Life Coaching Training

Life Coaching Training

Read on to learn more about Life Coaching Training Programs. Check out its benefits and major features.

Life Coaching is a profession where a person is able to guide another, to reach his or her goal through the specific personal needs and projects. It may be similar to consulting, therapy, mentoring or counseling but is different in the approach. Where the other professions provide the general guidance for the matters, life coaching provides custom made approach to overcome the obstacles and reach their goals in a smoother manner.

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A life Coach needs to be the motivator, a strategist, and a partner who is accountable. They help in identifying the goal as it is and not from the view of the aspirant. A Life Coach is supposed to make the right decisions for the client and achieve success.

In order to be a successful Life Coach, you need to undergo a training or certification course named as Life Coaching Training. The Coach Training Alliance offers several kinds of Life Coaching training courses that help you choose the right profession for you.

Life Coaching Training courses

You might be a born coach or very good at coaching. Yet, you need to have a thorough knowledge as of what to do when and how. There also are the dos and don’ts regarding the coaching. All of these are taught and train you well. You really need to have the right kind of the coaching program to be the right kind of Life Coach.

Coach Training Alliance offers more than 30 courses to help you become a successful life coach. There are training courses, certification, training for coaches, workshops, for yogis, art, & science, business coaching, for weight loss programs, etc. These Life Coaching courses are categorized. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Key Coaching Programs

Yoga2Life Coaching Program with Exhale Yoga Retreats

Yoga is the connection between the body and mind to go in a cordial way. The Yoga2Life Coaching Program with Exhale Yoga Retreats is done in partnership with Exhale Yoga retreats comes up with the coaching program that offers the opportunity for a wider experience for yoga teaching. It adds yoga with Exhale yoga that can inspire the transitions in a person and help with their personal growth. In short, this coach training course allows you to enhance your own ability in improving others life.

This training course is suitable for yogis, alternative health practitioners, and professionals in the pilates and wellness areas. The courses are done online with a class size with maximum 12 students. The course lasts for 3 months with 90 minutes tele-sessions per week. It takes just 1 hour of self study per week.

Yoga2Life Coaching Program

Yoga2Life is the basic coaching program for the yogis. This fast growing profession required trained people. This basic coaching teaches you how to teach others. The study pattern is the same as the other elaborate course. There would be 12 students maximum for the classes that prolongs for 3 months. There would be 90 tele sessions and 1 hour self study per week.

Certified Coach Program

The Certified Coach Program is for the professionals who are seeking a certification to be a coach. It also suits for the marketing and business professionals, executive leaders and people in the senior management levels. This course helps you with the right tools to become a profitable coach.

You will acquire the coaching skills, techniques to be used, would learn how to apply your skills in the right kind of management etc. IT introduces to the 3-legged key to success that combines your skills in marketing, business and coaching, together in one ship.

The course is of 6 months. It will have tele-classes every week for duration of 60-90 minutes. There would also be a 5 hour self study per week.

Complimentary Becoming A Coach Workshop

This course is for the beginners who are about to commit themselves to the coaching profession. This will help them build the coach practice with ease. You will be introduced to the challenges the coaches would have to face. You will be trained on how to fulfill what the client really needs. This is a live coaching session done by leading mentors. You just need to sign up for the same to attend the classes at the earliest.

Coach Training Accelerator

The Coach Training Accelerator is for the professionals. It could be considered as the graduate level course for Life Coaching. Professionals in the transitioning careers, self-employed and those who aspire to be professional coaches can attend this certification. This is an online course with 20 lessons that has 5 multimedia training modules, 3 self-paced interactive courses that comes as a bonus. You can become a coach within 20 weeks from the start. For the professionals it can be a career accelerator that enhances your abilities as a coach.

Complimentary Becoming A Coach Workshop- Human Capital Coaches

This is another course that suits both the beginners as well as the professionals. The beginners can have an exciting career while the professionals can have a sustainable practice for their skills. This is a business coaching that triggers better employees for the organizations.

The course duration is 3 months with 90 minutes of tele-classes each week. The self study takes 2 hours a week. People in the Human capital management, HR partners, talent development, OD professionals, Internet coaches, consultants, and trainers can benefit with this training program.

This training program has a schedule that includes all about coaching, contextual coaching, simple coaching model, advance coaching skills, and techniques, identifying and creating coaching opportunities, generating coaching conversations and integrating coaching into your role.

Co-Creative Leadership Program

The Co-Creative leadership program is for those in the senior management, change management leaders, front line managers, emerging leaders, and managers, enterprise of all sizes. The motto of the course is to develop the second level skills in the senior level people.

This is a short term course that can be completed within 3 months. The course offers 90 minutes of self study per week.

Graduate Programs –The Art & Science Series

The Art & Science of Influence, Persuasion, and Neuromarketing

This is a program that improves the psychological ability of the coach to get his or her skills turn into success in the form of more clients and how to be successful. It uses the psychology of influence. The course takes only 4 months with 4 sessions of 60 minutes long. There also are other assignments, discussions, and self study time allotted.

The International Coach Federation accredits the course. It helps the coach to know exactly what the client needs and encourage the client for his self-discovery. It teaches the client-generated solutions and strategies that hold the client responsible and accountable for everything.

People who benefit from this course are accounting professionals, healthcare professionals, established coaches and professionals in finance and legal fields.

The Art & Science of Coaching career transitions

People need guidance in getting into the right career. To guide them well, a career coach is needed. They would have to deal with several challenges regarding their and clients’ work.

This 2 weeks course has 0 minutes of tele-class each week with 1 hour self study time. The course enlighten about the importance of career coaching, how it is vital for the workplace and people and also provide tips n how to become a successful career coach.

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The course would mould you to be a career coach who can sustain the competitive world and enable their clients to survive in this competitive environment.

The Art & Science of Coaching Professionals

This program helps you become a successful coach, who coaches the professionals in finance, legal, architectural and medical fields. This is a 4 weeks long course. Each week there would be a 60-minute session of tele-class. The self study time allotted is 1 hour per week with additional study materials provided.

The program explains how a coach can be a catalyst of change, the science of the change, how to regulate the states of mind and some special topics that covers the coaching professionals.

The Art & Science of Coaching Transitions: Life Changes

People go through several life changing transitions in their life. To name a few, you have the retirement, divorce, career change, work after parenting, loss of a loved one etc. A coach that trains these people should know the real dynamics behind their emotions and state of mind. This particular coach training program enables the coach to be successful in this department. It is a 4-week long course with 60 minutes of teleclass each week.

The Art & Science of Coaching couples

Coaches, whose career is relationship coaching needs to develop their niche with the couples to help them. It is up to these coaches to urge the couples to make sustainable changes in their lives. This course helps the coaches to be the working catalyst in this relationship coaching career. The program lasts for 2 weeks with 120 minutes of class per week.

The objective is to make on-the-spot assessment on the given relationship, to identify the specifics that are key to the solutions, understand the dynamics between them and to determine which partner is in need of major changes to sustain their relationship.

The Art & Science of Coaching Wellness

This is the program that adds another field for the existing life coaches. The coaches can add another field of wellness into their practice. It explains the various strategies, techniques and the needed improvement in the clients.

This program can add the wellness program that offers the whole body health of the person. It coaches you to make the strategic changes to have quick results.

The Art & Science of Coaching groups

Sometimes a coach would have more than one client at a time and they would need a group session for the guidance. This is the training program that trains you to be a leader in these group sessions. It explains the format of the small group coaching that makes the client to visit every week. IT enlightens you on how to go low on price while boosting your skill and increasing the number of participation’s. This program also puts light into the background of coaching the business groups. The course prolongs for 2 weeks with 120 minutes class per week.

The Art & Science of Using DISC

This program can benefit the corporate coaches, those who deals with relationships, those who help improve the communications, small business coaches and any coach who works on workshops. The program has only 6 sessions of 60 minutes each.

The program uses the DISC method to influence your coaching style. It explains the concept, blind spots in the method, challenges, different questions, tips, and techniques in this method. In the end, it can train you as a coach who can mould your own tendencies for the benefit for the clients and help them be successful in their needs.

The Nuts & Bolts of Coaching Series

The Nuts & Bolts of Automating Your Business

This is the series of coaching programs that deals with the nuances. The Nuts & Bolts of automating your business program will help you run your own coaching business and come up with flying colors. It helps you counter the pressure and other business tactics and run the business efficiently.

At the end of the 2 weeks course, you would have attended 2 90-minute sessions that explains about the automation o things in the business. You will be trained to make the tele-seminars, e-courses, webinars, videos, and the entire network based activities. It works as both marketing and as part of the business.

You will be able to keep track of the clients and can interact with them when needed. You will have a better and workable plan to automate the business with numerous resources on the web that can work for you.

The Nuts & Bolts of Public Speaking to Fill your practice

This program helps the coaches who want to do a public speaking to attract clients and use it as a marketing tool. This program helps you craft your speech with exactly the points that the clients would need. It also explains how to get booked, the charges that deserves for each type, tricks and tips on having some breaks in the speech etc.

There would be 2 sessions for the program that coaches you well enough to deliver a speech that attracts many and hooked on to.

The Nuts & Bolts of Mind and Brain Coaching Mastery: The Art and neuroscience of Change

This is a scientific study on the mind, brain, and behavior in the minds. The course provides valuable information on the brain science. This information could be used in practical when you, as a coach would have to take some strategic decisions about making some changes in the client. This program explains how press each button at what time and how it is done.

It is all about the practical aspects of quantum physics, mechanics, neuroscience, neuroeconomics and psychology and how to apply in the coaching process. It allows you to have a better command over the brain hardware and do the needful. The program is of 4 weeks long with each week having a 60 minutes class online.

The Nuts and Bolts of making Your Website Make You Money

The life coaches who are more into automatic business would want to make their own websites. Creating websites is not the end of the story, you need generate money put of it. This program explains how you can master that art and explains the nuts and bolts of this system. You can get clients from the locality or from around the world, website marketing has far more reach.

This course helps you how to develop a website and marketing machine, how to communicate the benefits through the website, understand the potential of the web world, learn about the must-haves of this industry, and to design a website that can work for you.

The benefits that you reap from here could be bettering the prospects, build new relationship, get long-term clients etc. The course runs for 2 weeks with one class each. The class lasts for about 120 minutes.

The Nuts & Bolts of Authoring Your First Book

This program helps the aspiring authors to write their books to be successful. The book should be systematic with a definite plan. It should also be simple. This 4 weeks course explains all about authoring your book. Each week you need to attend a class that lasts for an hour.

The classes explain about the art of writing, craft of writing, science of writing and business of writing. The training leaves you adept in the writing system, discover the 7 habits of successful writers, how to architecture your book and explore the publishing possibilities. It would also help you gain knowledge about book marketing and establish you as an expert writer. It can help you be more credible than you already have, as a writer who can make income with the writings.

The Nuts & Bolts of Making Money with Teleclasses and Workshops

The life coaches who are new or experience, who are looking for a market with the teleclasses or workshops online gets an opportunity to explore this area with this program.

This 2 hours study in 2 weeks explains about the importance of personally connecting with people in the market. it also talk about the advanced marketing vehicles, the about getting known, delivering the teleclasses and adding money to the coffers.

Knowledge in the teleclass area would improve your reach as a life coach and can attract more clients. IT explains the difference between the online class types. It tells you how o to summarize the content and include the key points at the same time.

The Nuts & Bolts of Making Money Packaging What You Know

This program helps you become an entrepreneur with long term profits by creating multiple products from a single idea. It helps you create your own system that cannot be copied by others. IT is also about marketing those ideas through the right channels to have the buyable products. This program helps you get continued traffic for your marketing and stay in-demand by the clients.

Nuts and Bolts of a Branded Coaching Business

This course is for the coaches who are into the money mastery. They coach those who are into their own business. The course provides you a workbook of 48 pages in the Money Story Roadmap that explains the choices, map new possibilities and guide you through the strategic changes.

The course lasts for 4 weeks with one class each in a week. The classes are only 1 hours long. The classes cover the topics like your money story, translate money meanings, write new software, and rewire for wealth.

The training benefits include the knowledge about deciphering the secret language for money making, mastering the fear for money, recognizing the ghost assumptions, overcoming the patterned bad decisions over the period, get knowledge on caching money mastery and to make you understand the change in the business money story.

Niche Coach Systems

Niche To Be Rich

Everyone wants to attract clients and make money. The real profit is when you are able to attract the rich. You may be failing if you are unable to ‘choose’ your clients or are reluctant in your choice. You have to be more focused on this matter. This 4-weeks, one hour each class course could be your answer and solution here to become rich with your coaching.

This Niche helps you develop one in the market and stand out from the crowd of coaches. It can influence you time and efforts. This system helps you create a status that makes you the go-to coach in a particular group. It can also bring you more referrals and long term clients.

The course explains how to do niching and what not to do as well. It helps you create a client list that you can cope with and are happy with. It finally helps you be more confident among a small group and is worth rewarding with more focus that can serve for the business well.

Living a Purposeful Life and Leaving a Powerful Legacy

Being really successful in life is to create a legacy that could be followed by many. It makes the life more purposeful. This course helps oyu get a positive view of life with more focus for living for a purpose. It helps create core values and beliefs that can guide you through many decisions and establish a personal code of ethics for your actions.

The course is 6 weeks with one class every week. The classes are 75 minutes long and highly rewarding.

Weight Loss Coaching program- Diet Boot Camp System

This weight loss coaching program makes you an established coach for the Diet Boot camp system created by Johny Bowden. This program on coaching explains that weight loss is not everything. It creates a body and mind connection and one needs to be multi-disciplined to get success in this area.

This is a graduate level course that requires you to be graduates of any accredited Certified Coach program and be active in coach practice. The classes would be conducted as tele-seminars for 10 weeks with one class each week. On successful completion, you will have complete access to the Diet Boot Camp System. As a compliment you would receive a course text on Coaching Weight Loss.

The course includes the Diet Boot Camp System multimedia Guide, 4 Audio CDs, Diet Boot Camp Nutrition Manual, Nutritional typing test, supplemental material, affiliate partner program and marketing materials

Deep and Dynamic Coaching Mastery Training

Coachign is an art. Successful completion of a coaching curse can make you a coach but may not make you a master out of it. This training course explains about being a master in coaching. The program explains about each concept and component of the basic coaching skill set.

This is a 12 weeks program with 120 minutes of teleclass every week. The reprequisite is that you be a graduate from any of the Coach Training Organization and to be active in business.

New Life Story Coach Training and Licensing Workshop

This is a specialty certification coaching program for the professional coaches. It helps you to increase the duration of the coaching engagements while you are able to make your clients successful in their fields. In order to enroll for this program, you have to be a graduated coach and in practice.

The program explains about the dynamics of neuroscience, psychology and the strategy making for the coaches. The program lasts for 12 weeks with each week having 75 minutes of class. You will get affiliate partner network for the tools, referral network registry, tools, and resources to be used for success.

Career Coaching Mastery Certification Program

This is a mastery course for the career coaches to help their clients during transitions. You will learn the how-tos of each and every aspect in this field. The coach has to be a rescuer here. The course curriculum includes the Your vision as a career coach, client self-discovery, research an exploration, planning and goal setting, implementation, goal achievement and maintenance and role playing, practice and your unanswered questions.
The course duration is 7 weeks with 90 minutes class every week.

Lean Coaching Program

Lean Coaching Program is for the consultants, Sic sigma professionals, project managers, continuous improvement executives, and lean change agents.


The Coach Training Alliance could be your one-stop solution for the coaching woes. They offer the specialized training programs that can be learned at your pace. The programs help you to be practical and implement what you have studied into practical life.

The classes are all smaller and are available all around the world. It trains you to be much more than a life coach in any field and to be effective and consistence with the clients.

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