PMP Exam Preparation

PMP is like a language that the project managers can understand across the globe. If you are a project manager, it would only be fitting that you learn this language so that you do not lag behind anyone.

PMP-Project Management Professional is a certification course for all the project managers to get recognition in their respective industry. PMP is a global certification and is not confined to any domains or fields. With a PMP certification you will be eligible for any kind of industry with any method or geographical location.

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Table of Contents

PMP exam complete training- 35 hours Ultimate PMP course

  • About the PMP training at Master of Project Academy
  • Who is the training meant for?
  • Eligibility for PMP certification
  • What do you gain from this PMP exam training course?

PMBOK- guidelines for PMP

  • 5 Project Management process groups
  • The 10 Knowledge areas

PMP training course curriculum

  • Value of PMP certification

Earned value questions and answers

  • Answering the Earned Value Management questions

PDU remaining to renew

  • Ways to get the PDU points

Enrollment at Master of Project Academy

  • 30-Day money back guarantee
  • How to apply for PMP exam?
  • Tips from a PMP exam taker
  • The Bottom Line

The purpose of PMP exam and certifications is to increase your work potential. PMP certification will make you stand ahead of other non-PMPs and can earn more money as well. Surveys have found that the increase in earnings is 20% more for PMPs than the non-PMPs.

PMP mold the employees to work better within the budget and is lesser time. This helps both the employee as well as the employer. If a project could be completed before time what more could anyone ask for! It not only saves time but gains some revenue also.

PMP is like a language that the project managers can understand across the globe. If you are a project manager, it would only be fitting that you learn this language so that you do not lag behind anyone. It helps you join many other organizations, projects, or experts all over the world. Who knows! With a PMP certification, you could even be a real project hero!

PMP Exam Complete Training- 35 Hours Ultimate PMP Course

The PMP exam training at Master of Project Academy is done online. Enrollments to the PMP course have been happening from almost all countries, in fact, more than 170 countries. There are experienced instructors having field experience to train you and prepare you for the main PMP exam. The exam will be conducted directly by the PMI- Project Management Institute.

About The PMP Training At Master Of Project Academy

PMP exam training at Master of Project Academy is in a determined way to help you clear the PMP exam in the first go itself. The training is done in a hands-on approach. The training helps you to understand and absorb the various knowledge areas and the 5 Process groups specified by the PMI. At the end of the training one might be feeling confident to clear the exam and get the PMP certification with not much difficulty. The training is accredited by both PMI and AAPM- The American Academy of Project Management.

Features Of The PMP Exam Training

  • There are a total of 300 and more lectures during the entire training period.
  • The training hours is spread over 35 hours.
  • All the training sessions are done online, 100%. The hours are flexible and can be taken at your desired pace.
  • There are options to have monthly access or lifetime access to all the study materials and lectures.
  • A course completion certificate will be awarded at the end of the training session. But this certification is not the actual PMP certification. This is only a TRAINING certificate to prove that you have undergone the course.
  • A 30 day money back guarantee is offered with the enrollment. If you are unsatisfied with the course in any manner, you can discontinue it and get the full money back.
  • PMP exam training can be taken by anyone who is not targeting the PMP exam itself. The course is also valid for preparing and passing the PRINCE2 exam also.
  • The validity of this training course extends also to the Continuing Education Credit by the AAPM.

Who Is The Training Meant For?

The PMP certification is meant for the senior project managers. It also suits for

  • Project managers
  • Assistant or associate project managers
  • Mangers or team leaders
  • Project executives or engineers
  • Software developers
  • A professional who is aspiring to become a project manager one day

Eligibility For PMP Certification

High school diploma is a must for PMP certification. The person should also have hands on experience of minimum 4-5 years work experience or 60 months project management experience. The project management experience must have 7500 hours on leading or managing the project.

For the PMP exam training course there is no such obligation. All those people in the above mentioned categories can take the training.

What Do You Gain From This PMP Exam Training Course?

There are certain advantages that you get by undergoing this exam training course.

  • You cannot simply enroll for the PMP examination. There are certain criteria for the eligibility for the exam. This training course will award you some 35 PDU or contact hours that is required for the PMP enrollment as per instructions from the PMI.
  • The training will make you aware of many theoretical concepts in relation to some real world projects. With this training the theories no longer stay theory for you.
  • A step-by-step instruction is provided on how to apply for the PMP exam.
  • You will be able to evaluate yourself with sample PMP exam at the end of the course. The answers will be given with instructions for improvement from the instructor, within 24 hours of submission.
  • There are more than 750 questions from knowledge area and rationales.
  • There is opportunity for active participation in discussions with other candidates.
  • Study materials can be downloaded

PMBOK- Guidelines For PMP

The PMBOK stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge, a common guide book for the PMP certification and exam. This is overseen by the PMI. The guidelines specifies for the training to have courses done in 5 Project management Process groups and 10 different knowledge areas.

5 Project Management Process Groups

  • Initiating Process group
  • Planning process group
  • Executing process group
  • Monitoring and controlling process group
  • Closing process group

The 10 Knowledge areas

  • Communications management
  • Cost management
  • Human resource management
  • Integration management
  • Procurement management
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Scope management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Time management

PMP Training Course Curriculum

The PMP training course is spread in 3 major sections.

Section 1: Introduction: What is PMP and how to apply for the PMP exam is what the first section deals with. There is separate class on what PMP is, how to apply online with detailed explanations, audit process, and finally the examination content revelation.

Section 2 is about the Organizational influences and project lifecycle. Here all about the project and project management is explained. It has the definition, operational method, interrelations, objectives of management, constraints, assets, factors, governance, structure, advantages & disadvantages of organizational structures, comparison, lifecycle and project management process groups. Questions and answers are given at the end of each section along with a section quiz.

Section 3 is Project Management Processes: Here are the 10 management processes are dealt with. They are explained in detail is each separate lectures, sometimes more than one for certain management. Once again question- answers and quiz are also provided at the end of the section.

Other sections: From this stage onwards each of the management process groups are explained further as separate sections. Each of these sections does not take much time and each sessions lasts only for a few minutes.

There is a separate section for the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, things you need to remember in PMP exam. The questions are provided for the knowledge is separately and there is this PMP sample exam as well.
Lectures are also given as to how to submit the PDU claim to renew the PMP certification. A PMP handbook is available for reference and a bonus lecture available with the paid course.

The PMP certification exam lasts for 4 hours. It contains 200 multiple choice questions. The questions are sure to be tricky but the training and the various questions from the course helps you go through.

Value Of PMP Certification

At the end of this PMP training course a Course completion certificate is awarded. Next is the actual exam where you are cleared, mostly in the first attempt, as per the Master of Project Academy. Now that you have passed this exam what are your benefits? What is the real value of this PMP certification?

Well, the real value is not counted in money and nor does it can be applied directly in your project. As an employee, it is all about tactics and how you come up with a suitable way for the handling. The course helps you take as much real world scenarios as possible which helps you great and you can perform better than you previously had. You will finally be able to think outside the theories with some needed experience.

For the employer, the human resources section will be able to get people who are competent in project management. PMP certification makes the job of human resources department smoother. The eligibility requires the person to have 4-5 years or experience and the certification roves that he/she has the said experience to their credit. They sure can be a level ahead of other non-PMPs.

Moreover the 10 knowledge areas give a great amount of knowledge and to answer the related questions the person sure has some experience in projects. Last but not least is the prospect of a higher salary when hired. Studies on salary data show that a hike of 14% more for the PMP certifiers, than those regular project managers. So get a PMP certification at the earliest. If you already have one, then do continue it with its validity with the needed PDUs.

Earned Value Questions And Answers

One of the integral parts of the PMP exam is the earned value questions. The earned value management is an assessment of the candidate to know about his/her performance mainly in the schedule and cost. Time of completion and staying within the budget are two most important things with project management.

There are certain formulas to calculate this ‘value’. The earned value is the work done so far at a specified time. There will be simplified situations of measurements and percentages for assessment. It is difficult until one understands the concept. But in all, it is only a part of the actual assessment. All you need to know for PMP is the schedule performance index, cost performance index, variances of schedule and cost and estimate of completion in different scenarios.

EVM helps you to find best criteria for the projects, apply the learned terminology for betterment, evaluate the progress of the project, analyze, track, and manage the projects better, forecast the completion date well ahead, would know how to implement the EVM in the schedule and enhance the quality of the final outcome.

Answering The Earned Value Management Questions

Trust me! I am scaring you with these details. But you need to know what you are getting. Well, answering the EVM questions is no rocket science but you need to have the presence of mind to see what is given and how to apply each value with exactly what in the formulas that you are going to learn.

The EVM questions could be tricky with the word problems. You pay attention and apply logic to see what applies where. Choose the formula well and substitute the values appropriately. You can use calculator to find the exact figures so no need to pull your hair at the time.

PDU Remaining To Renew

Getting the PMP is not the end of it. The PMP has a validity of only 3 years. After this period you need to renew the certification by proving that you are up-to-date with all the developments in the project management field.

In order to get the renewal you need to acquire PDU points, which is the Professional Development Units. You need to have at least 60 PDUs for the PMP renewal. The expiry date is exactly 3 years from the day your certification is done.

PDU is not big deal, it is just to make others believe that you are there with all the latest info and requirements. You will have a PMI account. Log in there and feed in the necessary details to renew the certification. You will be reporting the PDU points you got.

Click on the renew button to begin the PMP renewal. You will be asked to check the details of yours and finally agree to the terms and conditions before you pay the necessary fee.

Ways To Get The PDU Points

  • Project management
  • Reading relevant books or attending various seminars or presentation
  • Volunteering for a PMI or non-profit organizations
  • Writing: If you are good at writing, pen an article for a project management publication or for PMI’s Knowledge Shelf
  • Taking quizzes of PMI publications
  • Taking course at a PMI registered education providers

Enrollment At Master Of Project Academy

To enroll at Master of Project Academy, choose the required course, here it would be PMP related courses, there are two. Once you click on the needed course, you can see 2 options for subscription, monthly and a onetime payment for a lifetime access to the materials. Choose your preferred method and you will see a button ENROLL, click on it. You will be directed to a sign up page where you need to fill in your Name, email id, generate a password, and click sign up. From there you will be redirected accordingly.

Once you have paid the entire needed amount you can now access the different sections and chapters or classes of the course you have selected.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Master of Project Academy offers a 30-day money back guarantee where no questions are asked and you get a full refund. This offer is applicable for all paid courses and monthly subscriptions also.

If you are canceling your subscription within the 30 days of enrollment, you will be refunded in full. After the 30 day period you will be free to cancel the subscription but no money will be returned.

For the cancellation of subscription and refund request, just send an email to The request will be processed within a day or 2.

How To Apply For PMP Exam?

Now that we know what PMP exam is and how the PMP exam training is happened, you need to apply for the actual PMP exam. It is a simple process. There are 5 steps, eligibility criteria, completing the application, application review, payment and scheduling the test appointment.

  • Fulfill eligibility criteria: the eligibility criteria must be met BEFORE you apply for the PMP exam. You will be asked to fill in certain details to see if you are eligible or not. If you get through this stage, you can go to the next step of PMP application.
  • Complete application form with your contact, education details with your school, education level, degree date etc. Domain experience is also asked so you have to give complete details of the project, portfolio, program that you have done with number of hours spent on each with date of employment, designation and other details. You will also be asked to give the names of other certification courses you have attended and completed. The filled and submitted application form will be valid for 90 days within that period you need to pay, schedule and attend the exam. The application can be filled in multiple sessions also.
  • Application review: the submitted application will be reviewed to check the eligibility, experience, and education. It takes about 5-10 days for this review. The days depend on the number and kind of certification you have got. Once the review is over, you will receive an email to proceed to the next step.
  • Payment is the next step. You pay the amount and get the eligibility number through email. This number could be used to schedule the test appointment. Once you have this number, you can take the exam within a year. You are eligible to have 3 attempts in a year to clear the exam.
  • Schedule test appointment through the website. You get to choose the location, date and time for the test from the choices provided there. Better to choose a date that allows you to get enough time for preparation.

Tips From A PMP Exam Taker

Here is what a PMP exam taker who completed the PMP exam training course at Master of Project Academy has to say about the PMP exam. Here are the short notes

  • Read the PMBOK carefully. There are lots of clues and even questions that you get there.
  • Do more practice with loads of questions, as much as you can!
  • He asks you to note down the wrong answered questions as well as the lucky right answers you get by guessing. They make a huge store of knowledge and help you recollect it better.
  • Get the latest edition of the PMBOK. The 5th is the latest but the 6th is about to be published soon. So keep yourself updated.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it is the person that matters not the certification. But the PMP certification has its value, especially when it comes to new recruitment’s. While all the recruiters state that the PMP certification is not the ultimate criteria of a person’s ability or capability, it does help in screening for the new job aspirants.

There also are others who think that real life experience should get more importance than any certification course. While it is right in its sense but my take is that how are we know what the real real-life experience is and how far the person has fared? Only one way to know, his/her assessment in the PMP certification test. If they are able to get through the tough scenarios of that test, they are more than able to do the job. At least they have a better position over the other non-experienced people.

The final say is that, do not expect the PMP certification course as an ultimate gateway or as a career booster, take it as a new experience to see for yourself how you can fare; for YOU, if not for others or your job.

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