Statistics Essentials for Analytics By taking Statistics Essentials course online, you will be able to analyze different types of data, employ different sampling techniques, use Descriptive statistics, and apply probabilistic approach to solve real life complex problems. Know MoreEnroll Now Nowadays businesses collect, explore and present large amounts of dataRead More →

Selenium 3.0 Certification Training Selenium 3.0 training at Simplilearn focuses on helping developers and manual testers to learn and understand about automating web applications with a robust framework. Know MoreEnroll Now Selenium is a widely popular open source web-based automation tool. This software-testing tool caters to different testing needs. NowRead More →

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Spring Framework Certification By taking spring framework, you will learn Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming and unit testing. Know MoreEnroll Now Spring is the most famous open source Java application Framework. Most of the on-hand frameworks such as Struts and Hibernate take care of just one layer or only aRead More →