Online GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) PrepScholar

The GMAT PrepScholar course helps you prepare for this tedious exam that is hard to crack.

GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test is the primary examination for getting admission to the management schools. It is a standardized test that assesses the academics and cognitive skills of the MBA aspirants. The scores of this test are highly significant in placing you in the line for the admissions. You need better score for getting admissions to the prestigious management schools.

GMAT preparation is as important as appearing for the test. It is not the real skills that will get you through such examinations. It is the experience and by being smart. You need to be smarter to score on this test. The GMAT PrepScholar trains you to be smarter. This is an online prep course that is customizable for your needs. It will definitely improve your scores. It even offers a 5-day trial for free to see how things are going before you commit yourself.

What is GMAT PrepScholar Course?

As mentioned, PrepScholar GMAT is an online course that you can attend at flexible times, at your convenience. Though there are many other online courses for the same purpose, the PrepScholar stays apart from the many of them.

  • PrepScholar is a customized program that can improve your weaknesses and strengthen your strong fields.
  • The course is online and is fully flexible with your timings
  • The course is conducted by experienced teachers who themselves have scored higher
  • The experts make the study materials. The crafted materials help to master the GMAT that can enhance your skills and learn strategies.
  • It comes at an affordable price with many lessons and numerous practice questions. After all, practice is the key to cracking the GMAT.
  • Moreover, PrepScholar guarantees a 60+ improvement in your scores.

PrepScholar GMAT course features

The PrepScholar course designs the study plan by looking at your strength and weaknesses. The custom-made plan also includes a progress tracker to assess your studies.

  • The course includes 3 adaptive skill levels. These levels are core, advanced and mastery
  • There will be 4 computer adaptive practice tests
  • The lessons include more than 50 interactive GMAT lessons
  • The practice is done with over 1000 practice GMAT questions
  • The lessons include video explanations as well, that can help you make understand the concepts well enough.
  • You may start with the 5-day free trial to see exactly what it is.

How GMAT PrepScholar works?

  • First of all, you need to do some diagnostics that determines your skill level across all the GMAT sections. Your curriculum will be tailor-made for you after the diagnostics result assessment.
  • The customized curriculum created for you will help you come to the difficulty levels. It would definitely make you more comfortable and confident.
  • They will record the progress and you will get the weekly reports with the help of a progress tracker. The customized feedback gets you an idea of where you stand and how to take the next steps.
  • PrepScholar GMAT course will make you confident with the 1200+ real practice questions. Doing more practice makes you smarter without having to be harder on yourself.
  • The interactive sessions and the 4 practice tests would add more to the improvement and self-confidence.
  • The user-friendly software helps with the studies. The software absolutely simplifies the studies and scheduling. The software takes care of all the assessment, tests and progress reporting. You can use it on the PC, laptop or tablet.

Advantages of PrepScholar GMAT

PrepScholar is the only online GMAT course that comes at an affordable price and at the same time offers a money-back guarantee for the dissatisfied.

Though all the courses do offer strategy lessons no other GMAT course does the diagnostic assessment to see where the aspirant stands.

It is also the only online course that has top scorers of GMAT teaching you. These tutors have scored 99% on their exams. They can give you their own tips on how to score more.

PrepScholar courses and tutoring packages

PrepScholar GMAT is a self-study facility where you get study materials and tests. This is a low-cost course that is economical at the best. There are 3-course options that have a price range of $99-399.

Resource Pool Online GMAT Prep

This is for those who do not need any curriculum guidance. They can directly have access to the real practice questions. They will be getting 3 months access to the resources, 800 real practice questions, and detailed answer explanations. There will also be 30+ GMAT skill lessons. This course costs $99.

Self-Guided Online GMAT Prep

This course offers the skill-by-skill diagnostic assessment to prepare for the GMAT tests. You will have 6 months online access, 1000+ real practice questions, detailed explanations of answers, 30+ GMAT skill lessons and the added advantage of 5 GMAT strategy lessons. The course costs $249.

Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep

This is the most popular PrepScholar course. The course is completely customizable with extended access, more real practice questions and the advantage of more online content. You will be getting

  • 12 months access to the study materials
  • Diagnostic assessment with customized diagnostic test and customized study plans
  • Having 100+ hours of content and 1200+ real practice questions
  • You will get well-explained answers.
  • 30+ GMAT skill lessons and 10 GMAT strategy lessons

The course is available for just $399.

There is also an option for the tutored course where you have tutorials at flexible timings. These tutorial packages are of 3 kinds that are available at a price of per hour charge. A tutor reviews your tests and you will be getting tips on improvement. There are 3 tutoring packages.

Monitored Automated prep

This is the most flexible package of all. This tutoring package contains 4 hours of tutoring with 60+ hours of automated training and tracking. You will get 800+ real practice questions. You will have the tutor checking the points and reviewing it to give more tips on improving. The cost of this would be $20 per hour for the total preparation that comes to $1299.

Full Tutor-Led complete prep

This happens to be the most popular choice for tutoring package. Here, you will have 12 hours of tutoring with 80+ hours of online drills that will polish your skills. There are more than 1000 questions for practice. You will be getting GMAT strategy lessons as well. The course costs $30 per hour and adds up to $2899.

Maximum Tutoring prep

This is the costliest course at $7199 with $50 per hour. What you are getting here are 40 hours of tutoring and 100+ hours of supplemental online drills. There will be more than 1200 real practice questions. The GMAT strategy lessons and personal guidance from the premium tutor are part of this course. Here, you will get more time with the tutor to help you come up the ladder.

The tutors selected for these courses are all experienced teachers. They are top scorers and are from top universities. These tutors will have to go through a 4 level interview to get cleared as a tutor. So you can rest assured that you have assistance from the professional experts.

What to expect?

You can expect improvement in your scores by about 25% at least. You will be studying 4 times more than an average student. You are sure to get at least 60 points more than what you have got. The result is that you have better chances of getting into the top universities than you currently are.

In order to get the best out of PrepScholar, check out the free eBooks that are downloadable from the site. They are, 5 Strategies That Will Increase Your GMAT Score by 60+ Points, What’s the Best GMAT Prep Method for YOU? and Choosing the Right Online Prep.

You can also get some GMAT lessons from PrepScholar like, Strategy Lesson: Preparing for the GMAT, from Registration to Test Day; Quant Lesson: Geometry-Circles; Verbal Lesson: Reading Comprehension Main Idea.
You can watch some free improvement videos as well. The videos are about tips on improving the score, finding the errors to correct the GMAT sentence and beating some overlapping sets GMAT problems and there are a few more.

How to start PrepScholar GMAT?

You can start with the 5-day free trial. All you have to do is to signup/register at PrepScholar GMAT. Create an account for free. Just fill in the email address and your desired password.

Once you have an account, choose the desired course and click on the select button to get the 5-day free trial.
When you want to choose the course, log in with your account, select the course and do the payments as needed.

PrepScholar GMAT Blog

You can check the PrepScholar GMAT Blog to see various tips and tricks to help with the GMAT exam preparation. There are several articles on the various GMAT strategies, reviews on GMAT study materials and some videos that explain GMAT related topics to you. These articles can help you prepare for the exam far better than when you started.

PrepScholar GMAT Reviews

  • Casey- “PrepScholar allowed me to improve my weaknesses. They helped me plan the studies according to my weaknesses. It has definitely served me better than the other course with a tutor.”
  • Another user- “There are several self-study online courses but PrepScholar truly stands out. The customized program helped me organize my time to utilize it well. If you have no idea where to start, this is the best program for you.”
  • Anonymous- “A friend recommended PrepScholar to me. It was a lifesaver for me with my 2 jobs. The lessons were thorough where I needed more help. I recommended that you start with the free trial. It has worked for me!”
  • Natasha- “PrepScholar has kept me on track with the studies. It motivated me to study with various tools and attractive features.”


Online courses are mostly flexible. PrepScholar GMAT is one step ahead with the customize option. You can have the tailor-made study plans for you and finish it at your flexible time. The results are a definite improvement and better scores. If practice makes you perfect, then the PrepScholar real practice questions will make you perfectly smarter.

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