Java 8 Certification Training

Java 8 is easy to use, highly productive, has improved polyglot programming, security and improved performance.

Java 8 course is highly in demand and java professionals across the globe are taking up this course for a better future and career. As you, all know that Java is the only programming language that has stood against time and still proving to be one of the best platforms available until date. It is constantly upgrading but never ever had a downward trend in its popularity. In the near future also, Java is going to stay. Java 8 is a groundbreaking release of the world’s best development platform. It comes with huge improvements to the original Java programming model. In addition to that, it includes a coordinated development of the JVM, Java language, and libraries.

The option to select live classroom, live online, and an on-demand course at makes it a good fit for students who are working full-time while also trying to study.

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By using, the courses can be taken at any convenient time or place of the client, either at home or ofice. This saves travel time. An additional advatage is there is an online quiz after every course and the certificates for course completion can be printed by the user

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There are various courses online and certification programs where one can learn right from the scratch. If you wish to do functional programming using Java Language then Java 8 can lend a hand. Java is pacing up and having the know-how of Java 8 will undoubtedly take you to new heights.

What should I expect after taking an online course in Java 8?

After the completion of the Java 8 course with any training institute online, you should be able to do the following

  • You will be able to write programs and code using all the features of Java 8
  • Have a better understanding about all the fundamental concepts of java
  • Write code using functional interfaces
  • You will be able to use optional, default methods, lambdas, implements OOPS concepts
  • Have knowledge about functional programming techniques
  • How to use Java 8 stream API
  • How to use JAVA collections, Date and Time API

Why take online training and Learn Java 8?

Online training is best suited for individuals who have time constraints. The best part is that one can learn at the convenience of their home that too at an affordable cost. Moreover, it is always better to have a grip and know-how on the latest version of Java language if you are working in this same domain. It will improve your performance and empower you to efficiently solve all the problems by using the upgraded java 8 language features. Java 8 is also user friendly as it helps in better problem solving and one can write code much easier than the previous versions. If you wish to remain, ahead in terms of latest technologies then better late than never.

Who should go for this Course?

This course is a great addition to the resumes of all those who wish to make a blooming career as a java programmer. It will help individuals to learn all the latest features introduced in Java 8. If you are into java programming and want to be an expert in functional programming then this course will give you the right direction.

Do i need to know anything specifically to learn this course?

All java professionals can take up this course and learn it easily. It is mandatory that you must be aware all the aspects of J2EE/ME, core java concepts and implementation. It is not a course for beginners definitely and not for people from non-programming domain.

Here are the top two places where one can easily learn and understand all the java concepts right from the basics to the latest version. Java 8 with all the high-end features enables a programmer to easily go around with coding and simplifies most of the complex procedures.

Java 8 Course at edureka

Edureka is the top institutes that provide a wide variety of courses for students and professionals across the globe. They have a well-equipped online library and experienced staffs who know what they are doing and they are best at it.

You can easily enroll into a course with edureka and they do not have any complex procedures or any hidden costs. They are what they have mentioned in their website and most of the students say that the learning experience with edureka is simply amazing.

Therefore, once you enroll into the course, you will have full access to the LMS or the learning management system. This LMS contains multitudes of informational videos, presentations, PDFs, case studies and assignments. This is a self-paced course and that simply means that you can start to learn right away as soon as you enroll.

Key features of course at edureka

Edureka offers Online Self-Learning Courses in almost all key industry specific subjects. These courses aim at self-directed training and allow participants to start the learning process at their ease. The Java 8 course with structured training and review exercises helps students to understand all the concepts thoroughly. Once can easily learn all the basic concepts and latest up-gradations through videos, PPTs, assignments, projects and other activities.

As mentioned, this course is for self-paced learners. You will learn in a highly structured form with modules and review exercises. After completing each module, you will work on assignments that have to be done before you jump into the next section. Towards the course, completion real life case studies and projects will help you to implement all the techniques learnt during the course. You can refer to the LMS for lifetime and clear your doubts any time. Edureka also offers round the clock support to its students across the globe. They also have a community forum for all the students that promote and facilitate learning through sharing knowledge. Edureka will help you in practicals by guiding you to setup the Virtual Machine in your System. This will give you a local access and about the installation procedures, you can easily get a hand on that from the LMS.

Edureka Certification Process

You will have to complete the project successfully and an edureka expert will review the same, following which you will get the Edureka’s Java 8 Expert Certificate. Edureka certification is highly recognized across the globe and they are the best training partners for big shots in the IT industry. For example, they have tie-ups with Accenture, IBM, Ford, Cisco, Philips and many more.

Curriculum at edureka as mentioned in their website

Introducing Java 8

Java 8 features

Topics – Quick Recap of Java, Drivers of Change in Java, Effects of Big Data world and new frameworks favoring functional programming, Behaviour Parameterization, Anonymous Classes, Lambdas, A quick look

Introduction to Lambdas

This module will introduce you to the most influential feature added to Java 8:- Lambdas and how they are used to make the codes brief, declarative and elegant

Topics – Lambdas in Summary, Some Lambda Examples, Lambda Use Cases, Functional Interfaces, Lambda in Practice

Working with Streams

Learning Objectives – This module will introduce you to Streams introduced in Java 8, their distinction from Collections in Java and a variety of examples to show working with Streams. This module will also cover complex operations on Streams like grouping, partitioning, parallel streams. You will also re-examine Lambdas from the aspect of refactoring existing codes to Lambdas, and their testing. Java 8 has introduced a feature of Default methods in interfaces. Topics – Introduction to Streams, Stream Basics in Java 8, Java Collections Vs Streams, Different Stream Operations, Stream Sources, Creating and Using Collectors, Reducing and Summarization of Streams, Grouping and Data partitioning operations in Streams, Introduction to Parallel Streams, Using Parallel streams effectively, Fork/Join, Refactoring a Code to Lambda expressions, Testing Lambdas, Introduction to Default Methods, Use Cases of Default Methods and Resolution rules

Defaults, Optionals and More

Learning Objectives – This module will investigate remaining smaller yet subtle changes in Java e.g. Defaults in Interfaces, Optionals, new Date and Time API. We will also go through some functional programming aspects and their blending with existing Java codes

Topics – What’s wrong with Nulls in Java, Moving from Nulls to Optional, Optionals in Depth, New Date and time API in Java8, Reasons to go for new API, Common Operations with New Date API, Quick Functional Programming Refresher, Functional Programming techniques

Customer reviews

Shaun says – “I would positively prefer to give further than 5 stars to Edureka as they are excellent in what they do. He has been associated with them for more than three years and every time it was a fair game. I get to learn what I want to in the best possible way. “

Mindy says -“I think the course from edureka is highly structured and doing an outstanding job of giving a inclusive understanding of each topic. They make sure to put emphasis on the most important question such as when to use a particular function and how to use it while coding. They do not just offer something to study, but a highly functional content that is easy to learn. “


Udemy is another best place where you can find a wide variety of courses on the same topic. Some of the courses are offered free and some are not. You have to choose carefully while picking one from Udemy. The best way is to have a better understanding of what you really want to study. Then go for the search and rely on the customer reviews updated below every course section. From the reviews, you will be able to pick the best one suited for your needs. You need not worry as they also offer a 30 day money back option.

You will have access to video lectures, presentations, supplemental resources and various expert articles. They will provide a lifetime access once you enroll to the course and you can reach it from any device. After you successfully complete the course, you will be awarded with a certificate of completion from Udemy. The best aspect of learning from Udemy is that one can learn at his own pace, and chose from a wide range of courses for the same subject.

Udemy Customer reviews

  • “The courses are great and easy to learn with the videos. The free courses were worth doing and I guess I was able to grasp everything quickly. However one needs to have a thorough understanding of the basic java concepts before enrolling into any course.”
  • “A great place to learn for quick learners who are good at it. The only thing is that you are all alone to sail in the wide ocean of knowledge. The curriculum and the topic covered depends on the course so chose wisely on what you want to learn.”

Conclusion: Java is one of the highly popular programming languages in use in the professional application development arena. There is a far-reaching job market available to those who have a know-how of its working and implementation. However, it is not a cakewalk to learn this complex language and you need to put some effort and hard work into it. Firstly, one needs to have solid and basic knowledge about programming and java core concepts. If you have these, then you can easily start with the online course and add glittering additions to your resume. Those who are looking to begin a career in software development sector, or professionals who are looking for a job change can for this course.

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