UNIX Shell Scripting Certification Training

This course is highly suitable for system engineers, mobile application developers, web developers, software engineers, and aspirants who want to make a mark in this field.

The Unix Operating System is one of the best inventions and created a revolution in the world of computing. UNIX introduced the concept of cross-platform standardization and the Linux operating system works using the UNIX kernel. Having certification in UNIX shell scripting will empower you to handle multiple environments such as development, testing, application, and support. You can take this certification online and once you complete the course you will be able to fetch highly paid jobs with top-notch companies across the globe.

Why learn UNIX shell scripting certification online?

Grey Campus offers several options for studying courses – live-online (instructor-led online), classroom (instructor-led classroom) and e-learning (online self-learning). This flexibility makes them a number one choice for professionals working full-time.

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Taking this course is easy as you can do this online with flexible time schedules. You can learn at the convenience of your home without missing your official work or taking leave. You know what.. Most of the UNIX hiring in the US for past couple of years was for shell scripting. The top-notch companies across the world and most of the fortune 500 companies use UNIX Shell scripting. Again lastly, the pay offered for this profession is highly alluring. So hurry up and enroll yourself.

Should you have any knowledge about a particular aspect before taking up UNIX Shell Scripting course?

Well, there are no prerequisites for taking this UNIX shell scripting training course. However having a basic knowledge of computers and various operating systems will be great.

Who can take this UNIX shell scripting course?

This course is equally beneficial for both fresher as well as experienced professionals. The following people can take this course

  • Aspiring Developers and beginners who want to make their career in this domain
  • Analytics Managers
  • Individual contributors in the field of Enterprise Business Intelligence
  • Software engineers and IT professionals
  • Mainframe professionals and data analysts
  • Unix developers and UNIX administrators
  • Testing professionals


Now you can become an expert in Unix/Linux & Shell Script by learning all the basics and fundamentals. You will also learn in detail the architecture and automation with the help of Shell Script. In addition, you will learn monitoring by indulging on live real-life projects with edureka.

After taking this course with edureka (Unix/Linux Shell Script course) you will be able to do the following

You will be able to comprehend and categorize different UNIX Operating Systems, it architecture and make use of different layers. By executing, various projects you will be able t write commands, execute, and debug shell scripts. In addition, you will be well versed in advanced concepts, so that you can implement them in various technologies.

Key highlights of edureka

  • Instructor-led Live Sessions , which includes 30 Hours of Online Live ( Weekend class : 10 sessions of 3 hours.)
  • Real-life Case Studies, live project based data will be used for implementing whatever you learnt. This will help in finding real time insights.
  • Assignments will be given that one has to execute after every session, and it also includes practical assignment that accounts to a minimum of 40 hrs
  • Lifetime Access to the Learning management system once you enroll. You will have complete access to class presentations, quizzes, class recording and installation guides.
  • 24 x 7 Expert Support from the customer care team who are ready to solve all your technical queries using a ticket based system
  • Certification will be given once you complete the course and perform well in their reviews
  • You will also have access to global community forum where one can share knowledge and interact

Installation guides will be provided along with the course. The detailed installation guides are available at the LMS. You can set them easily to start up with the practical sessions. Edureka also offers an online platform for practice and guidance.

Curriculum: You will never miss a session with edureka as you can always attend a later batch or simply go through the class recording

Curriculum at Edureka

  • Introduction to the UNIX Operating System, Features of UNIX, Unix vs Windows and DOS Operating System, Different flavors of Unix, Unix System Architecture, File System Layout in Unix, Unix Command Usage, Unix Directory Structure/Hierarchy, Advantages and Disadvantages of Unix OS, Accessing Unix Server.
  • Getting started: Ubuntu, Special commands in Ubuntu (like apt-get, apt-cache, etc), Basic useful Unix commands (like sleep, passwd, date, cal, etc), Login related commands, Terminal related commands, Online Manual, Displaying Message, Disk related commands, Command for Unix OS details, Control Terminal Colour and Cursor.
  • What is Files, Directories and Sub-directories, Types of Files, Naming convention of Files, Directory related terms, Wildcard Character used in Files, Commands to manage Directories, Commands to create, display and delete Files, Commands to Managing Files (cp, mv, wc, lp, etc), Piping, Input/Output Redirection.
  • Splitting File Horizontally, Splitting File vertically, Useful File related Commands (like paste, tee, tr, cmp, comm, diff, alias, etc), File Search, Compressing and Archiving Files, ln: Linking Files, Filter related Commands (like grep, sort, uniq, awk, etc).
  • Categories of Users and Permissions, Changing File Permission, Changing File Ownership, What is Superuser, Use of umask Command, Communication Commands in Network, Network related Commands, Transferring files between Local and Server, Copy files from server to server.
  • Different types of Editors (like ed, sed, gEdit, emacs, nano, vi, vim), Different modes of the vi editor, Screen Control, Navigation, Cursor Movement, Commands for saving and exit, Insert and Delete operation in vi, Searching for a pattern, Replace/Substitute, Joining Lines, Copy and Paste, Block Copy, Move and Delete, Special features of vim editor, sed: Stream Editor, Use of xargs command
  • Different types of shell, What is Shell Scripting?, How to write and execute a Shell script file, Scripting Language vs Programming Language, Process, Running jobs in the background and foreground, Scheduling Job (at, batch, cron, nice), Terminate Process Environment Variable, Local and Global Variables, Positional Parameter.
  • Escape and Quoting Mechanism, Batch Script vs Shell Script, Advantages and Disadvantages of Shell Script, Shell Arithmetic Basic Operators, Arrays, Shell Function, Decision Making Statement.
  • Debugging Shell Scripts, Shell Loops, Loop Control flow, Some important Shell Script Programs.
  • Objective/FAQ discussion, Queries/Doubt Clarification, Project

Customer reviews: Edureka

Edureka is the number one training institutes online and they have a great reputation across the globe. Below are a few self-submitted reviews

  • “Edureka has offered everything that one needs to study this course and learn it in the proper way. I have been able to complete this course at the right time without missing my office.”
  • “The LMS is a great addition to the course as you complete access for a lifetime. That simply means that you can clear all your doubts at a later stage. Edureka offers all courses at affordable prices.”


Intellipaat offers industry-leading UNIX shell scripting course at affordable rates. In this course you will cover aspects such as fundamentals of UNIX Operating System, the basic and advanced features. You will also learn various UNIX shell scripting techniques, UNIX commands and learn in detail about the UNIX Server. This training simply aims at providing a concrete experience with real world projects and assignments..

This training course empowers you with the best skills that you can make use of while applying for some of the best jobs across the globeAll these projects and assignments are made keeping in mind the current requirements of this industry. Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive the Intellipaat UNIX Certification

Key highlights at Intellipaat

  • Total Course Duration accounts for 6 Hours/ Lab & Project Work: 30 hours
  • Access Duration: Lifetime access to the course content
  • Job Assistance – Intellipaat provides placement assistance for its students. They have tie-ups with top-notch organizations such as Ericsson, Cisco, Cognizant, and TCS. They helps you in building a great resume, prepare you to appear for various interviews.
  • You can also upgrade from the self-paced training to instructor-led training anytime you wish by paying the difference of the fees amount. You can right away enroll with the next batch of classes.
  • Intellipaat provides round the clock support to its students and helps to clear all the technical queries
  • You will also work on projects based on various field such as banking, insurance, retail, ecommerce, sales and marketing.
  • You will receive a certification after you successfully complete the course

Once you start learning this course will begin with the basics of Unix and its advantages over other OS. The course teaches you in detail about Unix Shell scripting and various layers of UNIX architecture. You will be able to execute and troubleshoot various shell scripts. The course curriculum covers the unix files, directories, user classes, Unix file attributes and changing file permissions. To know more about what you will learn, here is the course curriculum offered at Intellipaat.

Unix Shell Scripting Course Content

Shell Scripting – Fundamentals

Understanding the Linux Shell script, designed to run on Unix shell, command-line interpreter, the various operations on Shell scripts like – file manipulation, program execution, and text printing, understanding the various commands, syntax and shell scripting rules.

Hands-on Exercise – Write a shell script to open a file, Execute a program from a shell script, print text on console

Parameters, Variables & Arguments

Introduction to Shell Scripting concepts, special variables used, learning about command line arguments, working with Special Parameters, passing arguments to a Shell Script, inheritance rules.

Hands-on Exercise – Pass command line arguments to a shell script, Work with Special Parameters $*, $@, $$ etc
Loops & Iterations

Deep dive into Linux Shell script, understanding the concept of loops, the various types of loops and integrators in Linux Shell script, learning about the condition handling mechanism.

Hands-on Exercise – Write a script using while loop to create a hierarchy if directory, Use if/else statements to execute different set of code

Regular Expressions & Text Manipulations

Learning about the String object, taking regular expressions as arguments, understanding how to redirect arguments as well as input and output using Shell Scripts, string manipulation using regular expressions, different types of Regex.

Hands-on Exercise – Create a String object,Take regular expression as arguments, Redirect input and output using Shell Scripts, Manipulate a string using regular expressions

Writing Functions & Advanced Scripts

Introduction to Shell Script functions, basic functions, creation of library of functions, learning about advanced Shell Script commands, expansions and built-in commands, real world examples of Shell Scripting.
Hands-on Exercise – Use in-built shell script functions, Create a library of functions

Real World Shell Scripting Examples

Shell scripting examples in the real world – understanding about shell scripting, Backup Script for Code & Mysql DB, checking service status, disk usage, highest CPU usage, automatic users addition, calculating free and used memory, remote host and port checking, shell script to sync directories, sending email on login and logout.
Hands-on Exercise – Write a backup script for Code & Mysql DB, Check service status, Check disk usage using a script, Find out highest CPU usage, Create a script automatic users addition, Calculate free and used memory, Check a remote host and port, Use a script to send email on login and logout

Intellipaat Customer reviews

Intellipaat is again one of the best institutes where you can learn this course. They offer job placement and their course content is made by expert professionals.

  • “Intellipaat courses are highly structural and they offer round the clock support to all their clients. I did this course with Intellipaat for getting promotion in my company. I am happy that I did this course.”
  • “My friend recommended this course and I completed it on time. The instructors are highly trained and they have profound experience. “

Conclusion: UNIX shell scripting certification is a great addition to anyone’s resumes who want to build an aspiring career in this domain. Learning this course online will help you to save money and time.

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