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TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This is one mandatory certification for such non-native English speakers to be able to teach English abroad. It holds a higher value than the ordinary degree.

English teaching is emerging a fast growing profession. It has more scope for improvement in many of the non-English speaking nations. The demand for the English teachers is also in the rise. The major requirement for those teachers is to have a valid TEFL certification.

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Table of Contents

  • What is TEFL certification?
  • Cheapest TEFL certification from MyTEFL
  • 2 modes of courses
  • Internships
  • Job placements
  • MyTEFL- Courses, Fees, and Details
  • How to get started at MyTEFL
  • The grading system and course completion
  • What to do for job placement for the MyTEFL graduates
  • What to expect
  • The Giving Back
  • Bottom Line

What is TEFL certification?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This is one mandatory certification for such non-native English speakers to be able to teach English abroad. It holds a higher value than the ordinary degree. In fact, a TEFL certificate with over 100 hours of program is a must for the placements abroad.

This course is not cheap. Though you may find a wide range of price for this course, it is really difficult to pinpoint which is the right amount. The different centers offer different curriculum and the course fee could be actually based on that.

Cheapest TEFL certification from MyTEFL

On an average, the course could be anywhere between $200 and $250 to be called a cheap course. Getting this ‘cheap’ price could include many other facilities as well. So the cheapest fee for this course could well include 120 hours of study with as much benefits as possible. In that regard, the cheapest TEFL certification IS from My TEFL. How? Let’s find out!

2 modes of courses

MyTEFL offers the TEFL certification as an online course as well as the onsite course. The online courses are widely available from anywhere in the world. The onsite courses are available only in limited localities. It is available only in Vancouver and Beijing. As for the fee structure, the online courses are cheaper than the onsite course. But the onsite courses have a longer period with 120 hours of study.

The online courses are available as four different types. The 4 online courses are basic for the tasters, intermediate for the tutors, advanced for the refreshers and professional for the overall development suited for anyone. The professional is also the best value course with maximum curriculum and most economical value. The duration and the curriculum vary from each other and increase from the basic to the professional.


MyTEFL offers TEFL certification course along with proper internship for the newcomers to this field. It is an excellent way to start the career for those who have no degree or experience. These internships help them to have a good experience and can almost fulfill the requirement of experience. The best part is that the internship could be abroad in countries like China, Thailand, Africa, or Argentina.

The interns would get real time experience in classrooms and would also receive a monthly stipend. At the end of the program, they would also get the flight bonus to get back home. They will be met at the airport and taken to where their accommodations are arranged. There would be other interns from other parts of the world. They will have a 1-week orientation before they start their teaching.

The requirements: The interns will have to first complete the 120 hours course, apply for a visa, have their vaccinations up to date, get health insurance, and buy the flight ticket to their destination.

  • Teaching in China can be for 5 months and paid internship.
  • Teaching in Thailand is for a duration of 6 months with payment.
  • Teaching in Africa is voluntary. The requirements are the same as above. The only difference is that the interns will have to donate a small part of their fee to the project for helping the people there. The interns would be living in the homes.

Job placements

The most tedious process after completing any course is searching for a job. That tedious job would be done for you if you are getting the TEFL certification from MyTEFL. They will also help with the applications and other details. The job placement services will have,

  • Accredited TEFL certificate recognized around the globe
  • Official letter or recommendation with details about the modules of the course
  • Assistance with CV and covering letters
  • Matching destinations and suitable employers for each
  • Initiating the applications, interviews at the safe and suitable destinations
  • Helps with pre-departure preparation
  • Help also there at the destinations including accommodation for the initial days

The job placement offers are for teaching in Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, and Colombia. The job would also have a decent salary depending on the qualification and skill.

When you calculate the value of the certificate that you get at the end of the successful completion of the course and the further opportunities that you can get being a graduate from MyTEFL, This is really the cheapest TEFL certification.

MyTEFL- Courses, Fees, and Details

As mentioned earlier, there are 4 different courses for the online stream. All the courses include,

  • An internationally recognized TEFL certificate
  • An official letter of recommendation with the detailed course breakdown
  • Full-time support from the tutor and technical support
  • Round the clock access to the online course through any or multiple devices

Basic- Core classroom management systems and skills

The basic course is for those who have no real training in the field of teaching but have a good amount of experience. This includes introductory modules in planning and managing the classes. This Basic course is ideal for teachers who have years of experience.

The curriculum includes Introduction to EFL, effective classroom management, smart curriculum planning, teaching materials and aids, and designing testing systems. The duration of the course is 40 hours. The cost of this course would be $139. One can get some discounts if there are any relevant coupon codes.

Intermediate- Teaching methodology and technique

This is truly a beginner course. This course is all about learning the basics of teaching and managing the classroom. There are no advanced topics here like grammar or planning. The modules are flexible according to the skill areas. This is one course that can be upgraded to the 120 hours course.

The basic duration of Intermediate course is 60 hours. The module includes Introduction to EFL, effective classroom management, language systems, teaching speaking, teaching listening, teaching reading, and teaching writing along with the teaching materials and aids.

Advanced- Advanced teaching and grammar

Advanced is truly an advanced course. This course is ideal for those who want to brush up their skills and polish their grammar. Here the main focus is on presentation, practice, and production. The study goes deeper into grammar, Lexis, and phonology. This enhances the teacher’s ability to work and confidence in dealing with the children of higher level classes.

The course is of total 80 hours. The module includes language systems, teaching speaking, teaching listening, teaching reading, teaching writing, teaching materials and aids etc. In the grammar section there is form, meaning and use, verb tenses and time, modals and stative verbs. Then there is teaching lexis, teaching functions and teaching phonology.

Professional- Internationally endorsed by leading language schools

All the other courses are for teachers who are working locally within the country. If you are planning to do teaching job abroad, you need to have a longer duration course of minimum 100 hours. This Professional TEFL course enables you to fulfill that requirement.

Professional course at MyTEFL is also the most popular, best value and most sorted after course here. This will enable the person to get on with their career, upgrade their abilities, and update with the latest happenings. This certification gets the work permit easier for working abroad.

The Professional course runs for 120 hours. The module includes almost all the above-mentioned modules of the 3 courses mentioned above. Here the modules are of advanced stage and more thorough.

There is skill based units, intensive grammar, comprehensive phonology and designing testing systems. There is also smart curriculum planning as well.

The additional feature here is that upon successful completion of the course, the person would also get a free TEFL resume and cover letter advice as well as assistance in job placement worldwide.

Onsite courses

The onsite courses are 120-hour classes. It is available in Vancouver and Beijing. The classes take 8 weeks to complete. The class timings are 9 am to 12 pm from Monday to Friday. In addition, there would be 8 hours of observed teaching practice would be conducted in the afternoon. Weekend classes are available only in Vancouver. The onsite course fee is $945.

The TEFL onsite courses in Beijing are similar to that of 120 hours course. Here the program duration is 7.5 weeks with the classes conducted from Monday to Friday at 9 am to 12 pm. The afternoon session will have 6 hours of teaching practice. The course fee is higher at $1240. The module includes all that is covered in Professional course. Here the additional modules are using course books, multimedia, further language, and testing.

The weekend classes are conducted on 2 days. It happens from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. This is an express course that is completed in these 2 days. The module includes the basics, lesson planning and teaching of speaking, listening, writing and reading. The course fee is $280.

How to get started at MyTEFL

If you are planning to enroll yourself, you first need to choose the course that you desired to take. After choosing the course, enroll yourself by filling in the details about you and then paying the fees. This is where you need to apply the coupon codes for discount. Once you have enrolled and paid the feed, you will get the contact number of the personal tutor and other needed details for the smooth conduct of the course. You will also have a unique number.

The grading system and course completion

All throughout the course, there would be tests and assignments conducted. These are graded. At the end of the course, the collective average of these numbers makes up the final score. There is a mandatory passing score that each student needs to achieve. In case people fail to reach this score, they will need to reset it and complete the test once again.

After the successful completion of the course, the certificate will be sent within 5 days. It is usually sent within 48 hours, but it will not go beyond 5 days.

Most importantly, all courses must be completed within the allotted time. The maximum they can take is 90 days. In case you need extra time for the completion you need to get an extension from MyTEFL.

People can access their answer for review after they complete each test. For the wrongly answered questions, they will also get the paper answered.

What to do for job placement for the MyTEFL graduates

The MyTEFL graduates need to submit an application along with a few required documents. The needed documents are a cover letter, CV, a recent photograph, MyTEFL 120 hour certificate, scan of the degree, scan of your passport ID page. Once you have submitted the application and when it is approved you are eligible for the overseas job.

MyTEFL will do the job hunting for you and once everything is ready, you can pack your bags and be ready to go. The job requirements are that you need to have the relevant certification, of course, along with bachelor’s degree from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Ireland. The person should be holding a passport issued by any of these countries.

What to expect

There are teaching opportunities at China, Colombia, Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan. You will be given pre-departure information, visa or work permit, proper accommodation, a bonus of one month’s salary as per contract, paid holidays. There is also an age limit for the teachers. The age range may change depending on the destination country.

The Giving Back

For every enrollment of a course at MyTEFL, they give a portion as a donation to the needed. The donation goes to support the education of the abandoned children in Haiti and Rural Nepal. The donations are handed over to the charity organizations that would, in turn, make use of it for these children.

Bottom Line

MyTEFL sure offers the cheapest TEFL certification. It may not look cheap with the price but with the offers and facilities that come with the certification is worthy enough. Most importantly it saves you a great time in searching for the job.

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