Talend Certification Online

Talend offers certification exams and one can easily learn all the concepts online from various reputed institutes.

Talend open source integration software provides real-time solutions for any different types data integration. This software helps organizations to become data driven by making data handy, improving its quality and quickly moving. All these features help in improving performance and real-time decision making. Once you learn all the skills, you will be able to use the underlying methods to implement quality projects

Who can take Talend certification?

  • Business analyst
  • Data warehousing professionals
  • Analyst, programmer
  • BI developers and system administrators, integrators
  • Data architects and solution architects
  • System administrators
  • Big data professionals and data scientists

What are the prerequisites for learning Talend certification course?

Those who are on the lookout for aspiring careers can take up this course. Having a basic knowledge about operating systems and sql will be an added advantage.

Why you should learn Talend Course online?

Learning online is the best way to utilize time and money. You can easily learn this software in detail without compromising on your office schedules.

Do you know that in future majority of the companies will use public cloud for data storage? Do you know that more and more companies are using Talend for the same purpose? Again, did you know that Talend professionals get a highly alluring salary package? Now what more do you want. Grab the opportunity and think ahead before it is too late. The Talend Open Studio is a highly popular open source tool for ETL and data integration. Most of the companies are looking for professionals experienced in Talend. Taking Talend certification course online will help you learn this software in detail and prepare you to appear for the original Talend Certification exam.

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Intellipaat: Talend certification training

Intellipaat is the pioneer institute that provides online training for data integration and ETL tools. Intellipaat Talend training helps individuals to learn in detail one of the most powerful Open Source platforms. The open source platform is highly useful while dealing with data integration and ETL. You can learn about Talend Open Studio, data aggregation methods, T Map and other important concepts. This curriculum also includes multidimensional data modeling, Talend architecture and data management techniques. The sole purpose of this training is to make students clear the Talend Data Integration Certified Developer Exam.

Intellipaat Key Features

  • Course Duration accounts to 12 Hrs
  • Lab & Project accounts to 24 Hrs
  • Access Duration: Lifetime access to all the course content( quizzes, class recordings and videos )
  • 24 * 7 Support from the customer support personnel
  • Get Certified from Intellipaat after successfully completing the course
  • Intellipaat offers Job Assistance and helps to build resume, once you complete the course
  • You can apply for the self paced training or live instructor led class
  • Offers flexible class timings

COURSE CURRICULUM as mentioned in their official website

Talend Course Content

  • Data Modeling Concepts: Basics of Data Modeling, and its importance and how to deploy Data Modeling in Data Warehouse environment
  • Deep Dive into Data Modeling: Various types of Data Modeling, learning to perform Conceptual Data Modeling, Physical Data Modeling, Logical Data Modeling, understanding the scope and benefits of Data Modeling
  • Multidimensional Data Modeling: The basic Architecture of multidimensional modeling, deploying Cubes to perform multidimensional modeling, understanding the concepts of Facts and Dimensions and the differences between the two
  • Introduction to Talend: The Talend Open Source data integration tool, working with Big Data, understanding the Talend Open Studio
  • Talend Installation: Understanding the installation of Talend, system requirements, troubleshooting of common errors and issues related to installation.
  • Talend Key Features: Learning about the Talend Architecture, important concepts and features, Talend components like Job, Workspace, Metadata, Project, etc.
  • Data Management Techniques: Deploying Talend Open Studio for Data Management, Data Warehousing concepts, data quality, integration and understanding the ETL
  • Talend Job Creation: Learning to create a Talend Job, working with Delimited file, working with Meta Data, schema for data integration, understanding Propagation, deploying of tFilterRow and string filter for creating Jobs, creation of CSV file
  • Schema & Data Aggregation: Talend Job design, features, learning about tMap, tReplicate for performing different operations on a Schema, , data aggregation techniques, tMap for mapping input and output data.
  • DataSource Connection: Learn about DataSource Connection, deploying the same in database component, creating a connection, database source and target, metadata and schema importing
  • Talend Routines/Functions: Talend Functions, how to call and deploy the Functions, understanding Routines, Talend Open Studio for XML data processing and data format function.
  • Data Transformation: Transforming Data, Running the Job, Combining Columns, Duplicating a Job
  • Working with Metadata: Creating Metadata, Joining Data Sources
  • Data Corrections: Capturing Rejects, Correcting the Lookup, Duplicating a Job
  • Data Filtering: Filtering Output Data, Using Multiple Filters.
  • Context Variables: Using Context Variables from Talend Job, Repository as Metadata
  • Graphical Interface of Talend: Building Jobs, Graphical Jobs, Graphical Interface Of Talend, Talend’s Components Naming Convention
  • Trigger: Row – Main Connection, Row – Iterate Connection, Trigger – On sub Job ok Connection, Trigger – On Component OK Connection
  • File Management: File Management in Talend
  • Connecting Talend with Hadoop: Deploying Talend to work with Hadoop, defining the ETL method, Hive implementation with Talend, importing data in Hive, Hive partitioning, Pig in Talend, data loading and parallel data execution.
  • Talend Project – Creating Jobs using Metadata and using transformation steps: Course completion certificate: after successful completion of the training students will have to attend quizzes and complete projects. An expert panel will review their performance and a score of above 60% is necessary for qualifying for the official Intellipaat verified certificate.

Intellipaat Customer reviews

  • “Excellent place to learn and the instructors are highly qualified. They gave all the necessary help to prepare for the certification exam.”
  • “I am working as a Talend professional and I was able to get this job due to the certification course that I took from Intellipaat. This course is a great addition if you are dealing with large amount of data.”

Talend ETL tool at EDUREKA

The online training program at edureka has been developed in partnership with Talend®. This course will empower individuals to understand Big Data Integration Platform using Talend Open Studio. This tool helps to easily connect and analyze different types of data. During this training program, you will use Talend ETL tool with HDFS, PIG and Hive on real-life case studies and that will give you better understanding of all the concepts.
Talend Open Studio is an amazing open source Data Integration (DI) tool that helps to provide viable ETL solutions. This course as mentioned above, is developed in partnership with Talend®. The motive of this course is to equip professionals and beginners with big data skills.

Edureka Key Highlights

  • Instructor-led Sessions that accounts for 30 Hours of Online Live Instructor-Led Classes ( Weekend Class : 10 sessions of 3 hrs each)
  • Real life case studies and assignments ( 25 hrs) that will help students to understand all the topics and learn the software in detail
  • Life time access to all the course content or Learning management system, which includes class recordings, presentations and quizzes
  • Round the clock support from the customer service professionals
  • Course completion certificate towards the end of the course upon successful completion
  • International forum, where students can enhance their learning experience by sharing knowledge and interacting with peers

Curriculum at edureka as mentioned in their official website

  • Role of Open Source ETL Technologies in Big Data
  • Talend: A Revolution in Big Data
  • Talend: Read & Write Various Types of Source/Target Systems
  • Big Data Concepts: Required for Talend for Big Data
  • Talend: How to Transform your Business: Basic
  • Introduction to Talend for Big Data
  • Talend: How to Transform your Business: Advanced 1
  • Talend: How to Transform your Business: Advanced 2
  • Hive in Talend for Big Data
  • Pig in Talend for Big Data and Project

Edureka Customer reviews

Edureka is an Official Talend Partner so most of the students highly prefer this institute for this certification program.

  • “Course content in-line with the market demands and job requirements. I highly recommend edureka for this certification training “
  • “Highly qualified staffs and they aim to teach every concept with real life examples. Had a great learning experience with edureka team. Looking forward for more such opportunities.”

Conclusion: Taking Talend certification program online will help you to understand what is going on in the big data market and how to reap benefits. This course will help data professionals to make data-driven decisions promptly and stay ahead in competition.

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