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Qlikview course is a great addition to one resume as it helps to grab onto highly paid jobs. The job market for Qlikview professionals is on the high and it is not going to end anywhere soon.

QlikView is the fastest growing the and popular Business intelligence/data visualization tool. This tool is easy and quick-to-deploy whenever needed. QlikView helps in all stages of data processing that includes collection and extraction, structuring that data to executive level and using it for profitability and finding business insights. QlikView is the most preferred Business Intelligence framework that helps to transform data into knowledge. Over 24,000 organizations across the world use this tool so that the users can easily merge, search, and analyze data. Experts recommend this tool for making unprecedented business insights due to its simplicity.

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QlikView facilitates quick data extraction and to take business decisions that are feasible. This tool will help you to display data through interactive and user-friendly reports and visuals. QlikView facilitates a new way to analyze data using simple and precise interfaces. Due to that, QlikView is regarded as the most flexible tool for BI and data visualization.

Who should study Qlikview course?

  • Software Developers
  • IT Architects
  • Designers
  • Business Reporting Professionals
  • Analytics professionals
  • Testing Professionals
  • Entry-level developers
  • Advanced data professionals
  • Those who want to build career in Visualization and Analytics

Prerequisites for QlikView

If you wish to take up QlikView course then you must have basic SQL knowledge, awareness about database concepts. In addition, having knowledge about data warehousing concepts will also be an added advantage.


Intellipaat offers instructor-led online training programs as well as self-paced programs. Taking, QlikView course from this institute will help you to gain basic and advanced concepts of this highly demanded BI tool. They clearly teach all the concepts to all those who are new to this framework and want to expand their knowledge in this domain. The course covers all the concepts that include comprehensive descriptions of how to implement QlikView in a specific organization. Learning QlikView will help you to process your data and perform accurate visualizations in an organization for decision-making.

The course at Intellipaat helps you right from the scratch in creating a document to understanding various gears such as sheets, boxes, charts, and tables. This enables an individual to gain in-depth knowledge about its advanced features. Intellipaat offers structured up-to-date learning supplies that will help you to understand QlikView better. They also help you to understand the concepts using real-time examples and data. The course also covers topics such as understanding the properties of boxes, objects, and documents that are important while implementing a project.

The best part is that Intellipaat has a highly structured course content that offers basic information about bar charts and documents before you start using them in the first place. All the details will be available then and there allowing you to implement everything at ease on your system. This prestigious institute also offers various courses on QlikView Visualization Developer and QlikView server administration.

QlikView Training course from Intellipaat

  • Implement Qlikview data modeling , visualization and Qlikview reporting
  • How to create qvd file in QlikView Desktop
  • Basic steps of transformation
  • Data and BI visualization
  • Create different types of charts
  • Integrate charts in dash board for analysis
  • Reading data from various tables using Qlik
  • How to implement QlikView set analysis in QlikView
  • Chart level functions and script level Qlik functions
  • QlikView Security
  • QlikView access points
  • Work on a real-time project using Qlikview
  • Prepare yourself for QlikView Developer Certification
  • Instructor-Led Training: 24 Hrs
  • Self-Paced Videos: 22 Hrs
  • Exercises & Project Work: 44 Hrs

If you have time constraints, you can join the self-paced course or instructor-led online training. They offer round the clock support in clearing doubts and the video recordings are of high quality. They use simple language and powerful visual tools to make you understand all the concepts. Moreover, they also cite real time examples for easy learning. The course materials are unique and excellent, tailor-made for specific industry needs. Intellipaat courses are globally recognized and trained experts help you grasp all the concepts at a faster pace. Once you enrol in the course, you also get a lifetime access to the course material and presentations. Once you complete the course you will get a course completion certificate and they also provide job assistance.

Intellipaat Customer reviews

Intellipaat, in general, has great customer reviews and they offer different sorts of courses for professionals and beginners. They offer job placement services and that is ones of the best features of this institute.

  • Ashutosh “the course content is awesome and they offer job assistance. I am happy that I enrolled with Intellipaat. Their schedules are flexible and they offer a lifetime free upgrade. I worked on a real-life project and they were helping me throughout in executing whatever I learnt. The whole course was very informative and easy to study“
  • Genelia “QlikView has shown notable growth in the past decade and the number of jobs for developers is on the increase. I took the course at the right time and now I have a highly paid job. Moreover, I love what I do and I am happy that I took this course. I am able to explore the world of the database and create business insights. This tutorial is an excellent pick and the trainers are highly experienced.
  • Bastain “ I would recommend Intellipaat for beginners because they thoroughly understand the need for learning the basics. Unlike other institutes, they do not rush to cover the topics, instead take time, and explain everything in detail. Moreover, once you learn this course you will be able to build your own data models and create various visual reports easily.


Edureka’s Qlikview course is tailor-made for professionals who want grasp Qlikview concepts and tools for business intelligence. Taking this course will help to bring visual insights to the data and process it into information. QlikView course covers all the concepts and tools such as Data Interpretation, Designing and Modeling. It also helps to learn advance features of QlikView such as data analysis, recognizing the hidden data, and creating graphs and charts.

What will you learn in QlikView course from Edureka?

  • Learn to apply various visualization tools and modelling techniques
  • Learn to execute Qlikview features such as In-memory, Associate and Decision-making
  • Perform Data Analysis
  • Learn to access multiple charts/tables / objects required for Dashboard analysis
  • Work on a real-time Project, implementing data into image for Dashboard
  • Content for Script-Modeling
  • QlikView Security in the form of complementary self-paced videos

Edureka offers various courses for professionals and beginners with up-to-date content. They offer Instructor-led Live Sessions that includes 24 Hours of Online Live Classes (Weekend class: 8 sessions of 3 hours each.). To make students understand the concepts better, they provide real-life case studies. For that, they use live projects that make use of retail and banking databases to perform data analysis and interpretation. After every class or session, you will be given certain practical assignments that you have to complete. The assignments duration equals to a minimum of 24 hours. If you miss any session at edureka, you can attend another live session at a later date or view the recorded class in your LMS.

Once you enrol in this course you will obtain a lifetime access to LMS (Learning management system) that includes presentations, class recordings, quizzes, installation guides and other study materials. To guide you throughout the course they offer 24 x 7 Expert Support to solve all your technical queries using a ticket based system.

After you complete all the course content and assignments successfully, edureka certifies you as a ‘QlikView Business Intelligence Professional”. Note that this certification is provided based on your project performance and reviews by an expert panel. Edureka does not offer any job assistance or placement services, but they do help to create a better resume and prepare you for interviews. They also give you free access to a global community forum where you can share information and interact with peers.

Customer reviews

Edureka is a brilliant choice when it comes to industry-specific courses. They have highly experienced trainers and instructors. Moreover, the feedbacks about this institute are great.

  • Ramsen “ at edureka all the trainers and staffs are dedicated professionals. They teach perfectly using various visual tools. The course content is highly structured and easy to understand. I never thought that I would be able to complete the course in the given time. I was wrong, I was not only able to complete the course but also got a better understanding of the subject.”
  • Jenna “this course is a great pick for database professionals. I love the edureka course and I immediately enrolled myself after taking up the demo session. The trainers are great and I still have access to study materials. The course rates are affordable and worthy. Highly recommended.”
  • George “ I had only basic knowledge about data warehousing and database concepts, yet I was able to pick up the course easily. The trainers were patient enough to clear all my doubts and teach all the concepts thoroughly. If you want to learn from the scratch then edureka is the best pick.”


Qlikview course is a great addition to one resume as it helps to grab onto highly paid jobs. The job market for Qlikview professionals is on the high and it is not going to end anywhere soon. Why wait, instead enrol yourself to one of the best institutes for a better career. Both Intellipaat and edureka seems to do a great job in empowering students and professionals with industry-related courses.

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