction of seconds. I would say, their support team is extremely good. Equally, I had a very good hands on experience.”
  • Karthiraj Mani says “All the units are interesting. Our tutor used to conduct mock tests, which proved useful for the final exams.”
  • William Ball says “So far, I am extremely satisfied with the course content. My instructor is having a good command over the topics…”
  • Sibhi Prian says “For me, it was a good experience to learn Predictive Modeling from Edureka. All the faculty members are very knowledgeable and co-operative having a good command over R.”

Easy learning Guru

This Easylearning is one of the leading providers of online certification courses. They help you reach your career goals both online video classes and hands-on-learning practical experience.

Features of Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training at Easylearning Guru

  • Offers 6 hours of on demand video classes and ppts
  • You can access them on both mobile and TV sets.
  • There are more 92 supplemental resources.
  • You will have a life time access to all their course materials and pdfs created by more than one technology expert.
  • Each class is backed by assignments, practicals and hands-on projects that help you acquire skills required in the real world.
  • At the end, they will offer you a certificate of completion.

Reviews on Advanced Predictive Modeling in R Certification Training at Easylearning Guru

More than 326 students have enrolled in this course at Easylearning and they have rated it with 3 stars out of 5.

  • Sharana Kampli says “Really, this course is excellent and it has helped to meet my career goals. Now I am working as a data analyst in one of the IT companies. All thanks to Easylearning Guru.”
  • George Ben says “The course is really amazing and informative. I would love to rate it with 5/5 stars.”
  • Himanshoo Kumar Saxena says “This training has helped me clear all my doubts related to predictive modeling using R language.”

Other online destinations where you can undergo the Advanced Predictive Modeling using R involves betterU, Coursera, Jigsaw Academy and much more. Further, it would good that you visit their website for a more detailed information regarding this certification program.


Hope this article, could provide you the needed information on Advanced Predictive Modeling in R. Overall, this course is best suited for the beginners and experienced professionals who wish to use data analytics…

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