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Advanced Java Certification Training

The course is specially meant for professionals who want to build their career as Java developers. It allows the students to learn the advanced concepts like memory leaks, use of generics, network programming, concurrency, design patterns, try with resource blocks and much more.

It’s true that Java is an object oriented language that allows the learners to develop the real-world applications. Hence, it is highly important in a networked world as using this, one can predict the type of devices that partners, suppliers, and employees use to connect to their organizations. However, undergoing the Advanced Java Certification Training can give you a better knowledge of the advanced concepts of Java. Equally, it is designed for the more experienced Java developers to make a strong base in the Java programming language. Further, read onto know more on this advanced certification training…

About Advanced Java Certification Training

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The course is specially meant for professionals who want to build their career as Java developers. It allows the students to learn the advanced concepts like memory leaks, use of generics, network programming, concurrency, design patterns, try with resource blocks and much more. Besides, undertaking this training will help you progress in advanced subjects like Big Data and Enterprise applications.

Why learn this Advanced Java Certification Training?

Learning the latest version of this software helps at solving the problems in design and coding at a much faster rate. Equally, it keeps you updated on all the latest concepts included in Java programming language. Besides, it gives you a quick career growth, gives better job opportunities and equally improves your salary potential.

Advanced Java Certification Training objectives

  • Firstly, the course helps you in learning and understanding the basics of JDBC and using the different interfaces in JDBC API.
  • It will show how to use the Java Servlets in the role of the Web application control.
  • Equally shows, how to make the JSP’s smaller and more powerful with custom tags, JSTL, and expression language.
  • One can find the strategies in the exchange of the data between the web pages and the business processing model.
  • Helps at understanding the test driven strategies.

Who should go for this Advanced Java Certification Training?

This advanced java training program is specially meant for professionals who wish to become Java develops, Web designers, Web developers, Database administrators, Programming professionals and individuals who wish to start their careers as key beneficiaries of this training sessions.

What are the pre-requisites needed for taking this Advanced Java Certification Training?

Well, some of the pre-requisites needed for taking this course are prior programming experience. Equally, you should be familiar with the concepts like variables, functions and flow control.

Advanced Java Certification Training contents

Java Basics

  • Topics include – Variables:-Primitive Data Types and Arrays, Operators:- Arithmetic, Unary, Relational, Conditional, Bitwise and Bit Shift, Java Wrapper Classes over Primitive Types (String, Integer, Float, etc.), Expressions, Statements and Blocks, Control Flow Statements:- if, if-else, switch statements, while loops, do-while loops, for loops (including for each loop introduced in JDK 1.5), branching statements.
  • Learning objectives – This unit will help you understand the concepts like operators, variables, Java wrapper classes over primitive types, statements, expressions, blocks, and control flow statements.

Anatomy of a class and interface, annotations

  • Topics include – Data Hiding, Abstraction, Inheritance and Encapsulation, Constructors, Class Methods and Access Specifiers, Life Cycle of an Object, Types of Classes involved:- Abstract, Final, Types of Nested & General Classes, Types of Methods:- Abstract, Final, Static, Instance Method, Interfaces and When to Use Them, Enum Types, Packages, Java Annotations.
  • Learning objectives – In this unit, you are going to learn about abstraction, data hiding, class methods; access specifiers and much more.

Polymorphism, Event handling, Internationalization

  • Topics include – Polymorphism in Java, Handling internationalization, Designing call back methods for event handling, Handling Internationalization with Resource Bundles.
  • Learning objectives – This module deals about polymorphism in Java, user-defined event handling and concepts of handling internationalization.

Exceptions, Apache Log4j, Regular Expressions

  • Topics include – Exception handling with try-catch-finally constructs, Implementation of custom Exception class, Using Apache Log4j for logging services, Regular expressions using javax.util.regex.
  • Learning objectives – In this unit, you would be learning on exception handling, logging in Java and regular expressions.

Collections and Generics

  • Topics include – Classic Data Structures, Sequential Collections, Associative Collections, Sort & Search Algorithms, Generic Classes, Generic Methods, Bounded Type Method Parameters, Wildcards, How generics behave?
  • Learning objectives – Here, you would be learning about the classic data structures, associative collections, sequential collections, sort and search algorithms and much more.

Working with Files

  • Topics include – The structure of the I/O Package, Handling text files, Handling binary files, Object persistence with serialization, Introduction to XML, DOM and SAX models:-When to use what, Parsing XML with DOM & SAX.
  • Learning objectives – In this unit, you would be learning about file handling in Java.


  • Topics include – Introduction to Concurrency and the constructs of concurrent programs, Implementing a Multithreaded Java program, Synchronizing threads, Critical Section and its protection with locks.
  • Learning objectives – Here, you will understand the concepts of concurrency and constructs of concurrent programs.

Working with Databases

  • Topics include – How to connect to databases from Java code? CRUD operations, How to run parameterized stored procedures?, Transaction Management, Batch Processing.
  • Learning objectives – In this unit, you will learn how to use JDBC for DDL, DML, and TCL.

Network Programming

  • Topics include – How It All Started – BSD Sockets, Networking Basics, Understanding, Network Interfaces, Reliable Communication through TCP Sockets, Unicast through Datagram Sockets, Multicast through Multicast Sockets, URL Processing.
  • Learning objectives – In this unit, you would be learning about the basics of networking and URL handling.

Making Code Robust

  • Topics include – Managing Java Programme Memory, Unit Testing with JUNIT4, Basic ‘Gang of Four’ Design Patterns – Abstract Factory, Factory Method, Observer, Strategy, Singleton, Adapter & State, Project Discussion.
  • Learning objectives – This unit will help you understand how to handle the memory leak.

Top 3 online platform that offers Advanced Java Certification Training


This Edureka is an e-learning platform offering online training for courses like BigData, Hadoop, Advanced Java courses and much more…

Features of Advanced Java Certification Training at Edureka involves

  • Firstly, they offer self-paced learning opportunities through videos and instructor class recordings.
  • Similarly, you will have an access to all their videos, learning materials and discussion forum inside the Learning Management System.
  • Each module is backed by practical assignments and quizzes.
  • 24 x 7 tutor assistance.
  • Towards the end of the training period, you will be working on a real-life project where you are expected to implement the concepts learned during the training period.
  • They have a special forum session for knowledge sharing and peer to peer interaction.
  • On course completion, you will be rewarded a certificate based on the project completed.

Reviews on Advanced Java Certification Training at Edureka

Overall, the course has been rated with 5 out of 5 stars from all its learners. There are saying that the course has contributed well towards their career development.

  • Pradheeba Srinivas says “I joined for Advanced Java course in this online learning platform. They taught me all the concepts deeply. Equally, the instructor was a kind person who was very proficient in Java. From my point of view, he teaches everything in a clear and easy manner.”
  • Rupali Sharma says “I have been associated with this Edureka learning platform for more than 3 years. I never had any issues or complaints with their teaching patterns. Must say, all their supporting staff is excellent and very professional…”
  • Arun Malik says “I took Advanced Java training with them and passed the examination in the first try itself. The online and offline access to the training materials and class recordings are great for everything.”
  • John David says “So far I am extremely happy with the course content. Our instructor is doing an excellent job in clearing all the concepts related to Java.”
  • Anirudh Sinha says “The modules covered in this training program are quite good. Equally, the mock tests conducted were quite useful for the final exams. Anyhow, I low their training very much and I am looking forward to join another course…”


This Udemy is one of the best online learning and training platforms with more than 45000 courses and 15 million learners from all over the world.

Features of Advanced Java Certification Training at Udemy involves

  • Involves instructor-led online training classes.
  • Provides full lifetime access to all their video recordings and study materials.
  • You can access from anywhere either through mobile or TV set.
  • Includes chapter end quiz sessions.
  • At the end of the training period, you will be asked to perform a project based on real-life case studies.
  • Finally, you will be granted a course completion certificate, mentioning an expert in advanced java programming language.

Reviews on Advanced Java Certification Training at Udemy

This course has received 4.3 stars out of 5. Further, given below are few honest reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at some…

  • Harsh Raj says “All the explanation of their lectures are very good and interesting. It has given me a better understanding of each and every concept. Thanks a lot Udemy for providing all the needed support and advice.”
  • Kristen Palana says “The course is very clear and the examples used to explain them are also interesting. Well, I would suggest you build some documentation about the course. So, it would be helpful for future reference.”
  • Taylor Johns says “Great course! It’s very informative and is developing at a great pace. Hence, I would recommend you to learn Advanced Java from this e-learning platform…”
  • Sarah Joseph says “They provide basic examples with a deep conceptual understanding. Overall I love this place very much.”
  • Tessy Madrick says “5 stars as the course is very easy to understand.”


This is another well-known online tutorial that offers skill enhancement programs for career development.

Features of Advanced Java Certification Training at Seed involves

  • Seed offers instructor-led online training classes.
  • Includes enterprise-class learning management system.
  • Involves 24 x 7 teaching assistance and support.
  • Each and every class is backed by quizzes.
  • At the end, you will be offered a course completion certificate.

Reviews on Advanced Java Certification Training at Seed

  • Sudha Kargi says “I took advanced java classes with Seed and my instructor was a brilliant guy. Just want to let you know that I have successfully passed the Java exam, a couple of weeks ago. All because of their excellent laid out structure.”
  • Rajat Mathur says “It was a very good experience to learn Java at this place. All their faculty members are very knowledgeable and cooperative. I was focusing mainly on practical classes rather than upon theory.”
  • Balasubramanya says “According to me, the course was quite enlightening and informative.”
  • Riya Mehta says “I personally feel that all their courses are top rate. But, the best part I felt is their live instruction with a playback…”


In conclusion, Advanced Java deals with networking, advanced graphics, web, and database programming. All in all, it is meant for people having a thorough understanding of Core Java…

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